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I almost didn’t even write today’s post. I really don’t want to. In the last four weeks, I’ve gained .4 pounds. No, it’s not a lot. But, I’m so not happy with it.

And I can really only blame myself. I haven’t gotten out for my walks/runs much in the last two weeks. Before that I was doing pretty good. But, there’ve been a lot of rainy days. And I’d been falling behind on my to-do lists, so I put off working out in favor of getting other things done. And just generally lacked the motivation to do it. Again, totally all on me.

I have been drinking water, but certainly not as much as I should be. I just have a hard time to remember to drink it, even if I keep a bottle filled.

My snacking is still so-so. I don’t snack constantly, so that’s something. I still need to come up with some healthier alternatives. And I have a sweet tooth, so there’s that.

Kids’ last day of school is next Wednesday, so I’m going to have to find an alternate workout as well. I’d thought I’d let them ride their bikes down to the beach(at the lake where we live. maybe about a mile from our house…possibly less) and I’d walk with them. But, they aren’t so good at staying on one side of a path/road. So, I’m not so sure about that. Then, there’s the hill they’d have to ride back up to get back to the house. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

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  1. I feel you on the sweet tooth. I have one too. I’ve been battling mine with a nightly diet soda and 1 cup of sugar free jello. That allows me to behave most days. Then once a week we have a family dessert. I don’t know if that gives you any ideas, but I hope it helps spark something.

  2. Might it be possible that the .4 lbs is not real weight gain? So many things can cause our weight to go up and down by a few pounds even in the course of one day – constipation, hormones, too much salt or refined carbohydrates, or bloating from a food sensitivity etc. I bet you’ll see that come right off in a couple of days (but I can relate to how a number on the scale can make us feel so crappy instantly).

    • Definitely a possibility. I weighed myself again this morning and was back down that .4. This is why I stopped weighing myself daily. I get frustrated with the fluctuations.

      • I know it can be so frustrating! If you feel you need to weigh yourself daily, something that might helps is to create a graph of your daily weight for a few weeks/months so you can see what sorts of normal ups and downs are normal for you – after awhile you come to expect that your weight will go up a certain amount before dropping off with some weight loss. It’ll help you focus on the overall trend and the daily ups and downs won’t affect you as much. 🙂

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