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Some of you might remember me talking about working at a racetrack the past couple summers. Well, they were in the process of selling it, and so there is no actual racing this year. They are doing special events there, such as Crash-a-rama(May & August) & Monster Jam(June). I worked the back gate into the pits for the Crash-a-rama last night. Basically I was just making sure everyone that went through had a wristband. Pretty boring, actually. Then, the rain started. Just a sprinkle first, and it stopped. But, I’d put my rain gear on in preparation. And was very glad for that when a little while later it started pouring. And my husband had parked the truck close(he was on the fire & safety team down on the track), so I was able to run out and grab an umbrella too. And it kept raining for probably two hours with just a few breaks. Right near the end of the event, they finally called it for lightning. I’d been watching the sky light up for probably at least 10 minutes.

Supposed to rain and storm all day today too, but other than my husband going in to work a couple hours(sweeping the school parking lots so they can reseal them or something) and getting groceries, we don’t have anything to do.

My new time goal method is going all right, but I’m going to be changing it a bit. I have about a dozen 1st drafts sitting and waiting for me to get to them. So, I’m going to be switching my focus to those…in July. For June, I’ll be focusing on my JuNoWriMo project. Also, since I have probably enough stories plotted out to keep me writing for at least a year, once I finish outlining Some Fools Never Learn, I’m going to set aside any more plotting for a while. If I get ideas, I’ll write down some notes, but that’ll be it. Of course, we all know me and how I can’t just not write new words. So, when I’m revising, I’m planning to work on drafting for an hour first thing in the morning. After that, my time will be focused on revisions. I’m reworking my calendar right now to reflect this.

  • Freeing His Heart – Finish 1st draft – didn’t get this done. Still have 7 scenes to finish(1 is almost done). Hoping to get there Monday or Tuesday.
  • Law of Choice – 1st round revisions – got these done on Friday. Added just over 3300 words. Will be doing another round of revisions in July before it’s ready to send to my CP.
  • Let It Begin – finish outline – this is done
  • Some Fools Never Learn(Hunter Family #2) – Brainstorm – finished this and got Tate’s back story written.
  • Into the Sun – total: 8000 words – added 1855 words this weekend, and it’s at 8924 right now.
  • Story a Day – DONE! I only missed one day. Last time I attempted this, I didn’t make it past day 24. So 30/31 isn’t too bad. They are all listed out here, and this week’s were:
    • 5/25: Coming Home – some of Nolan’s back story
    • 5/26: Good to Be Home – A little of Patrick’s back story
    • 5/27: Rylan – a little bit on Patrick’s half brother
    • 5/28: Tate – a little back story for Some Fools Never Learn, maybe even the start of that one
    • 5/29: It Would Be Fun – a little bit on Jace(maybe the beginning of his story). Prompt was to write from the end to the beginning. Not one of my favorite pieces from the month. Also, does have a bit of spoiler from Flames of Restoration
    • 5/30: No Artist – a bit of back story for Kelan, Nolan’s other older brother.
    • 5/31: Finding Cassandra – this is from Into the Sun and from a different POV than I’ve been writing that. It takes place between scenes I wrote the day before.
  • Read: Finish Torn, Hard as You Can(Laura Kaye), Chasing Perfect(Susan Mallery), Brewing Up Murder(Catherine Lynn), & Bad Boys of Eden(this is a collection, & I have at least 1 or 2 separately) – finished reading Torn the other day. Really liked it. Almost finished with Hard as You Can. Have less than 30 pages to read. Might be able to read Chasing Perfect today, we’ll see. Otherwise it, and the other, are being shifted to next month’s.
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket – almost finished. I have 2 more rows to do and the border around it. Should be able to do that today.
  • Knit: Schooner hat – didn’t get to this.

And as it’s the end of the month, I’m going to evaluate how I did on the month’s goals. This should be interesting since it seems I keep changing my mind how to do things.


  • Stained Blood – finish 1st draft – this fell a little shorter than I planned, but it’s done.
  • Flames of Restoration – finish 1st draft – this was just short of 80k.
  • Jace’s Story – write 30,000 words – didn’t start this at all. This will shift to next month’s goal
  • Story a Day Challenge – wrote 30/31 stories.
  • Into the Sun – add 4k or finish – actually added closer to 6k

I also wrote most of a novella. Total words written for the month = 107,953


  • Flames of Renewal – 2nd round revisions – this is ready to be sent to my CP
  • Law of Choice – 1st read through – I have the first round of revisions done. setting this aside until July.
  • Just Add Moonlight – revise & submit – this was done. It wasn’t accepted for the anthology. Not sure what I’ll do with it.
  • Any WiPs I get back from CP/Betas – revise for next stage – haven’t gotten anything back yet


  • Kurztown 2.5 – Outline – this is done and waiting for when I get to it.
  • Stained #4 – start brainstorming(though Jacob hasn’t been talking to me, so may shelve this one) – really think I’m just going to shelve it.


  • Listen/Read: 19 books -just barely made this. If I finish Chasing Perfect today, I’ll be able to make it 20.


  • Knit: Schooner Hat – didn’t get to this.
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket – finished 1 of these and almost finished with the second

My goals for next month should be simpler. We’ll see if I can keep it that way.


  • Freeing His Heart – finish 1st draft
  • Jace’s Story(really needs a title) – 1st draft
  • Into the Sun – finish 1st draft


  • Revise anything I get back from CP/beta readers


  • Finish outlining Some Fools Never Learn(Hunter Family #2)


  • Listen/read 20 books


  • Knit: Schooner Hat
  • Crochet: Women’s Peaked Cap

And for the first week of June:

  • Freeing His Heart: finish 1st draft
  • Jace’s Story: Start(hoping for at least 10k)
  • Some Fools Never Learn: Finish back stories
  • Into the Sun: total – 11k
  • Reading: Finish Chasing Perfect(Susan Mallery), Brewing Up Murder(Catherine Lynn), & Bad Boys of Eden(various – probably won’t read all of them)
  • Crochet: Finish Loopy Love Blanket
  • Knit: Schooner Hat

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Wet Weekend" (6)

  1. The weather has been anything but normal these days. I hope it settles soon. As always, impressive work with your goals!

  2. well our weather isn’t that brilliant although have managed to the into garden for longer:) you have done well with your writing and goals – all best for June – I’m doing Juno as well so let us hope we get to that goal post – take care:)

  3. I love your writing energy and productivity. Some time I hope you will write about how you plot out all those stories! Do you start with back story and move into novella? Use cards? outline? Or just go at scenes? Anyway, the writing is lovely, and I wouldn’t care at all if your goals keep shifting to support your stories. Kudos to you!

    • Thanks. I’ve probably mentioned my process a bit before, but it has a tendency to shift, and I tend to combine a few different methods together.

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