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The first round of RoW80 for this year is over, but I’m still going to report on my progress for the week. Yesterday we did some shopping, after my husband had to go in and plow. Yeah, after we’ve had some 50 degree days, we got more snow. Not that much really. In fact, by the time we were in there, it was pretty much all melted. I looked for that yarn I needed for the crochet Easter basket at Michael’s. They didn’t have it either. So, looks like I won’t be making that at his time. Then, last night we went to the birthday party for a son of one of my husband’s friends from work & the fire department. It was at the local roller skating rink. For someone who has trouble staying on her feet without wheels under them, I didn’t do too bad. And the kids had fun.

I also got all of my A to Z posts set up for next month. I’m planning on drafting the ones for this next week(A-D) today. We’ll see how well that works. I’m hoping if I can get ahead, I won’t have to worry about staying caught up. I’m planning on doing my Row80(and WiPPet) posts separately from these, so that’s going to be about 8 posts a week. This month could get interesting.

Planning on staying home today. My husband has to take one of the fire trucks to another local department for a memorial thing they’re doing there, but the kids and I are staying home. My main focus today will probably be reading.

  • Flames of Recompense – 81000 words by end of round(84000 by end of the week)…or until it is finished. – Finished this on Thursday. Just a little short of 84000 words. Not sure I’m happy with the end, but I can fix it during revisions.
  • Stained by Ashes – Dialogue exercises – Should have 6/8 done by the end of the round – I got all of these finished. I probably won’t go through all of this with each MS, but I may at least do the first steps, as they do help to see where I have large chunks where it’s easy to lose track of who’s speaking.
  • By the Gun – Brainstorm(4/5 mind maps done by end of round) – got all of these finished.
  • Into the Sun(new short story) – write at least 1 page(this will be next weekend’s, so nothing by end of round) – Wrote 124 words yesterday and 330 today. So, we’re up to ~450 words. Not too bad considering I had no idea what this one would be about.
  • Beta Read – hoping for 75% by end of round, finished by end of week. I also got the latest version of my CP’s manuscript. I read it last summer, but she made a lot of changes and wants me to read through it again. And I am happy to. – I’m about 95% through the beta read. I should be able to get an email to her today. And I’m about 65% through my CP’s MS. I’ll probably be emailing her next weekend.
  • Read: Spellcaster, Death Rejoices(A.J. Aalto), Midnight Kiss(Sarra Cannon, Juliana Haygert, Alyssa Rose Ivy, & Jennifer Snyder), Sweet Perdition(Cynthia Rayne), Deliver Me(Kate Jarvik Birch), & A Hero for Holly(Kristy K James) – I enjoyed Spellcaster, but just couldn’t get into Death Rejoices. There were some parts I liked but not enough to keep me with it when I kept skimming. I’ll be starting on Midnight Kiss later this morning. I probably won’t finish all these books this month, so some will get moved to next month’s list. I’m ok with that.
  • Read: Dialogue(A Busy Writer’s Guide) – Finish – yes.
  • Knit: Bunny Hat – yes, finished this Thursday. IMG_0491
  • Crochet: Easter Basket(if I get to this, it probably won’t be before the end of the round) – like I said, can’t find the yarn for this, so wouldn’t be able to get it done in time for Easter anyway. I’m also planning on cutting down on my craft projects. But, more on that Wednesday(when I do my month goals). I have made quite a bit of progress on the Amigurumi Chocolate Bunny. I should have that finished today.

I did pretty good this week, even if I did fall quite behind on my reading. May have to set this aside when I’m doing any beta reading.

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