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Just one more week of school left for my kids. Hoping my new schedule will work once they’re home. I think it’s flexible enough to adapt. And the kids are old enough that I don’t really have to hover(not that I was ever much of a hoverer) when they’re playing outside. I still go out with them, but I can sit on the porch while they play. One of the nice things about being outside of town. We have a long driveway they can ride bikes up and down and a big yard to play in. And I can usually get about an hour out of my computer before I have to plug it in again.

Monday I didn’t get as much done as I’d like. Well, I got a lot done, just not the stuff I had on my list. We’ve decided we’re going to have a yard/garage sale sometime this summer. So, I hauled all the baby stuff and some other things, out of the kids’ closets to our cargo trailer. There was a lot more there than I’d figured. And our washer hasn’t been working right(taking 3 hours to wash 1 load of clothes), so husband took it and tried to clean out the hose. So, I didn’t get laundry started, which meant I ended up doing 3 loads yesterday. Only took 2 hours in the washer now. Better at least. I did manage to catch up on pretty much everything yesterday, so that’s something at least.

Still sharing from Freeing His Heart for WiPPet Wednesday. Doesn’t look like I’ll be finishing this week like I’d planned, so you may get another snippet from this next week as well. Trying to give snippets that don’t share spoilers of Chasing the Ghost. Of course that could be a bit difficult as this novella is quite connected to something that happened during that one. Today’s snippet does kind of reference that situation, but I think it’s vague enough it doesn’t really give anything away. 28 sentences(5+27+2+0-1-5).

Kellie couldn’t believe it. What was he doing here? Had he followed her? No, she couldn’t believe that. Jared had told her to leave early. She’d argued, but he’d insisted. Her mind hadn’t been on work all day anyway. Because she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him. And now here he stood right in front of her.
What the hell was he doing here? There had to be any number of stores closer to his father’s side of town. Why was he here?
And why was he just standing there staring at her?
He already had his cart half-filled. So obviously he’d started before she’d gotten here. It had to be a coincidence. And he looked just as shocked to see her. Still, she couldn’t face him. It had been over four months, and yet it still felt so damn fresh.
She started to turn her own cart, but there were two people blocking her way out. The only way to go was forward, right past Jason. He was still standing right there, staring at her. She would have thought he’d been struck by lightning. In fact, she remembered he’d kind of looked like that when he’d come into the clinic all those months before. That was ridiculous, though. A person wasn’t actually struck mute by looking at someone. He’d just been faking his reaction back then.
She couldn’t quite make herself believe he was faking it now though.

He lied about one thing, and she applies it to he obviously lied about everything. Will the figure things out? Will she give him a second chance? Will he pick his chin back up off the floor? Why do I ask questions we all know the answers to? 😉

Now for my RoW80 update:

  • Freeing His Heart – Finish 1st draft – I have at least 10 more scenes to finish. So this is not likely. I may have to take first week of June for this. Have added 5924 words so far this week.
  • Law of Choice – 1st round revisions – adding new scenes in now, then getting to rest of revisions. Have added 1846 new words so far.
  • Let It Begin – finish outline – got this finished yesterday
  • Some Fools Never Learn(Hunter Family #2) – Brainstorm – got started on this yesterday. have general characters and protagonist brainstormed
  • Into the Sun – total: 8000 words – weekend project
  • Story a Day – didn’t get Sunday’s written, but that’s the only one I’ve missed so far. You can find the list of them here, and this week’s:
    • 5/25: Coming Home (a bit of back story for Nolan)
    • 5/26: Good to be Home (a bit of back story for Patrick)
    • 5/27: Rylan (you haven’t met him yet, but this is Patrick’s half-brother…who may be asking about his own story now. *sigh*)
  • Read: Finish Torn, Hard as You Can(Laura Kaye), Chasing Perfect(Susan Mallery), Brewing Up Murder(Catherine Lynn), & Bad Boys of Eden(this is a collection, & I have at least 1 or 2 separately) – way behind on reading. Only about halfway through Torn.
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket – About 2/3 of the way through this.
  • Knit: Schooner hat – will start when I finish the blanket.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: One More Week" (22)

  1. Trying to avoid spoilers is so hard. :/

  2. kathils said:

    Why ask why? I think I’ve been in the struck dumb situation once. I honestly had far too many thoughts and emotions running through my head to do anything other than stare and then react when the other person opened their mouth.

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever really been struck dumb. Although if someone recognizes me when I’m out, it might appear that way. It usually takes me a moment to put face and name together then have to process what they said and what to say.

      • kathils said:

        Just be like my hubs, have a long conversation with them and when they walk away and I ask, “who was that?” he shrugs and says, “I have no idea.”

      • haha. That kind of sounds like me husband. I’m more likely to just avoid making eye contact entirely and hope they ignore me, unless it’s someone I’m sure I know(and like).

      • kathils said:

        That’s me. Don’t make eye contact and keep moving.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been struck dumb, but I’m not exactly the quiet type. 🙂

    Congrats on all your progress, despite washing machine and other hassles!

  4. I love the imagery! It’s hilarious. Obviously it’s not funny to either of the characters at the moment, but it’s still a funny scene, with him standing there all fish mouthed and her being like, “which way to go!?!” 😀 Love it.

  5. I’ve been struck dumb, not not for that long. I love her internal monologue. It’s great!

  6. Asking questions we all know the answer to is fun?

    A really good internal monologue here, Fallon. And I so envy you your hour of laptop battery…

    • Thanks!
      I used to get more like 2 hours out of the battery, but that’s been slowly decreasing. It’s still lasted longer than my last netbook at least.

      • I’m in the same boat. When my battery was new, I managed 4 hrs with it… a few times. Now it’s like 20 minutes. Trying to decide if it’s worth getting another $20 battery for an almost 10yr old laptop.

        As long as we can keep plugging in, right, Fallon? 😀

  7. I’ve definitely been struck dumb before. I kind of like how she’s wondering why he’s speechless yet it’s not like she’s going over there and saying something either. LOL!

  8. I like how she’s mentally saying he couldn’t possibly be struck mute, but then she’s not exactly getting talkative with him, herself. Nice internal monologue.

  9. Isn’t that the way it always happens? You try to make a clean getaway from a potentially and most likely awkward situation, and someone is always in the way, ruining it for you.

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