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I was able to stay caught up on most of my goals this week. Other than the blanket I was crocheting. That kept falling away. Yesterday I sat outside on the porch and crocheted about 25 rows and finally caught up with my goal. I screwed up on the one side of it, but I’m hoping when I do some edging around it, it will look better. I only have a few more rows to do before I get to that. I might be able to finish it later today.

My daughter gave me a card this morning she made at school. According to it, I’m the World’s Best Mom. 🙂 And the boy insists it’s Father’s Day, not Mother’s Day. This seems pretty typical. 🙂 We’re going out for breakfast this morning, so not sure what I’ll get done today, but that’s okay. I bought my mom a Mother’s Day card last weekend so I wouldn’t forget about it. Guess what I forgot to put in the mail, though. *sigh* I’ll be seeing her next weekend(for my niece’s 12th birthday. wow), so maybe I’ll give it to her then. She won’t be surprised.

  • Flames of Restoration: add 12500 words(or 55,000 words) – 12497. So, so close. 55,022 total, though, so this is still met. Maura thought she could handle Nolan’s job, but she’s about to come face to face with how dangerous it can be.
  • Stained Blood: add 5000 words(or total of 45000 words) – Up to 45,044 on this. 4946 words this week. Have 2 scenes left to finish. I might have it finished tomorrow. Then, I’ll be starting a novella in my Gilbert, Co series.
  • Flames of Renewal: Finish 2nd round revisions – done. It’s still at only ~68000 words. Think this one just might be short.
  • Kurztown 2.5: Brainstorm – done. Now to start on back stories. Already know a good bit of them, since they’ve both been in the series(you may remember Patrick as Brian’s boss in Law of Choice. And Brian’s mom).
  • Into the Sun: add 1000 words – added over 1200 words. I’m really liking this one. Not sure how long it will be, but already over my 3000 word goal, and no end in sight.
  • Just Add Moonlight: Revise – done & submitted. now I chew my nails until I hear if it was accepted.
  • Story a day
  • Read: Dearest Clementine(Lex Martin), Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter(Breeana Puttroff), The Dividing Line(Victoria H Smith), Love, Chocolate, and Beer(Violet Duke), and Unafraid(Melody Grace) – Enjoyed all the ones I’ve read. Haven’t started Unafraid yet. But, probably will sometime today.
  • Knit: Schooner Hat – Finish
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket – Start – almost finished with one of the blankets.

Next week’s goals:

  • Flames of Restoration: add 15000 words(70000 total)
  • Stained Blood: finish 1st draft
  • Freeing His Heart: start
  • Flames of Renewal: Polish
  • Kurztown 2.5 – Character work
  • Into the Sun – add 2000 words
  • Story a Day
  • Read: Unafraid, Rumor Has It(Jill Shalvis), To Get Me To You(Kait Nolan), Never Love a Highlander(Maya Banks), & Hope Flames(Jaci Burton)
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket – finish second blanket


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Caught Up" (8)

  1. Glad to hear you had a good Mother’s Day!!

  2. I never remember to mail things on time. Google calendar/alerts is my savior. (Don’t tell my mom. 😉 )

  3. I tend to send things super early because of what happened to you. Heck, I even “mail” stuff on Sundays because I just don’t trust my memory. Even with that, stuff like that happens to me all the time!

    Awesome job with your goals!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. If I don’t write myself a reminder, I forget. Sometimes even then I forget.
      Thank you!

  4. What a productive week! Kudos! I very much admire all the writing projects you have on the go . . . inspiring.

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