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Oh, how I wish I were writing those words in my WiP. But, no. I’m not even on track for where I wanted to be. To catch up today, I’d have to finish 7 scenes. And, yeah, I don’t see that happening. Especially since the words haven’t been flowing well this week. Not sure what my issue is, but hoping it resolves soon.

Before I get to my recap of this round of RoW80, it’s WiPPet Wednesday!! I have 6 paragraphs(6+2+4) from Chapter 7. Jace & Kammi are out to dinner together.

“We can figure something out,” he told her. “If you want to. I won’t pressure you or anything. If you don’t want to, I won’t keep asking.”
She smiled over at him. “It’s fine, Jace. If I don’t like it, we can stop.” That heat flared in his eyes gain, and she was sure his mind was on something besides painting. Now, hers was too. She had to think of something else to talk about before she dropped her first date rule. “So, what’s it like having such a big family. And three older brothers. That had to have been interesting.”
He laughed. “Well, the oldest, Tate, was nearly fifteen when Jess and I were born. So, he’s…I don’t know. We weren’t really close. Him and Jess are actually pretty tight. Although she threatens to kick his ass on almost a daily basis.”
A peal of laughter burst out of her, and it blended with an answering chuckle from him. “I imagine she’d have to be tough,” she said, “with four older brothers.”
“Three,” he corrected. “I’m technically younger. By about two minutes.” He gave a slow shake of his head. “She never lets me forget those two minutes.”
Kammi could only look across the table at him, transfixed by the smile on his face. His love for his family was evident, even when he said he wasn’t that close to his brother. She couldn’t help wondering what he’d think of her jealousy over her own siblings.

Next week, I’m planning to share what happens right after this(and that will probably be the last from this one until I pick it back up for revisions).

Like I said above, I’ve had a serious lack of focus on the words this week. I’ve gotten some writing done, but not nearly as much as I’d like. That happens sometimes, but it usually doesn’t last more than a day for me. I still want to finish this by the end of the week, but that probably won’t happen. I think once I do finish it, I’ll take the rest of next week off before starting something else(I’m sure I’ve said that before, then not done it).

  • Burning Bright: finish 1st draft(will mean writing at least 4 scenes a day. And the round ends Thursday, so won’t get there by then) – I’ve finished 5/20 scenes. I’ve added over 6200 words to this. Which is a good number, I know, if I wasn’t so demanding of myself.
  • Kelan’s Story: finish back stories(and try to come up with title) – I’ve finished 2 of the stories. I have 2 more to write.
  • Into the Sun: get to 16k words – weekend project

Didn’t put reading on my list, but I’ve finished another 3 books so far this week. Darkness Dawns, which I had mixed feelings about, but added the next book to my wish list. Lip Service(Susan Mallery) – one of the ones I got from my MiL. Another mixed feelings one. And My First(Melanie Shawn). I had some problems with it, but it was sweet. Now, I’m starting Stealing Parker(Miranda Kenneally). Only 8% into it, so no opinion yet.

Since it’s the end of the round, I’ll evaluate how I did on my goals for it. I was going to wait and do that tomorrow, but I have a different post planned, so I’m doing it all today.


  • By the Gun – finish outline
  • Flames Spin-off – Outline
  • Stained #4 – Outline – this is potential anyway. Not sure if I’ll write Jacob’s story or not. He hasn’t been talking to me too much.
  • Kurztown novella – Outline
  • Kurztown #3 – get through Character Work at least

I have 2 and a half stories plotted for the Flames spin-off. Pretty sure Stained #4 is shelved for a while(if I ever do write it). And Kurztown #3 plotting is shelved until I catch up on others I have plotted out. Getting too far ahead on plotting.


  • Stained Blood – 1st draft
  • Flames of Restoration – 1st draft
  • Freeing His Heart(Gilbert 4.5) – 1st draft
  • Guarding the Heart(BC Security 1) – finish 1st draft(or at least get close. already have first 10k+ written)

I never did get to Guarding the Heart, but I have written over 203,000 words this round. I wrote a little over 148,000 during the first round.


  • Flames of Renewal – revise and send to CP
  • Law of Choice – revise and send to CP

I did get through revisions on Renewal, but holding off on sending it to CP until she’s done with other stuff I’ve sent her. Got through 1st round of revisions on Law of Choice, but still need to go through it again.


  • Listen/read to 59 books(would be 63 but already finished 4) 69/59
  • Read 3 craft/research books

Again, had no problem hitting my reading goal. Except for the craft/research books. I only read 1.


  • Knit: 3 projects – 2/3
  • Crochet: 3 projects – 4/3

I still managed 6 projects, although 2 of those were actually the same thing.

I did get a good bit done for the round, and over all it was a success. Now to figure out goals for the next round, and maybe not keep changing them.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: The End" (16)

  1. Oh, gosh. Sibling relationships are complicated, and it’s hard when two people come from different situations. There’s always that nagging fear of resentment, jealousy, or misunderstanding.

  2. Hugs on the words not flowing. But 203k written this round?? That’s phenomenal! Looks like you did very well so congrats!

  3. I know the feeling about the words not flowing. Lately I’ve had to take every one I’ve gotten out with pliers… I’m getting somewhere, but so very slowly. I look at your 203K and feel a bit envious, even though I’m not that far behind. It must be related to the effort we have to put in. When the words are harder, we still feel like we haven’t done enough….


    I liked the snippet as usual. Kammi’s thoughts were sweet. I like how she tries to be cautious but can’t stop herself from feeling attracted.

    • yeah, I don’t think I’d feel bad about the output if the words hadn’t been flowing so well up to that point. But, I seem to be back on track today.

  4. Excellent round indeed. And don’t be too hard on yourself (I know easier said than done). A break and then another Round with new goals. It’s be great!! I believe in you, Fallon!!

  5. It sounds lie we were in very similar places, this round. Like you, I did a lot, but not as fast as I’d hoped, and with quite a few lane shifts along the way…

    I hope you take a bit of time to celebrate your success! =D

    • Yeah, that’s it exactly. I know I’ve gotten stuff done, just not what/how much I’ve planned on.
      Camping most of next week, so while I’ll do some writing, it will be more laidback.

      • I hope camping was all kinds of fun! I tend to use those times for rereading and organizing, or catching up with blogging and reading, because involved writing really doesn’t seem to happen at times like that, at least for me…

        So much of the trick seems to be figuring out how I tick….

  6. As usual, I am amazed at your progress. Don’t be too hard on your self and make sure you do take a little time off to rejuvenate. Your snippet was interesting. I like what I have read with Kammi. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

  7. Excellent progress, Fallon! I love how organized you are about your writing.

    Nice snippet, how she likes his affection for his family. 🙂

  8. Sibling relationships can reveal so much about a person, I think. It’s cute that the oldest brother favors the girl. Of course, in a family of boys, I imagine she got kind of spoiled and that it is not limited to the eldest brother. 😉

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