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I’m not exactly sure what to say about this week. I feel behind on Tuesday and feel like I’ve been playing catch up since then. Not sure exactly what happened Friday, but the words were not coming very well. I ended up getting caught up on that and finishing the polishing round on Flames of Renewal Saturday. So, that’s ready for my CP whenever she’s ready for it. Didn’t get any crocheting done this week, but did spend almost all yesterday afternoon reading. Getting some things done this morning then we have my niece’s 12th birthday party this afternoon. Hard to believe she’s 12 already. She was born my senior year of high school. Got her B&n gift card because the girl loves to read(and my sister had no other ideas for her). Kind of amusing b/c my sister hates reading.

  • Flames of Restoration: add 15000 words(70000 total) – I increased this when I finished Stained Blood. ended up writing over 20k on it, it’s now just over 75000 words. I still have about 5 scenes left to get through. Just wrapping things up now, though. Hoping to finish Monday or Tuesday
  • Stained Blood: finish 1st draft – got this done Monday. Sitting at a bit over 46k. About 15k shorter than I’d planned on.
  • Freeing His Heart: start – start then set it aside until I finish Flames of Restoration. Wrote just over 1k on it.
  • Flames of Renewal: Polish – done & ready to go to CP
  • Kurztown 2.5 – Character work – done with this as well. Starting the outlining this week.
  • Into the Sun – add 2000 words – I’ve added almost 1400 words so far. Just made a realization about a character I didn’t even know beforehand. This is a departure from my usual strict plotter-ness.
  • Story a Day – been keeping up with this too. You can find all of this month’s stories listed out here. Not happy with all of them(especially Saturday’s 2nd person POV one), but they’re done. For the second half of the week:
    • 5/14: What You Don’t Know – this takes place after Flames of Restoration, so if you don’t want to know Nolan & Maura end up together, well…you obviously don’t know me well. πŸ˜‰
    • 5/15: Maura – this is a continuation of Already Taken, but from Maura’s POV.
    • 5/16: You – This is the 2nd POV. This is from the one I’m plotting right now. Like I said, not happy with it. Warning for mentions of domestic abuse.
    • 5/17: Into the Sun – this is taken from the short story/novella I’m working on now. I rewrote the first scene in 3rd person. Definitely keeping the full version in 1st though. Which is weird b/c I usually do write in 3rd.
  • Read: Unafraid, Rumor Has It(Jill Shalvis), To Get Me To You(Kait Nolan), Never Love a Highlander(Maya Banks), & Hope Flames(Jaci Burton) – Loved To Get Me To You & Never Love a Highlander(which I may have live-tweeted with my CP, since it’s one she’d loved too). 64 pages into Hope Flames. Will probably take it with me to the party(and no one in my family will be surprised by this.
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket – finish second blanket – didn’t work on this at all. Going to try to do it this week, even though it will mean not giving blankets this weekend.

So, looking at that, I actually had a good week. Even if it feels like I didn’t do as much as I should’ve.

  • Flames of Restoration – finish 1st draft
  • Freeing His Heart – Write 4000/day(not sure of total – depends on finishing ‘Restoration’)
  • Law of Choice – Read through/reverse outline
  • Let It Begin(Kurztown 2.5) – Outline
  • Into the Sun – total: 7500 words
  • Story a Day
  • Read: Finish Hope Flames, Alliance(Trisha Leigh), Head Over Heels(Jill Shalvis), Eyes Turned Skyward(Rebecca Yarros), & Torn(Kate Sparkes)
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket(going to actually try to get to it this week)

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Mixed Up Week" (11)

  1. Looks like you are doing well on those goals. Just keep moving forward. I notice you mentioned your sister doesn’t read; mine doesn’t either. She is too busy watching TV – Bleah! And I best not call her when one of her shows is on. Me? As much as I hate to, I can always put a good book down to take a phone call.

    • Thanks.

      I despise phone calls, so I’d probably be reading or doing something while on the phone. My mom usually fills/empties the dishwasher while she’s on the phone. My oldest does read, certainly not as much as me(that would be difficult. do you see how many books I read in a week? lol), but the middle one doesn’t like to at all.

  2. Sometimes progress is a jumbled affair. But when you look back on what you’ve done – it’s more than you noticed, in the moment.

    Sounds like a great session for you, if a bit more chaotic and twirly than you’re used to. =)

    As for plotting and revelations – I’ve made the transition from pantsing to plotting for most things, but my characters always change things up on me. I look forward to that point,because that’s when they seem to really come to life!

    • Seems to be that way with me a lot. Thanks.
      Yeah, I’m liking discovering these characters. I started with a very vague idea(a song title), but I’m liking where it’s taking me.

      • Here’s to the adventure and the discovery. Today, I’m being taken to dinner in the Captain’s Mess. Perhaps fittingly, dinner will turn into, well, a mess. The specifics of the mess will be fun to learn along the way!

  3. Wonderful progress – even if it didn’t seem so at the time. Love how those characters can sneak up on you and take over a scene.All the best in the week ahead.

    • Thank you. My characters are constantly sneaking up on me. Probably why the story ideas won’t stop coming.

  4. It sounds, despite some rough spots, you had a good week. Hope you have fun at the birthday party for your niece! I have a hard to shop for kid myself. It’s frustrating enough figuring out my present let alone suggesting for him. Gift cards are always awesome for that tough cookie! Hope she gets lots of awesome books. πŸ™‚

    • It was a good week. Sometimes it’s hard to see that until I start accounting for everything.

      The party was good. Weather was nice, so we were outside(well, in sister’s garage) for it. And I got some reading done. πŸ˜‰

  5. Your progress is inspiring. I don’t know how you get it all done! And happy birthday to your niece. I’ve got a bookworm son about that age who would be over-the-moon for a B&N gift certificate, so it was probably a very good call. πŸ™‚

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