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yeah, yeah, I know it’s only the middle of May. But, I always seem to be looking ahead. And June means JuNoWriMo. I do love those WriMo months. Not that I don’t usually write a lot of words in one month. I don’t know if I can even say what my favorite parts of them are. The community maybe. Even though I’m one who tends to keep to myself. Having other people working toward the same goal seems to help keep me focused on mine. Particularly the sprints. Those definitely help as you’re only focused for a short time then you can break.

This year, while I may be finishing up a novella in my Gilbert, Co series, I will mostly be working on the first in a spin-off of my Flames series. These 4(so far) books focus on a member of the Hunter family(for those of you who’ve read the first snippet from Flames of Restoration, this is Nolan’s family) and the volunteer fire department they’re with. This may end up extending to other volunteers. My “muse” seems to have no problem dumping more ideas on me as I write.

This is by far, not the final summary of the story. But, I wrote this up as a way to help plot it out.

Jace Hunter once wanted to be like his big brother, a Marine, a firefighter, a hero. But, time and his own interests showed him that wasn’t his place. Now, a successful artist and volunteer firefighter, he still doesn’t feel he’s found that place. He wants to help people, and he wants to create, but he’s not sure if that’s enough any longer.
Kammi Yates loves teaching young children, but she wants more than that. She wants a family of her own. When her father sets her up with one of his colleagues to go to an art showing, she didn’t expect to be more interested in the artist than her date, who turned out to be the artist’s brother. She also didn’t expect to see that artist when the volunteer firefighter presenting in front of her class removes his helmet.
As she draws closer to Jace, she sees something in him no one else seems to. But, before she can figure out just what it is, and if this is something they could share, danger approaches. She’s not sure if she can handle having him only to lose him. Or if it would be worse not having him at all.
As the flames get worse and spring even closer to him, Jace worries what it means and who the target could be. When they move beyond abandoned buildings, though, he has a strong sense he could be the final intended target. But, he’s determined no one he cares about will get caught between him and the flames.

I’m really looking forward to getting started on writing this one.

Comments on: "Fiction Friday: Ready for June" (9)

  1. Love this post! Great excerpt!

  2. We’re happy to have you writing with us, Fallon! Sounds like you have some good ideas to begin with. Firefighting and art – that’s not a combination I’ve seen before, and I like the idea behind it.

    Good luck with JuNoWriMo!

    • Thank you! Yeah, it surprised me a bit too when the characters started talking to me. I’ve explored him a bit through the story I’m writing right now, and getting more of a handle on him.

  3. I’m so happy that you are joining us! Thanks for sharing a bit about your story. It looks like a great idea and sounds fun to write.

  4. Having two strong characters with diverse interests and a sizzling plot… Sounds like your JuNo is going to be busy and fun. And I so envy your ability to make such a concise summary blurb.

    • Thanks, I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

      I’ve found writing a summary beforehand helps me figure out the plotting of the story. It’s a lot harder to write after(although I may have to change it a bit once the story is finished).

      • Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of it that way. Sort of like my “unofficial outline”, where I plot the beginning, end and a few key points I need to hit through the story. Now… just to put it into a readable format. 😀

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