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Computer seems to be working better this week than it did last. Still having some trouble with it, but it’s been more manageable. Been getting stuff done, too. Well, except for yesterday. Not sure exactly what happened, except I started reading through an old WiP and got hardly anything on my list for the day done. Oops. So, I’m trying to play catch up today. Also, decided I’m going back to only drafting one WiP at a time. But, I’ll be alternating between my Flames series and whatever else is on the list. So once I finish Flames of Restoration(probably this week or early next) I’ll get to work on Freeing His Heart, and once I finish that I’ll start working on the first of the spin-off Flames stories(the first 2-3 of these take place before the next Flames one). And I’ll be working on plotting out the rest of the ones in the series. Everything else I plan to write this year is already plotted out. I even went through my calendar to fix deadlines for this new plan.

And I’m going to start sharing from whatever I’m working on at the time. So, that means today we get the first(and maybe only) snippet from Flames of Restoration. 13 paragraphs(mostly dialogue) from Chapter 4. Maura and her brother(you may remember Mark from Flames of Retribution) are talking about Nolan.

“Really?” Mark asked, one eyebrow arching. “You really think he brings you breakfast after a twenty-four hour shift because you’re friends? I know him, and before you moved up here, he’d go straight home and crash for several hours before worrying about anything else, even food. And besides that, just a friend doesn’t also bring dinner to you several nights a week or offer to take your kids just so you can have a break.”
“You must have some shit friends then, Mark,” she remarked even as she felt something bloom inside her. Did Nolan really think more of her than a friend?
“Hey, Nolan’s my best damn friend. But, he never brings me dinner. Or breakfast.”
“I’d think Caitie would be the one doing that.”
Mark grinned then. “And that just proves my point. Plus,” he added as they headed for a bench just inside the park, “he told me.”
“What?” she asked, jerking her head around again.
“[Flames of Retribution spoilers]” She saw his features tighten and knew everything that had happened then still weighed on him. Sometimes she thought everything that had happened when he’d been in the Marines still weighed on him, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. “He was trying to distract me. He admitted he had feelings for you. That he had for a while.”
Maura shook her head. “That doesn’t make any sense. We’ve been friends practically since the first time you brought him home on leave. But, he never-”
“You were married,” Mark said softly. “Or just about there the first time he met you. Nolan might have some questionable taste,” he added, shooting her a grin, “but he also has a strong sense of honor. He wouldn’t make a move on a married woman.”
“I’m still married. Technically.”
“And he still hasn’t made a move. Technically.”
“But, you’re saying he’s doing all these nice, friendly things because he wants to get in my pants.”
Mark’s face flushed red at that. God, she loved embarrassing her little brother. “That’s not what I said,” he sputtered. Then, he took a deep breath as if he could release the embarrassment with it. “Nolan’s a nice guy. That’s just the way he is. He’s not doing it to get you in bed. He wouldn’t do that. He’s doing it because he likes you, but not just because he’s your friend. He thinks you need time, though.”

I may share another snippet from this next week. It will depend on if I’m still working on it or not. And how much I have done on the next WiP.

  • Flames of Restoration: add 15000 words(70000 total) – 8484 so far. Have 63,500 total. On track.
  • Stained Blood: finish 1st draft – finished this on Monday. It’s only a little over 46k. May end up with more during revisions. Will have to wait and see.
  • Freeing His Heart: start – I did start this. Wrote the first 1k+ on it yesterday. Then decided to put it away until I finish Flames of Restoration. I’ll get back to it then.
  • Flames of Renewal: Polish – Getting a little behind on this. One of the things I didn’t check off yesterday.
  • Kurztown 2.5 – Character work – Haven’t done much on this either.
  • Into the Sun – add 2000 words – weekend project
  • Story a Day – Staying caught up on this
    • 5/10: A New Mother’s Day (Maura from Flames of Restoration)
    • 5/11: A Bike Ride (Flames of Restoration inspired piece – Nolan & Maura’s son, Finn)
    • 5/12: Wailing (another ‘Restoration’ inspired one – The Story a Day prompt didn’t work for me, so I used a first line generator.)
    • 5/13: Already Taken (100 words of Nolan back story)
  • Read: Unafraid, Rumor Has It(Jill Shalvis), To Get Me To You(Kait Nolan), Never Love a Highlander(Maya Banks), & Hope Flames(Jaci Burton) – enjoyed Unafraid and loved Rumor Has It(I don’t think I’ve less than loved any of the books in this series). Just start To Get Me To You last night and loving it already.
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket – finish second blanket – haven’t even started on this yet. Looks like another thing I’ll be playing catch-up on.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: New Plan" (20)

  1. Awww. I like Nolan. 🙂 And I have a character named Maura as well. 🙂 Nothing like your Maura personality-wise, though.

  2. Sometimes you’ve just gotta reread an old WIP. And do it all at once, not bit by bit the way it was written.

    I’ve always found that doing that might slow me down in the moment, but eventually provides a great deal of fodder for editing and new stuff, so you might not be nearly as behind in that regard as you think you are right now.

    I’ve been keeping up with my #STaD writing (to the tune of almost 32K, already!), but not visiting. I’m ahead, today, so I’m going to visit the forums, and keep this tab open so that I can read at least one of yours. =)

    I like Maura already. Her blend of, “no, it couldn’t be that he LIKES me likes me”, and brother-teasing are great! =)

    • yeah, the one I was going to start writing is tied to this old WiP, so I was just going to read the parts that pertain to the new one. Except I kept reading. But, I found I do still like that story.

      I’m glad you like her. She’s had a bit of a rough time but is finding her strength. Her and Mark have had anot always easy relationship, but I like that he’s still there for her.

  3. Loved the snippet. I’m hoping you share more! 🙂

    Looks like you’re making great progress on your goals. Congrats!

  4. Looking forward to future snippets! You’re doing awesome this week! Keep writing!

  5. Sometimes you have to just direct your focus to one place/project for a while… a pity though. I like these characters. The situation seemed so honest (though I was having trouble visualizing location and setting), so natural… Maura’s denial then concern and her brother’s calm, protective response, answering in a way that shows how much he loves both his sister and his friend. Nice piece, Fallon.

    Despite the slow goal, it looks like you’ve made a bunch of progress.

    • I’d been working on two at once but only because I’d already started Stained Blood when Nolan demanded I start his story(and he’s not usually the demanding sort). But, I decided it was better to focus on one in each stage.

      Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed writing these two, though where I’m at now, they’re kind of on the outs. I’ll get that fixed…eventually 😉

      • Well, don’t hurry on our accounts. Make sure the two of them get worked up into a good fictional frenzy and things are ready to explode (of course).

  6. Aw. Nolan sounds so sweet. I loved the sibling teasing, too.

  7. I like these characters. I love Maura’s obliviousness. It’s so often completely obvious to everyone except the one you need to notice. Heh.

  8. […] These 4(so far) books focus on a member of the Hunter family(for those of you who’ve read the first snippet from Flames of Restoration, this is Nolan’s family) and the volunteer fire department […]

  9. I fell back into an earlier WIP as well. I’d set it aside because the female protagonist was just not coming off the page the way I wanted her to, but when I saw the file earlier this week, I went back in to see if I could figure anything more out for her.

    I would think it would be difficult to write on several pieces at a time. I can manage my memoir and a fiction piece, but not two fiction pieces, it seems.

    I like Nolan and Maura–and the interplay with Mark is very realistic.

    • This one is connected with the one I’m going to start drafting next, so there were reasons to read some of it. But, I hadn’t planned to get sucked in. Which I guess could be a good thing.
      I think it was easier when I was working on the Flames story and a western. Harder when both are contemp romance/romantic suspense.
      I’m glad you liked them. 🙂

  10. It’s weird how old stories can suddenly grab you by the throat and not let you go, isn’t it? Especially when they seem to be longer than you remember when writing…

    I love the discussion between Maura and Mark, it seems so natural and so very sweet, and the way Maura just thinks Nolan is simply being nice is absolutely lovely. It’s a ridiculously adorable snippet.

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