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A much better report this Wednesday. Even with raising my daily goal for Flames of Restoration by 500 words, I’m staying caught up, even a little ahead. Last night I had everything on the day’s to-do list finished by 6 o’clock. Even all of this week’s A-Z posts. So, that’s one less thing I have to worry about for the rest of the week. And I’m hoping to get the last 4 done over the weekend. Before I get to all my progress for the week, I have another snippet from Flames of Recompense. Today I have 8 paragraphs (4+2+2)from the next scene from last week’s snippet.

He took Kaelin’s hand as they headed away from the table, his head tipped down, listening to whatever the little girl was saying. Megan couldn’t quite pull her eyes from the picture they made. Not until her mother cleared her throat. “What’s going on, Meg?” her mother asked. “I thought you agreed it was best to keep him away from her.” “I never said that, Mom. I said I was afraid I would have to. He didn’t do anything, though. What I thought I saw wasn’t what actually happened.” “And what if, next time, it is.” “Then, I’ll deal with it then.” “He’s changed,” her father said, and she jerked her head toward him. He smiled at her. “I remember the few times you tried to bring him to the house before. I didn’t like you spending time with a boy like that. He was so angry, you could feel it simmering just under the surface, even when you made him smile. And he was just as apt to hurt someone else as himself. I didn’t want that someone to be you, Meg.” “It wasn’t.” “It was,” he disagreed. “Not physically, maybe, but he hurt you nonetheless. I know you still carry the marks of that.” He shifted his gaze to where Callum stood putting sprinkles on top of a small bowl of ice cream then handed it down to Kaelin. “That boy wouldn’t have adjusted so easily to being her father. He’s changed, Meg, even if there’s still some of that anger in there. I think it’s time you give him a chance to prove it.”

Feel free to check out the other WiPPeTeers, or even join us and add your own here. As for that RoW80 progress, things are going good.

  • Flames of Restoration: Add ~12500 words(total: 27500 words)– I’ve added 7387 words so far this week. It’s at just over 22500 words. On track with this.
  • Stained Blood: Add ~5000 words(total: 35000 words) – I’ve added 2312 so far for the week. Still working on today’s words, but still on track.
  • Flames of Renewal: Finish Round 1 Revisions – Making progress here too. Through Chapter 15/21. I’ll probably be rearranging chapters after these revisions, so the number of chapters will probably change for the next revision round. I’ve added 1226 words to it so far this week.
  • Hunter Family series: Character Work – I have Jace’s story written. If you didn’t catch last week’s post on Nolan Hunter(main character in Flames of Restoration), Jace is his youngest brother, an artist, and a volunteer firefighter.
  • Into the Sun: Add at least 250 words – not yet
  • Just Add Moonlight: Add at least 250 words – not yet
  • Blog: Q-V posts – these are all drafted and scheduled.
  • Read: Thankless in Death(J.D. Robb), The Girl of Fire and Thorns(Rae Carson), Fire in the Woods(Jennifer M. Eaton), & Sweet Southern Sorrow(Tessa Teevan) – finished Thankless in Death Monday night. Really liked this one(ok, so I’ve really liked pretty much every one in this series). Started The Girl of Fire and Thorns yesterday. 43% through it right now.
  • Knit: Simple Cable Scarf – Finish – Making progress. Still hoping to have it finished this weekend.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Rolling Ahead" (17)

  1. Go, dad.

    And hooray for being ahead! 😀

  2. ha! Mom versus Dad! lol Great job in writing and keeping up and going for it all!

  3. I wonder how that dynamic would play out between my husband and me if it were our child having to make those choices. I suspect it might be pretty similar.

    • yeah, when I was first plotting out the story, I thought it would be her mom urging her to give him a chance. As I started writing, that changed though.

  4. Wow! Yay, Dad! And finally some happy feels!!!! Thank you so much. I was going to need a heart transplant soon if you kept breaking mine. 😛

  5. I like the description of anger. Sometimes parents pick up these things the kids can’t

  6. “He’s changed….” Makes one wonder how and why. But It’s nice to see that the changes seem to be good ones.

  7. Gah! Squee! Insert girly mushy reaction here. GO DAD! I love the way her parents are in her life, both protective and, it seems, understanding.

  8. I like the snipit. I was hoping he would take to the kiddo. Glad you are on track got your goals. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hoping friend.

  9. Yay for dad – give him a chance!

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