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It’s been a pretty productive week. Got all my writing goals done, stayed caught up with A-Z posts, my crafting, and close to it with my reading. And even got my ROW80 sponsor post submitted(and promptly started worrying I hadn’t actually expressed what I was trying to say. Like every time. *rolls eyes at self*)

Yesterday we went to a pancake breakfast, then we had to stick around town for a little bit because my husband was doing the final call over the radio for a firefighter who died earlier this week. I hardly even knew the guy, and I teared up at it. Then, we headed up to the city for the public safety expo. The boy has been looking forward to getting to see the fire trucks. He also got to sit in the front of a State Trooper’s car. We missed the K-9 demonstration this year though. And I didn’t have a near melt down due to ALL THE PEOPLE this year(It might have been close, but I coped better). The girl spent the day with grandma, and we didn’t get home until pretty late. But, it was a good day. Sticking around home today, so hoping to get ahead on my A-Z posts.

  • Stained Blood – 25000 words – This is at 25001 right now. I seem to have gotten past the block I’d had with it.
  • Flames of Restoration – 5000 words – I’m at 5265 on this. Not having any problems here.
  • Flames of Renewal – First Read Through – got this done and compiled some notes. Need to do some more research on a few points(which might also involve emails to my CP). And some things to add(typical during my 1st revisions). Hoping to have this round done by the end of the month unless I get either WiP that’s out with beta readers back.
  • By the Gun – Outline – this is all outlined & ready to write…probably next year
  • Into the Sun: Added 319 words this weekend. Still not exactly sure where it’s going, but have a couple ideas.
  • Blog – E-J posts – got all these written & posted on time. I still have to start next week’s.
  • Read – Claimed(Lindsay Buroker), Love’s Paradox(Laura Kreitzer), Captured Love(Juliana Haygert), Heirs of War(Mara Valderran), & Island of Glass(Ruth Nestvold) – I’ve enjoyed all these(and ok, loved a couple). Started Island of Glass last night and should be able to finish it today.
  • Knit – Simple Cable Scarf – Finish Cable pattern 1 & 2 – got this done.

Definitely a productive week. For next week:

  • Stained Blood – Add ~10k to this(total around 35k)
  • Flames of Restoration – Add ~10k to this(total around 15k) – yes, I’m raising the goal on this one. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Flames of Renewal – Revise through Chapter 10
  • Flames Volunteer Spin-off – Brainstorm
  • Into the Sun: Add at least 250 words to this.
  • Just Add Moonlight: a flash story for the TGNA anthology. We’ll see how this goes.
  • Blog: K-P posts
  • Read: Finish Island of Glass(Ruth Nestvold), A Hero for Holly(Kristy K James), Hard As It Gets(Laura Kaye), Catch Me When I Fall(Vicki Leigh), Rescue My Heart(Jill Shalvis), & Sunlounger 2(various authors)
  • Knit: Simple Cable Scarf – Finish Cable pattern 3 & 2(for the second time).

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Productive Week" (8)

  1. Wow, look at all those goals marked off! Good job, Fallon! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness!
    Your ability to get so much accomplished while having 2 little ones is amazing! Look forward to seeing you tackle your goals this ROW80.


    • Thanks. Both of my kids are in school most of the day, so that helps. I’m sure my production level will change when they’re home for the summer.

  3. That is a nice long list of crossed-off things. *high five from far away*
    Best wishes for the same this week!

  4. I’m always in awe of how much you read. I wish I could read even half as much as you do! As always, you killed those goals. Stay awesome!

    • Thanks. Reading may be a bit of an addiction for me. There are times I have to use it as a reward for getting everything else done b/c otherwise I’d just sit and read all day long.

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