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Coming back for another week of Weekend Writing Warriors. Last week I promised the next line(+more), so here is the next 10 sentences:

“He humiliated me,” I said. “He hit me.”
“He took care of you.” It felt like she spit the words at my feet.
“He did his best to destroy me and you too. That man is not my father.”
“How do you know yours is any better?”
And there it was, the truth she never wanted to talk about. The truth I learned at fifteen that caused my stepfather’s treatment to only get harsher.
“He couldn’t be much worse.”

Next week, I should have one more snippet from this scene then probably moving on to the next.

Yesterday the husband and I rode in a memorial ride for a fallen firefighter. Despite the fact it was raining. There wasn’t a large turnout. Last year there was about 200 bikes. This year: about 15. Still, after a long week with the kids, it was nice to be on the motorcycle. Never would have thought I’d find that relaxing.

And for anyone coming to check my weekly summary(even though RoW80 is on break for the next week):

  • Burning Bright: finish 1st draft(will mean writing at least 4 scenes a day. And the round ends Thursday, so won’t get there by then) – this didn’t happen. I still have 10 scenes left to write. I did write 11,772 words on it. Hopefully I’ll finish this week, though we’ll be camping most of that time.
  • Kelan’s Story: finish back stories(and try to come up with title) – I did finish the back stories. Did 1800 words of plotting. Still need to come up with a title
  • Into the Sun: get to 16k words – Probably not going to happen either. I only added 178 on Saturday. Hoping to get more than that today.

Not making out goals for next week. Will try to work when I can. Probably before kids wake up in the morning. Some outlining work in my notebook. Lots of reading, I’m sure. And some relaxing, of course(though, that’s where the reading comes in). Of course, it’s supposed to rain, so we’ll probably be in the cabin/Dad’s RV most of the time.

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: WeWriWa – “Not My Father”" (9)

  1. Very intense, excellent dialogue Fallon.

  2. Incredibly emotional dialogue, Fallon. Nicely done!

    And I must say, you get a lot of done! Kudos. 🙂

  3. I agree with the others, quite an intense scene. Very well done (and heart rending for the main character, I’m sure).

  4. When things ‘can’t’ get much worse, then… they’ll have to get worse, right?

    Enjoy your RV time, Fallon. See you next ROWnd?

    • In this case…he actually might be right. But, he has to find his father before he’d be able to know.

      Yes! I’m even sponsoring again. Now, to come up with my sponsor post.

      • Ah… yes. That’s my big goal this week too. A sponsor post.

        He has to find his father… well that sounds like it’s bound to be an adventure.

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