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So, on Wednesday I mentioned that I’d fallen behind on my goals during the beginning of the week. Well, I spent most of Wednesday playing catch-up. It took me until a little after dinner and over 5500 words, but I got there. Thursday I was done a little before dinner & even wrote some extra words on Flames of Restoration. And on Friday, I was done just a little past lunchtime. Then, since my computer’s been acting up(keeps freezing up for a few seconds when I do just about anything and says ‘not responding’), I decided to try to see if I could get it working. After running the disk cleanup(I’ve had this for about 2 years, and think it’s the first time I’ve done it), it’s running a lot better. I guess maybe I should think about doing that more often.

Yesterday, the boy had a birthday party to go to for a friend at school. It was at a bounce house place up in the city. My husband took him to that while the girl and I got some lunch and walked over to Barnes & Noble. That was after we’d already gone to the used book store(where I got 1 Louis L’Amour book that I’d seen there on our last trip but had to check if I already had it or not & the next in Jill Shalvis’ Animal Magnetism series). The girl got another book for her there and one for her brother. At B&N we both got 2 more books each. So, instead of shrinking, my TBR pile is growing more. This is why I probably don’t have to worry about running out of books to read for a while(I still have almost 80 on my kindle to read not counting the ones in the ‘free’ folder).

We ended up being gone almost all day – left early to get new tires on the truck, then after the party, we met my MIL at Presque Isle and walked to a local diner for dinner. And another stop for groceries, meant we didn’t get home until almost 8. We’d left the house around 8 that morning. So, it was a long day. I didn’t get much done(aside from finishing the book I’d been reading while riding in the truck). This morning I got a little done on the two short stories I’m working on. Not a lot, but I’ve got some ideas on them.

  • Stained Blood – *Changed to ~5k*Add ~10k to this(total around 35k) – Added 5275 to this. I’m planning on sticking with the 1k/day goal for this one.
  • Flames of Restoration – Add ~10k to this(total around 15k) – added 9861 words but that got me to 15126. I’m actually going to raise this goal to ~2500/day or 12,500 for the week.
  • Flames of Renewal – Revise through Chapter 10 – I’m actually through Chapter 11(I didn’t have any revisions in that chapter to do). I’d written a set of scenes as a bit of bonus material that were from Mark & Caitie’s POV(their book is the next one), and decided to rework that and throw it in. We’ll see if it stays or not, but it does set their story up a bit. I’ve added 4488 words to it this week.
  • Flames Volunteer Spin-off – Brainstorm – this is done and I have a *tentative* series title. Still no title for this first book, though. As far as I know, there will probably be 4 books in this series.
  • Into the Sun: Add at least 250 words to this. – Not quite. I wrote about 211 words this morning on it. Have some ideas for where to take it.
  • Just Add Moonlight: a flash story for the TGNA anthology. We’ll see how this goes. – Have 53 words written so far on this. I’m not sure if I’ll have anything by the deadline(5/15), but I’ll keep working on it.
  • Blog: K-P posts – got all these written & scheduled ahead of time
  • Read: Finish Island of Glass(Ruth Nestvold), A Hero for Holly(Kristy K James), Hard As It Gets(Laura Kaye), Catch Me When I Fall(Vicki Leigh), Rescue My Heart(Jill Shalvis), & Sunlounger 2(various authors) – Really enjoyed Hard as It Gets & Catch Me When I Fall. And I absolutely loved Rescue My Heart. I bought the next book in the series at the used bookstore before I’d even finished this one. I actually bought Sunlounger for just the one story in it b/c the author is a twitter friend. I tried a couple of the other stories, but none of them caught my interest. So, I read just the one and then started Thankless in Death(J.D. Robb).
  • Knit: Simple Cable Scarf – Finish Cable pattern 3 & 2(for the second time) – I’m not quite there, but hopefully will finish repeating pattern 2 today(have 2 more repeats to do).

It did end up being a pretty good week even after the slight bump at the beginning. I ended up with almost 20k words written and almost everything crossed off my list for the week. Not a bad week at all.

  • Flames of Restoration: Add ~12500 words(total: 27500 words)
  • Stained Blood: Add ~5000 words(total: 35000 words)
  • Flames of Renewal: Finish Round 1 Revisions
  • Hunter Family series: Character Work
  • Into the Sun: Add at least 250 words
  • Just Add Moonlight: Add at least 250 words
  • Blog: Q-V posts
  • Read: Thankless in Death(J.D. Robb), The Girl of Fire and Thorns(Rae Carson), Fire in the Woods(Jennifer M. Eaton), & Sweet Southern Sorrow(Tessa Teevan)
  • Knit: Simple Cable Scarf – Finish

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: All Caught Up" (14)

  1. Wow, some great progress there! How do you keep all your projects straight? I’ve written a total of 4 books at one time, but that was just drafting, no revisions or anything. I don’t think I could handle revisions on top of writing, although it would be interesting to see if I could do that. Amazing work.

    • Thanks. I’ve been asked that before and still don’t have a great answer. 🙂 I just seem to be able to compartmentalize things. So, I finish working on one for the day and shut the lid on it(although sometimes the characters still try to keep talking to me through that lid) and move on to the next. With the 2 I’m drafting right now, I think it helps that one is contemporary romance(with possibly some suspense elements) and the other is a western. So, they’re different enough to keep them separate.

  2. Sounds like you had a good week. I am glad that using the disc cleaner helped your computer issue. I have had the same problem with my laptop for over a year now and nothing I have done has helped. Even my son, the computer nerd, looked at it and had no solutions – except that I get a new laptop, which is not in the budget. So I read a book while I wait for the laptop to makes its next move. It helps with my TBR pile.

    • It did end up being a good week.
      yeah, I was thinking I was going to end up needing to start looking for something new(which isn’t really in our budget right now either). Of course, my last netbook only lasted about 18 months, and the last 6 of that it was barely limping along. This one has lasted me 2 years and other than that little issue is still working pretty well.

  3. I fear running disk clean up. Last time I did that (and updated some drivers), it killed my computer’s ability to play SIMS 3. (This was years ago, mind you) No SIMS 3 has been very good for my productivity, but I do miss it often and lots.

    Congrats on catching up and getting lots done. You are rocking the round! 🙂

    • Yeah, I was able to gain about 2 GB by cleaning it up. I, um, maybe should do that more often. It still does it occasionally, but it’s not nearly as bad as it had been.

      Thanks! I’m already almost done with this week’s A-Z posts, so I may even be able to get ahead of things.

  4. Fantastic progress, Fallon! I’ve found that those bumps tend to even out over time. Glad yours did!

    Disk cleeanup sounds like something I might want to do soon, too..

  5. What a great week! Good job! You are so goad at meeting your goals.

  6. Amazing progress this week. I wish I could get that much done in a week.

  7. I may have said this before, but you are one busy bee. I am so impressed every time I check in on you and inspired to do more. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    • I like staying busy and having lots of things to work on. I’ve tried focusing on just one at a time, and it never seems to work for me.

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