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Winter RoW80 Round-Up

So, the first RoW80 round of 2015 is being wrapped up. I didn’t stick to my plan at the beginning of the round, so accounting for it should be interesting. First, my progress for this week, though.

  • Flames of Recompense – 81000 words by end of round(84000 by end of the week)…or until it is finished. Sitting at 81200 words. Only 1 or 2 more scenes to write, I think.
  • Stained by Ashes – Dialogue exercises – Should have 6/8 done by the end of the round – I finished exercise 6 earlier today. Still on track with this.
  • By the Gun – Brainstorm(4/5 mind maps done by end of round) – done with this too
  • Into the Sun(new short story) – write at least 1 page(this will be next weekend’s, so nothing by end of round) – haven’t started with this. I did send Take Me Under to my CP, and I have a little more to add/change in it. So, I’ll be working on that first.
  • Beta Read – hoping for 75% by end of round, finished by end of week. I also got the latest version of my CP’s manuscript. I read it last summer, but she made a lot of changes and wants me to read through it again. And I am happy too. – I’m 72% through the beta read & 47% through my CP’s MS.
  • Read: Spellcaster, Death Rejoices(A.J. Aalto), Midnight Kiss(Sarra Cannon, Juliana Haygert, Alyssa Rose Ivy, & Jennifer Snyder), Sweet Perdition(Cynthia Rayne), Deliver Me(Kate Jarvik Birch), & A Hero for Holly(Kristy K James) – I haven’t even finished Spellcaster yet. It’s not the book, but I haven’t been giving myself much reading time. I’m almost finished listening to Only the Good Spy Young(Ally Carter). I just started it yesterday and have less than 10 minutes left. Just couldn’t bring myself to stop listening.
  • Read: Dialogue(A Busy Writer’s Guide) – Finish – Finished this earlier this morning.
  • Knit: Bunny Hat – I’m almost finished with this. I just have to put some finishing touches on it.
  • Crochet: Easter Basket(if I get to this, it probably won’t be before the end of the round) – won’t be getting to this. I wasn’t able to find the yarn I need for it last weekend.

And as for this round:


  • Flames of Restoration(Nolan’s story)
  • Denise’s Story(Gilbert, CO #5) – didn’t get to this, ended up planning a novella between this & book 4
  • Josh’s Story(Kurztown #3) – haven’t started this either, but I think there’s going to be a novella before this too.
  • South of Cimmaron(this is part of a series, but I need to come up with a series title still) – nope
  • Buried Secrets(this is actually a standalone. maybe) – Outline through at least love interest’s back story

I have also plotted: Freeing His Heart(Gilbert, CO 4.5), Brann’s Story(Flames 5.5), Western Hearts, & almost through brainstorming By the Gun. I’ve written 9605 plotting words.


  • Chasing the Ghost(Gilbert, CO #4)
  • Flames of Justice(Flames #2.5)
  • Guarding the Heart(BC Security #1) – this got shifted around when I changed my plan. It should make it into next round’s goals.
  • Stained Blood(Stained #3) – probably won’t finish 1st draft, but hoping for at least the first ~35k – I will actually be working on this during April’s Camp NaNoWriMo. But, nothing on it yet.

Despite only finished 2 of these goals, I’ve written 2 short stories in the Flames series(one of these is actually part of Nolan’s back story and takes place during Flames of Retribution), nearly finished Flames of Recompense, and wrote another short story I plan to submit. In total ~157,500 words for this round.


  • Healing the Heart(Gilbert, CO #2) – send to CP
  • Stained by Ashes(Stained #2) – 2nd revisions & send to CP – I should have this sent to my CP by the end of the month, or at least the end of next week.
  • Demons Rising(Gilbert, CO #3, but I need to change the title of this) – first read through. – haven’t even started and when I changed my plan around, this got shifted back. I likely won’t be getting to this until June.

I did also finish applying CP edits to The Choice and sent it off to a couple beta readers. I have it back from one, but still waiting to hear from the other. And I mostly just have to polish Stained by Ashes before I send it. So, still lots of progress there(though editing progress is harder to measure)


  • Listen: 3 audiobooks – listened to 8
  • Read: 61 fiction books(short stories/novellas count) – 59/61. I may still meet this by the end of the month.
  • Read: 3 craft/research books – Forensics for Writers, A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers, & Dialogue: A Busy Writer’s Guide


  • Knit: 7 projects – finished 4, almost 5IMG_0450 IMG_0453 IMG_0463 IMG_0476
  • Crochet: 7 projects – finished 5 projectsIMG_0451 IMG_0456 IMG_0465 IMG_0485IMG_0446

Despite there being more red than blue this round, I did get a lot done. But, since I changed my plan at least twice during the round, I didn’t get everything done I’d first planned. Hopefully next round I will stick closer to the plan. Now, I just have to go figure out what that is.

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  1. Still it’s a good dent by my reckoning! Good job! And there is Round 2, a fresh start….

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