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I fell behind on my goals on Monday, but I’m getting caught up now. Since this round of RoW80 ends tomorrow, I’m going to wait until then to do my final check-in and evaluation for the round.

But, today I have 28 sentences(3+25) from Flames of Recompense. This takes place a little more than a week after the last snippet. They’ve just spent the day at Callum’s grandparents’ for Memorial Day.

“You’re more intoxicating than anything I’ve ever tasted,” he said against her lips. One hand moved up her back until his fingers danced at the ends of her hair. “This used to be longer.”
“It’s easier to fit under the helmet with it short.” She took a step back, as if them talking had splashed cold water on her.
Callum grinned at her, though. “You broke your own rule,” he said. “You kissed me.”
“Kaelin is sleeping. She won’t see anyway.”
He kept his hand at the back of her neck, his fingers playing in her hair. “Would it be so terrible?”
It might be dark outside, but just from the porch light, he could see the wariness in her eyes. “I don’t want her to get her hopes up. She really likes you, but I don’t want her to start thinking that just because we’re spending time together, it means anything.”
He was sure that, again, she didn’t mean for the words to hurt him. But, they felt like knives, digging right into his chest. “Does it?” he asked. “Mean anything?”
Her eyes were sad, but still guarded as she looked up at him. “It can’t,” she said, her voice sounding strained. “I can’t be your weakness this time, Cal. I won’t be your drug.”
His heart plummeted. It hadn’t just been them speaking that had broken the spell, but the words he’d said. Damn it. Was he destined to screw everything up? “Meg, please.”

Head over here to see the other snippets(just watch out for the flying monkeys). Or feel free to add your own.

I should have the first draft of this finished tomorrow(maybe Friday), and I’ll be starting a new WiP next week. But, I’ll probably continue to share from this one, at least for a little while longer.


Comments on: "WiPPet Wednesday: Intoxicating" (15)

  1. Poor Callum, it seems like he’s really trying too, and just when everything was going well… For all their sakes I really, really want it to go so well for them. 😦 I’m getting far too attached to your characters!

    • Oh, he is trying, but she isn’t quite ready to trust him, which frustrates him, and on and on. I will say, I always write a happy ending, if that makes you feel better. I’m glad you’re getting attached to them.

  2. Aw, poor Callum. He’s trying, but he seems to have a knack for saying the wrong thing. Poor Meg, too. They need to figure out how to communicate, it seems.

  3. Meg’s hypersensitive, and Callum doesn’t think through what he’s saying…not a huge problem to overcome, if they become aware of it…

    And I would think Callum can find ways to prove to Meg that he’s changed…as I’m hoping that he has!

    I’m waiting till tomorrow to do my ROW80 update, too.

    • yeah, she’s a bit sensitive, but there’s a lot in her past that’s made her that way. He’s definitely going to work on proving he’s changed to her. Even if he gets a bit frustrated that it feels like he’s always trying to prove himself.


      • I like Callum. I know he’s made some huge mistakes, but now they can only go forward…I hope Megan can see the good in him, even past their raw and wounded places.

  4. Awww. Just… awww. 😦 So sad. For both of them.

  5. Poor Callum. He is trying – but will she let him prove himself? Great snippet.

  6. GUT TWIST. Wah! Love this tension, but WAH. Poor them!

  7. Well, that’s just a kick in the …. Poor Callum indeed. Hope things start looking up for him – I kind of like the guy.

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