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Not too much to say as a lead-in today. I’ve been busy putting words down on Flames of Recompense and reading through Stained by Ashes(which has made me really want to start on the next book – which is on the schedule for once I finish Recompense).

So, getting right into it. Today, for my WiPPet, I have 9 paragraphs(1+8 for the day) just a few lines down from where I left off last week.

Megan nodded and followed Teresa to the room, Callum right behind her. Once the door was closed, Megan shoved him. He winced when his shoulder struck the wall. “Are you stupid, blind, or fucked up, Cal? You looked at her. You fucking saw her. Do you think I went out and found someone new?”
“How am I supposed to know?” he asked, but he shoved his hands in his pockets and turned to the windows. “You sent me that letter, and I never heard from you again.”
Then, he heard her growl and was sure her hands were buried in her curls. It’s what she always did when she got frustrated. “You are stupid, aren’t you? Will you look at me, Cal?”
“Why?” But, he did turn back around.
“Because you could always tell when I was lying.” When he looked up to her face, she said, “I sent you that letter when I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified, and I didn’t stop crying the whole time I wrote it. I didn’t want to wipe you out of my memory, and there’s no way I could. Not after the first time I looked into her eyes. I didn’t want our daughter to grow up with a father who was in prison, who would choose drugs over us.”
“Our daughter.” The words were barely more than a whisper. “She’s mine?” he asked, searching her face for any sign of deceit.
“Didn’t you look at her eyes, Cal? Who else’s could she be?”
He dropped into a chair, his hand running over his head. “I have a daughter,” he said. Then, he looked up at her. “I have a daughter?” This time it came out as more than a question.
She nodded. “Yes, Cal. I didn’t…I knew you’d gotten out. I didn’t know you…” She blew out a breath. “I didn’t know you were clean, or that you were doing all of this. That you were making yourself better. I didn’t even know you lived here.”

Don’t forget to add your own snippet related to the date or read the others over here. Just watch out for the flying monkeys.

Now for the ROW80 update:

  • Flames of Recompense – get to 69000 words – I’m sitting at 61606 right now. About halfway to today’s goal. On track to meet this one.
  • Stained by Ashes – Fragment Fix round – Halfway through the read through for this. On track for this one.
  • Western Hearts – Finish plotting – I have the plot summary and signpost scenes finished. On track here too.
  • Take Me Under – Revise – not yet
  • Read: Dare to Surrender(Carly Phillips), Back to You(Jessica Scott), Anna and the French Kiss(Stephanie Perkins), Hope for Her(Sydney Aaliyah Michelle), and Spellcaster(Claudia Gray) – I enjoyed Dare to Surrender & loved Back to You. Just started Anna and the French Kiss last night. Almost 25% into it now. Liking it so far.
  • Read: Dialogue(A Busy Writer’s Guide) – 75% – falling a little behind on this, but hoping to get caught up.
  • Crochet – Amigurumi Bunny Basket – started this on Sunday, but haven’t made much progress since then. Need to get caught up on this too.
  • Knit: Bunny Hat – will start this when the bunny basket is done.

Also, I have a beta read to do. I exchanged with someone who read The Choice for me. I just sent that to her last week and she had it back to me by Monday. It’s still out with another reader, so I’ll be waiting on hearing back from her before I start edits on it, though.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Revelations & Reactions" (28)

  1. Oh wow! There’s a lot to work out here. Poor Cal. I love the way you handle him working through the different variations and emotions that go along with those four words: I have a daughter.

  2. Wow, that’s intense.

  3. Gah! Emotions!!! I’m reeling. I got the daughter thing last snippet, but GAH! I hadn’t picked up on the drugs and jail bit. And now Megan’s decided to let him into their daughter’s life maybe? Ooooh, the pressure is on!

    • I’d slightly hinted at it in the other snippets, but this is the first one I’ve shared they actually came out and said it. And yes, she’s letting him in…with some conditions.

  4. Intense! I can understand where they’re both coming from. There’s a lot of emotions for them to sort through.

  5. Very emotional scene, Fallon, great job! These two have a lot to get through.

  6. I feel so much for them both right there, with each of their own problems to work out and so much awkward history… and then their little girl in the middle. I’m so glad Megan felt she could finally tell him though. Augh, I’m getting so invested in their story already!

  7. I might say this every time I leave a comment, but it amazes me how much you get done. Your 9 paragraphs are entirely too short for my liking. I really want to know what happens next. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hoping friend.

  8. Love the intensity in this bit. So much to absorb or Callum; so much risk for Megan and their daughter if things don’t go well….and so much time to make up for all of them.

    This is a powerful and evocative excerpt.

    Great ROW80 progress, too – and I can’t wait to see the cute bunny stuff! =D

  9. *sneaks over to read last week’s snippet* Oh. I loved this week’s snippet more having had read last week’s first. That was a great set-up and the emotional tension was handled really well. Great work.

  10. A very intense scene indeed! Loved the dialogue and tension between the two and how Cal responds to news of his daughter. Great work on your goals!

  11. Boy, do they have some talking to do! Loved how this snippet showed off the tension, shock, surprise, and a touch of regret.

  12. Yes, very intense. I had to read it a second time because I just couldn’t believe it. She just drop the bombshell on him. And his reactions afterwards priceless! You definitely established that reaction of a serious secret being release.

  13. Wow. Quite an intense snippet.

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