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A to Z: L is for Ladders


I think everyone knows what a ladder is, right?(In my “outline” for this post, I put definition here, but really?)

An extension ladder on the side of one of our trucks. Photo taken by me.

An extension ladder on the side of one of our trucks. Photo taken by me.

I talked about different kinds of ground ladders last week, but those aren’t the only ladders used.

Taken by me

Taken by me

Taken by me.

Taken by me.

This is an aerial truck(also referred to as a ladder truck). It has an attached ladder that can reach greater heights than just an extension ladder. There are more than one type of aerial truck, of course. There’s a turntable aerial, so named because it’s mounted on a turntable on the back of the truck. This allows it to pivot on a stable base and being a telescopic ladder, allows it greater height. The key functions of these ladders are being able to allow access to(and retreat from) a building at a greater height, providing a high-level water point for firefighting, and a platform from where ventilation and overhaul(more on that Friday) can be done.

There is also the tiller truck, which is a more specialized version of the turntable ladder. It is mounted on semi truck. But, the two parts(tractor & trailer) can’t be separated without special tools and have separate steering wheels for the front and back. It does have increased maneuverability, since both ends are steered separately, which allows it to be steered better through narrow streets.

The other type is the aerial platform, which have a bucket or basket attached to the top of the ladder. These can be used for rescues and to allow a secure place for a firefighter to operate.

There are also Quints(which I’ll talk more about next week), which combine the functions of trucks and engines.


Comments on: "A to Z: L is for Ladders" (2)

  1. Cherry-pickers!

    My father used to work for the local fire department, so I knew a few of these. A few I didn’t, at least by correct name… Thanks, Fallon.

  2. […] into one truck. As well as the different functions combined into a quad, the Quint also features an aerial ladder. There may be many reasons for going to the Quint. But, one of the main ones is staff shortages. […]

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