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As I mentioned back in March, I took a break from my Monday Mentions posts for the month of April. Maybe not much of a break, considering I was posting more often, just on a more concentrated theme. But, I still managed to collect some links while I was away from this. I won’t be offering much commentary as there are quite a few of them.

Ava Jae wrote about Differentiating between POVs

Top 10 Mistakes Authors Make When Writing Legal Scenes by Rick Acker

Counting Words by Chuck Wendig. Warning for language if that bothers you.

Summer Anthology – may be a little late in sharing this as the submission deadline is in 11 days, but if you can write fast, you might be able to get it in there.

And Ava Jae talks about how There Isn’t One Way to Be a Girl. This one really struck me as I’ve never been really feminine, and yes, there were times, maybe still are, when I feel like I lack something because of it. But, I’m starting to accept(finally, at 30!) that I am just the way I am. And there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that.

From Kelley Harvey: a post on Dead-weight words. Oh, yay, more to add to my editing list. 😉

And not so much a writing post, but this one from Kristen Lamb was good. On Parent & Mom-Shaming.

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