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Father’s Day: the day I pray to get my dad’s answering machine/voicemail(which I did) and end up spending a few awkward minutes(only lasted 1 minute this time) on the phone with my stepdad(on both ends. Neither of us are good w/ phone conversations). Yeah, I’m probably a terrible daughter for thinking that way. And, of course, I forgot to buy cards. Typical.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good week for me. I added over 21k to Burning Bright. Started brainstorming Kelan’s story & wrote his back story. I finished reading the books I had on my list for the month. Finished my last crafting project for the month, too. Started a new blog series, and joined a new challenge. Yesterday, went to a birthday party and managed to keep my anxiety reined in just enough I looked like a normal, functioning person. And my MIL took the kids to the hot air balloon festival down in Meadville. So, I had a few hours of quiet to get myself back to a level place.

Today we went out for lunch(Buffalo Wild Wings. Love their naked chicken tenders). Then went and got groceries. And the girl bought a birthday present for a party next weekend. Then, we came home and kids played outside. Pretty laid back day.

Tuesdays & Thursday I’ll be posting A-Z posts relating to characters from my Flames series. So, far I’ve done Adrian and the Brooke family. Next week I’ll be looking at Caitie & Callum and Donovan Riley(Adrian’s father).

And I joined in for the first time with the Weekend Writing Warriors. So, if you’re interested in my weekend project, you can check out an excerpt of it here. I’ll still be sharing from my current WiP(right now: Burning Bright, next month: Guarding the Heart) on Wednesdays. But, for Sundays, you’ll get something from this one. Next week, I’ll probably be combining both posts into one. Think it will be easier that way.

Next Monday(week from tomorrow), we’ll be leaving for camping for four days with my dad and stepmom. So, I’m hoping to get Burning Bright finished this week. I probably won’t take a full break while camping, but I won’t have to worry about finishing it. I may work on finishing that side project or start beta edits on The Choice. I’ll plan on starting Guarding the Heart when we get back.

Now, for the breakdown of my progress for this week:

  • Burning Bright – Write 14 scenes – 20/14 scenes. Sometimes I realize I need more between the scenes I have planned. So, it’s not unusual for the number of scenes to add up like this.
  • Some Fools Never Learn – Finish Outline – got this done & started plotting stuff for Kelan’s story
  • Into the Sun – total: 14k – Added 1898 words to get it to 14020 words.
  • Reading: Finish Deathmaker, Wait for You(J. Lynn), & The Madman’s Daughter(Megan Shepherd) – I ended up setting The Madman’s Daughter aside. It just wasn’t drawing me in. I also read: Yours All Along(Roni Loren) – loved, Inside Out(Lauren Dane) – disappointed. Liked the first 2, but felt like nothing really happened in this one. Hoping the next one pulls me in more, Jack(Juliana Stone) – enjoyed, Evenlight(Krista Walsh) -LOVED, Before Midnight(Jennifer Blackstream) – Enjoyed, Be My Love(Lucy Kevin) – sweet, easy read, & American Girl on Saturn(Nikki Godwin). This was a nice, fun read. I’m about halfway through Darkness Dawns(Dianne Duvall). Obviously this has been another book binge week.
  • Knit: Schooner Hat – finish – done IMG_0611-0
  • Crochet: Peaked Women’s Cap – finished this yesterday. Had to cut the brim a bit short as I ran out of yarn, but it doesn’t look too bad. IMG_0615 IMG_0616

Nice to get everything done for the week. Now for the next week:

  • Burning Bright: finish 1st draft(will mean writing at least 4 scenes a day. And the round ends Thursday, so won’t get there by then)
  • Kelan’s Story: finish back stories(and try to come up with title)
  • Into the Sun: get to 16k words

And that’s really it since reading and crafting goals have been met. I’ll still be reading, working through my free books(still have 2 bags of books MIL gave me plus what’s on my kindle).

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Happy Father’s Day" (8)

  1. Catching up with the Kindle reading, let alone any donated books from friends and relatives will be a challenge all on its own. But you read a lot, and you read fast. You’ll get there.

    I also like how you listed the 20/14 scenes… I do that do. Stories tend to grow, don’t they?

    • Yeah, I’ve got about 60+ free books on the kindle plus the 15 or so in bags from MiL. Obviously won’t get to all this month, but can hopefully weed it down a bit.

      They certainly do. And really, you can only plan so much. I try to hit at least the major points in my outline, but there’s always things that need to happen that I don’t think of ahead of time.

  2. Awesome progress this week, Fallon. I relate to anxiety in social situations. Putting ourselves out there is important. Glad you didn’t let it stop you.

    Have a great week!

  3. i can also relate, even though I can be a social butterfly, some days I just can’t really talk to anyone. I have this theory and correct me if I get any part wrong. Writers can be more introverted then non-writer. Now on the other side theatre people tend to be loud and often VERY extroverted. Now I find that I am half theatrical and half writer in personality, because of this.

    Congrats on a very good Round!!

    • I do think writers tend to be more introverted(not all are, of course). For me, it goes beyond just being introverted or shy. I’ve nearly had full blown anxiety attacks walking through a store. I’ve developed coping methods, but it takes a lot out of me. And it’s often triggered by noise, such as screaming(even happy screaming) children, which is why I was so glad to have a quiet house after the party.


  4. You are an inspiration. I just can’t get over how many books you get through. Your goals seem well met to your activity level. Have a great time on your camping trip and good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    • I’m a really quick reader, and when I get sucked into a book, that’s pretty much all that exists for me(which is why I try to hold off most of my reading until night).


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