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For everyone who celebrates, in any form, I hope you have a happy Easter. We went to the sunrise service this morning. It was a bit chilly, but not so bad. Then, headed over to McDonald’s for breakfast(it’s really about our only choice in town).

The week has gone fairly well for me. Friday was a bit of a struggle for the words. I ended up switching to pen and paper in the afternoon and was finally able to get my words in for the day. Part of the problem was the scene I was writing, I think, and part is that I have another character trying to talk to me and insist I write his story NOW! Some of you who’ve read my WiPPet Wednesday pieces may remember Nolan from Flames of Retribution. He was Mark’s best friend and often his voice of reason. I have his story all plotted out, but it wasn’t on the schedule until sometime in June. Well, he doesn’t want to wait. Maybe it’s something about these former Marine firefighters. Mark did the same thing to me. I still want to work on Stained Blood this month, but I may start working on Nolan’s story as well.

  • Stained Blood – 15000 words(already at 9000 so far) – just a little over this.
  • Stained by Ashes – finish polishing & send to CP – SENT!
  • By the Gun – finish character work – this is done too. My protagonist’s back story was actually the shortest. The antagonist’s was the longest. It’s normally the other way around for me.
  • Into the Sun – didn’t work on this at all this week. Hopefully will do better next weekend.
  • Blog: A-D posts for challenge – YES!
  • Blog: Keep up with comments – I’ve done good with this.
  • Read: Midnight Kiss, Sweet Perdition, & Deliver Me – I finished all of these. Enjoyed the first 2 stories in Midnight Kiss, not so much the others. Sweet Perdition was an interesting read, although there were a few things that bothered me. Deliver Me was a really good read, if a little disturbing.
  • Knit: Simple Cable Scarf – 6 repeats of Cable Pattern 1(16 rows are repeated 7 times before moving on to the next) – this is the only thing I didn’t get done. Only finished 3 of the repeats. Hoping I can get more of this done this week.

I was going to post my goals for the next RoW80 round today, but I think I’ll just do that in a separate post tomorrow. But, my goals for this next week:

  • Stained Blood – 25000 words
  • Flames of Restoration – 5000 words
  • Flames of Renewal – First Read Through
  • By the Gun – Outline
  • Blog – E-J posts
  • Read – Claimed(Lindsay Buroker), Love’s Paradox(Laura Kreitzer), Captured Love(Juliana Haygert), Heirs of War(Mara Valderran), & Island of Glass(Ruth Nestvold)
  • Knit – Simple Cable Scarf – Finish Cable pattern 1 & 2

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Happy Easter" (2)

  1. Wonderful progress on your books and writing! Happy Easter! Sounds like you will have a busy week ahead – all the best.

    • Thanks! It seems like most of my weeks are that way, but I seriously don’t know what to do with myself when I don’t have things to do. And the kids go back to school Tuesday, so I’ll have more time to myself to get words down.

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