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Well, today is the last day of school. Both kids only have half a day, so they’ll be home around lunch time. I’m going to try to get all my writing done in the morning if I can. If I can’t, I’ll probably be taking the computer outside with me. The way they’ve been fighting when both are home, it may be a very long 12 weeks.

Today is Wednesday, which means WiPPeT time!! I may get a little excited about this. 😉 I’m still working on Freeing His Heart but have also started Burning Bright(formerly referred to as Jace’s Story). So, I’ve been debating which one I should share from. I could do both, right? 6 divided by 3 is 2. Okay, maybe not. Anyway, this will probably be the last one from Freeing His Heart for a while(at least until I start revisions). For today, I have 3 paragraphs from Chapter 11. Context: Patrick & Kellie were getting closer then something happened and he seems to have taken a step back. She’s gone to confront him and find out why. Instead, she ends up talking to his parents(and finding out from them what happened).

She was pretty sure she felt her blood chill. “What phone call? He didn’t tell me anything about this.”
Mark closed his eyes and grimaced. “Should have figured. Stubborn idiot.”
Sophia snorted beside him. “Like you have room to talk. He’s a chip off your block.”

And that’s all you get for today. 😉 Next week, we’ll probably be joining Jace and Kammi.

  • Freeing His Heart: finish 1st draft – not quite. still have 4 more scenes to finish. Thinking tomorrow or Friday. So, still this week. I have added 5247 words to it so far this week.
  • Jace’s Story: Start(hoping for at least 10k) – got this started. It’s sitting at a little over 5500 words right now. Used Art Show(one of my Story a Day pieces) as the prologue and part of It Would Be Fun in Chapter 1(though I completely rewrote this, other than some dialogue, as it’s now from Kammi’s POV. Actual new words written: 3746
  • Some Fools Never Learn: Finish back stories – I have Tate & Emilia’s done and typed up. Still writing Rebekah’s. Hers is turning out longer than I expected.
  • Into the Sun: total – 11k – weekend project
  • Reading: Finish Chasing Perfect(Susan Mallery), Brewing Up Murder(Catherine Lynn), & Bad Boys of Eden(various – probably won’t read all of them) – I’m a little more than 30% through the collection. I’ve only skipped one story so far. I know I’ll be skipping at least 1 more because I bought it separately and have it on the reading list for this month, too.
  • Crochet: Finish Loopy Love Blanket – *cackles wildly* haven’t picked this up at all this week(well, other than to put it in a bag to keep it out of my way/keep cat off of it)
  • Knit: Schooner Hat – obviously haven’t started this either.

So far this week is going well. Hope the second half continues the trend.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Last Day" (21)

  1. Hahaha! I really like Sophia. She definitely doesn’t mince words, but it sounds like the men in her life require that.

  2. haha! like father like son! This is a great moment!

  3. Sometimes you just have to “say it like it is”….

    Hopefully it will NOT be a long 12 weeks, Fallon. Summers are meant to be enjoyed.

  4. Nice! Definitely sounds like a good week!

  5. Crochet! I knew there was something I was forgetting. I bought some black yarn so I can take the various unfinished blankets lying around and join them into one big monument to unfinished art.

  6. kathils said:

    Well… that was short and to the point. Now, where’s the rest? What phone call, darn it?

    • hahaha. wouldn’t you like to know? yeah, guess that’s why you asked, huh. 😉

      may share more from it when I start revisions, but that will be…later.

  7. Ha! I love the parent banter. 🙂

  8. It’s a great moment. Rings so true. Many guys are like that…

    As for the kids, I have a couple of ideas that might help. My guess is they’re fighting because they don’t have a better idea how to handle conflict – and all of a sudden, here they both are, their routines disrupted…

    When my kids were younger, I tried to go in more like a firewoman than a policewoman. In other words, rather than, “Stop it this instant” (which is what I wanted to say), I tried to remember to say,”Does anyone need help?”

    Huge difference. An even bigger one was listening to both sides privately, and helping them to see one another’s side, while promoting an attitude of ‘everybody gets to win’…because a win-win will solve things without anyone needing to sacrifice or feel cheated.

    With my older kids, (almost 11 and 14, now!), I usually let them work things through on their own, because both have told me I sometimes make it worse when I step in. If I do intercede, it’s usually to ask them both, “What’s your goal here?” or to remind them that name-calling or yelling aren’t productive, or something I want in my home, because I live here too…

    Having one on one time with each parent helps a lot, too…

    I don’t know if any of that will bring a more peaceful summer….but I figure it can’t hurt to offer the ideas…

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

      A lot of times when I try to ask what the problem is, I get “He made me mad.” ok, well, why? “I don’t know.” They’ll be playing fine together one minute, the next, they’re screaming.

      • They’re still young. It can be hard for me to articulate why I’m mad sometimes, and I’m 45 and known as a talker…my Accomplice likes to remind me of the time I was mad at him over something he did in a very realistic dream….

        Maybe it would help to see if you can find something that’s triggering the upset (might be something tiny and unrelated, even – like hunger, or tiredness, or just not being used to spending so much time together)….

        I can tell you that, as kids get older, they do often get better at expressing the whys of things…and with resolving them without screaming, if the adults around them are basically calm in conflicts…

        It might help them work out some energy if they could do something like smash ice or coconuts, too. Boys, especially, and often when they’re little, seem to enjoy big body crashing type things… (not all boys, not always, but frequently).

        If your son and daughter play very differently, they might not understand that the other isn’t ‘wrong’ for not wanting to play their way….

        Just tossing out ideas….and if you’d like me to stop, I will….I just figure that, having a son and a daughter about the same difference in age (although my son is older), I might have something to offer to up the peace….

  9. You are kicking butt. Hope you and your kids have a peaceful summer. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

  10. Everybody’s WiPpets were so tantalising this week — and so heartbreakingly short! I love the dialogue between the characters, particularly Sophia’s line. You always write such brilliant, natural speech…

    Good luck with your crochet. I swear, that stuff develops eyes when you’re not working on it, just so it can aim sulky, guilt-inducing glares when your back is turned.

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