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If my computer will cooperate for more than five seconds at a time, I just might get this blog post written. And since my frustration is currently at my maximum level, this will probably be a quick post. Only so much constantly freezing up I can take. First, my WiPPet Snippet. Today I have 7 paragraphs from shortly after last week’s snippet. Megan is letting Callum take Kaelin out unsupervised for the first time(that had been one of her rules at first, that he didn’t see her if Meg wasn’t around), and he’s picking her up from Megan’s parents’.

“Callum. Come in. Kaelin’s barely stopped talking about getting to go with you tonight.” He couldn’t help it. The corners of his mouth pulled into a big smile at that. “I’m glad she’s excited, and I hope she won’t be disappointed.” Adam Luzat clapped him on the shoulder. “Honestly, Callum, I don’t think anything you could do would disappoint that girl. The way she talks about you…” He shook his head, a wide grin on his face. “It’s the way Megan used to talk about me, the way she used to look at me.” That had the smile fading, and some of the light went out of his eyes. “I did disappoint her, though. We put too much on her too young. She always carried too much responsibility. I think you were her one rebellion.” “She wasn’t a teenager when we met,” Callum reminded him. “It’s kind of hard for a grown woman to rebel against her parents. Making your own decisions isn’t a rebellion.” “I know. And look what we got out of it. A beautiful little girl who makes all our lives brighter.” Callum could certainly agree with that. She brought a new light into his life, and he couldn’t help but smile when she brought that light with her down the hallway, running toward him with one shoe untied. Thankfully she didn’t trip over it before he had her in his arms. She smelled just as sunny as she looked. I missed you. It’s what he wanted to say, even though he’d just seen her that morning. Instead, he knelt in front of her and tied her shoe then looked into her face. “You ready to go?” She nodded fast. “I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to get here, Daddy. All day.”

Not sure how many more scenes I’ll be sharing from this. Will probably depend on what I start writing next(or I may start sharing from Nolan’s story soon. We’ll see). I’ve been making good progress on my goals this week(a little less so today as I’ve been fighting with my computer, but still got my writing in).

  • Flames of Restoration: add 12500 words(or 55,000 words) – I’ve added 7603 so far today. Sitting at just over 50000. On track with this.
  • Stained Blood: add 5000 words(or total of 45000 words) – have added 3239 to this. Sitting at a little over 43300 words. On track. I may even have the first draft finished before the end of the week. Certainly sometime next week. Only have probably a few more scenes to write. It’s definitely short, but I may add more during revisions.
  • Flames of Renewal: Finish 2nd round revisions I’m through 10/25 chapters. Haven’t gotten to today’s yet.
  • Kurztown 2.5: Brainstorm – have started this. Then, I wasted too much time yesterday reading through Law of Choice & Scars and All because I couldn’t remember if I’d given Patrick a specific eye color. Not that I could find, but I got to read about Brian and Doren again, so there’s that ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Into the Sun: add 1000 words – weekend project
  • Just Add Moonlight: Revise – weekend project
  • Story a Day – keeping up with this. I’ve been writing these first thing in the morning.
    • 5/4 – A Hero’s Grief
    • 5/5 – Kurztown – This is the first fiction piece for the challenge that doesn’t involve the Flames characters. Does give a hint of the novella I’m plotting right now, though.
    • 5/6 – Collapse
  • Read: Dearest Clementine(Lex Martin), Rumplestiltskinโ€™s Daughter(Breeana Puttroff), The Dividing Line(Victoria H Smith), Love, Chocolate, and Beer(Violet Duke), and Unafraid(Melody Grace) – enjoyed Dearest Clementine. About 60% through Rumplestiltskin’s Daughter. It’s interesting.
  • Knit: Schooner Hat โ€“ Finish – decided to set this aside for right now
  • Crochet: Loopy Love Blanket โ€“ Start – started the first one of these. I’m planning on making two and hoping to have them done by 5/17 when we’ll be heading to my hometown for my niece’s birthday party. Since my cousin and best friend have both had babies recently I want to give these to them, which is why I’m moving it up.

It’s taken me almost two hours to get this typed up because of how slow/non-responsive my computer has been. Thinking of shutting down for the rest of the day and just reading.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Frustrated" (23)

  1. A sweet exchange. Hope the computer clears up. Soooo frustrating!

  2. *girly squee* She called him Daddy!

  3. Such a sweet scene. Sorry to hear about the computer problems though.

    Something my parents told me… “You’re always my daughter”, and so I can see Meg’s father’s attitude here. Callum’s response is correct, but not as understanding as it could be. Says a lot about his character… and for the first time, not the nicest things.

  4. kathils said:

    Awww… that’s such a sweet exchange. It makes my heart happy. But yeah, I thought Callum’s response to Meg’s father was a bit… snotty.

    Grrr Grrr and thrice times Grrr to pokey computers.

    • Thanks. Callum is certainly a flawed character, and sometimes lets his words, and sometimes his emotions, ahead of him.

      Still a little slow today, but as long as I’m not using scrivener and the internet at the same time, it seems to be doing better.

  5. I usually reboot when my machine gets cranky – almost always helps, even if I do need to reopen all kinds of things afterwards…

    I tend to use so many things at once that sometimes I just kind of put a choke hold on the poor laptop…

    I understand Callum’s honest response. I hope Meg’s father can, too –

    When I was almost 41, my father stuck his finger in my face, pressing it against my tooth. There are definitely parents out there who choose to see long- adult offspring as their ‘children’…

    But children grow up and become adults. My kids won’t be ‘my kids’, or anyone’s, once they’re adults. They’ll always be my offspring, and I’ll have a better idea than anyone else how they came to be adults…but I won’t have a special claim on them. As for rebellion – people only rebel against control…so, at the point Meg met Callum, if she’s rebelling, there must have still been (perhaps too much) parental control, whether real or implied…

    I think his comment was rash, but justified. And he also just might have known the Meg who loved him and conceived his child more fully than her parents did, if they weren’t seeing her as ‘adult’.

    Intriguing snippet, and good luck with the computer!

    • Seems I can’t work in scrivener and have the internet at the same time. And I’ve been leaving tweetdeck closed. So, it’s been working a bit better.

      her father does understand it. When they were together before, Meg was still living at home. As much to help her parents, as because she couldn’t afford anything else. So, they may have felt she was still under their control. as well, as the fact they lost both of Meg’s siblings to drug-related deaths, so when she showed up with Callum…they were scared.

      • Well, I can certainly see why they would be! Sounds like a rather nightmarish situation, all around! Yikes.

        Glad things seem to be smoothing out between them all, and I guess a few rough spots are to be expected, under the circumstances…

  6. That really is a sweet scene. Reminds me of picking my granddaughter up from daycare yesterday after not seeing her for almost four weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, man, I’ve been having problems with the desktop lately, so I can sympathize! Luckily I have a fairly new netbook, so if the big one decides to give up the ghost, I have backup until I can find a new one.

    • Thanks. My kids have never really run up to me like that, but Daddy…oh yeah. ๐Ÿ™‚

      My netbook is about 2 years old. It’s been working well until recently, but I may have to start thinking about getting something else. Not in the budget right now, so I’ll keep dealing with it for now.

      • Oh, argh, only 2 years old! My desktop that’s getting moody is like 5, so I’m not too surprised.

        Mira nearly ran me over when we picked her up at daycare the other day, even though she’s a fraction of my size. It was quite wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • the last netbook I had only last 18 months, and for the last 6 I was barely keeping it going. Swore I’d never get another. Oops. I should be able to keep this one going for a little while yet at least.

  7. Eeeeeee! That last line. Oh gosh, that was adorable. It reminds me of how my kids used to sit by the window when it would get close to when their dad was coming home from work. Then, when he arrived, they would squeal with delight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Awwww! That really is sweet! I wasn’t put off particularly by Callum’s response about rebellion. I thought it showed how much he still has to learn about being a father, but it didn’t come off as snotty or disrespectful to me. It gives him room to grow, but doesn’t make him seem like a bad person – just inexperienced.

  9. Loved this snippet. When he kneels to tie her shoelace – such a loving gesture. Can’t wait for more! Computer issues are so annoying. I’m having some issues and I just end up unplugging the machine! ugh. Probably not the best but it’s better than hitting it. (Tempted tho) Great progress made as well Fallon.

  10. This was just adorable! There’s something and daddies and daughters – I could almost feel Callum’s smile when he saw her.

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