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Okay, so it’s not officially summer yet. But, the weather’s been pretty warm(except for a few days this past weekend/beginning of the week) and since noon Wednesday, both kids are on summer vacation. So, close enough.

1st grade spelling bee champion

1st grade spelling bee champion

Done with preschool

Done with preschool

Almost right away Wednesday, the boy started bugging me about taking the training wheels off his bike. He’s been riding two-wheelers all over at school, but we hadn’t taken the ones off his bike yet. Once I actually found a wrench in husband’s tool box(oh there are plenty of wrenches, find the one I needed was the issue), I got the training wheels off. He climbed on the bike and took right off. Did fall a couple times, and scraped a little skin off his knees/elbows, but he’d just get right back on and keep going. His sister still has no desire to get her training wheels off.


And last night, I got to go on my second motorcycle ride. There was a cruise-in at one of the local American Legions. We met up with some of the guys from the club my husband rides with(they’re all firefighters) and rode over to it. Had pizza, wings, and laughs. I was a lot more relaxed this time. And I found those knots of anxiety that are constantly coiled up tight loosened when we were riding. Now, that is a great feeling


This was me ready for our first ride.

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