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I was thinking today’s post would just be my WiPPet Snippet, then I remembered it’s the first of the month. So, that means an accounting of last month and looking forward to the next month’s goals. I’ll get to those, but first, I will have that snippet.

Today, I have 5(4+1) lines from the end of Chapter 12. Things were going really well between Meg and Callum, and then she saw something that didn’t look good and she didn’t give him the chance to explain, or rather didn’t buy his explanation.

“I haven’t done anything,” he said, his voice hoarse. “You’re punishing me for something I haven’t even done.”
“I’m not punishing you,” she insisted. “I’m protecting our daughter. Now, go.” But, she turned and rushed back to the house before she could make sure he did. It wasn’t fast enough to miss the sound of a broken sob, though. Her chest ached, and she wasn’t sure if it was that sound or the fact that she was watching everything she thought they were building suddenly swirl down the drain.
How could she have been so wrong about him?

Come and join the craziness, er, the fun! I meant the fun! Add your linky or read the others here.

And today’s the start of the A-Z blogging challenge. You can read my first post here.

Now, onto last month’s report. March was a good writing month, even if I fell behind on some other goals. I wrote over 68,000 words all month. Actually, I wrote just over 70k for the month. But, I also cut almost 1500 words from two projects. So, a net of 68k. I finished one novel, a short story, sent one MS to beta readers, one to my CP, and have another just about cleaned up and ready to send to her. And I started another novel. I’d say that’s pretty good progress for one month.


  • Flames of Recompense – finish first draft
    I actually finished this a few days early. Which meant I was able to start Stained Blood early, too.


  • The Choice – Send to Betas
  • Healing the Heart – Read through for fragments before sending to CP
  • Stained by Ashes – Finish Second round of revisions & possibly send to CP – I should have this ready to send to her by the end of the week.
  • Take Me Under – Revise
    Yes, and this has been submitted. Won’t hear anything until November, though.


  • Western Hearts – Outline
  • By the Gun – Brainstorm
    also wrote the first back story for this.


  • Listen: Snow Like Ashes – Can I start laughing now? I listened to at least 5 books in March. Snow Like Ashes, The Winner’s Crime, Water for Elephants, I’ll Give You the Sun, and Only the Good Spy Young. Also re-listened to the first two novels & novella in the Chronos series by Rysa Walker.
  • Read: 21 books – meh. Only finished 15 books this month. I think I’m going to combine my listening & reading into one goal.
  • Read: Dialogue- A Busy Writer’s Guide(Marcy Kennedy) – finished this


  • Knitting: Faux Crochet Stole, Bunny Hat, Simple Cable Scarf, & Schooner HatIMG_0491 IMG_0476
  • Crochet: Bunny Basket, Chocolate Bunny, Easter BasketIMG_0485 IMG_0505

Now my goals for next month:


  • Stained Blood – 1st draft


  • Stained by Ashes – send to CP
  • Flames of Renewal – 1st round revisions


  • By the Gun – finish outline
  • Flames spin-off: Outline


  • A-Z Challenge
  • Keep up with WiPPet/RoW80 posts
  • Row80 sponsor duties
  • Keep up with blog comments


  • Read/listen: 21 fiction books(includes short stories/novellas)
  • Read: How Do Private Eyes Do That?(Colleen Collins)


  • Knit: Simple Cable Scarf
  • Crochet: Hooded Cowl

For the first week of the month(even though the new RoW80 round hasn’t started), my goals are:

  • Stained Blood – 15000 words(already at 9000 so far)
  • Stained by Ashes – finish polishing & send to CP
  • By the Gun – finish character work
  • Blog: A-D posts for challenge
  • Blog: Keep up with comments
  • Read: Midnight Kiss, Sweet Perdition, & Deliver Me
  • Knit: Simple Cable Scarf – 6 repeats of Cable Pattern 1(16 rows are repeated 7 times before moving on to the next)

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: April Shower of Words" (13)

  1. Oh, my poor heart. This story has so many hard, hard moments in it. You are killing me, Fallon. *throws hugs at all your characters because they all need lots of hugs*

  2. kathils said:

    Oh no! What? What?!!? Hate those sobs. You’ve captured such a moment here.

  3. What a searing piece. A man sobbing is hard to take. You’ve accomplished so many goals! Love your knitted pieces. Great goals for the next round.

    • Thank you! I found this was quite an emotional story to write.

      And those are just the goals for the next month. I’ll be working on next round’s goals this weekend. 🙂

  4. You’re breaking my heart! Still hoping for a HEA. Wish my productivity was on par with yours!

    • Their story is a little heartbreaking at times. They’ll get things figured out(you an almost always guarantee you’ll get a HEA from me)

  5. It’s bad when a man breaks down in cry. Your goals are amazing. Way to go in completing so much progress.

  6. Poor Meg! I hope she’s doing the right thing! And congrats on a successful month last month!!

    • Not necessarily the right choice, but she feels it’s the only one she can make. That will change. 🙂

      And thanks!

  7. […] for those goals. I already posted my monthly goals last week. Obviously those are included in the round […]

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