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Writing Wednesday: Warming Up

It was in the 30s here on Sunday. Then, Monday and Tuesday it dropped back down into negatives. By last night, it was up to about 20. I’ve looked at the next week’s forecast, and it looks like it’s going to be staying around there and even warmer over the weekend and into next week. Looking forward to this, even though it will mean all the snow and ice on the roof of the house and garage is going to start sliding down onto the sidewalk/porch. So, we’ll have to find someplace to put it among all the other snow.

The weather isn’t the only thing warming up. Words have been flowing this week. My goal has been to write at least 3k a day on Flames of Recompense. I’ve been able to get this done in a little over 2 hours each day. Most days I’ve had my writing/editing/plotting goals all done by lunch time. Along with most of the chores for the day. So, I’d say things are going well. Today may take a bit longer as I spent a good part of the morning getting dinner ready to put in the crock pot.

I believe I shared a snippet a while ago of Flames of Redemption that had Callum in it. He was only in a couple scenes in that one, and his and Adrian’s brotherly relationship was rather strained. I like seeing how that’s evolving as this series goes on. For today, I have 17 paragraphs(2+2+5+2+0+1+5) from the first scene.

“You’d said you wanted to see me this morning, Cal. What can I do for you?”
Stop looking at me like you think I’ve screwed up again. He didn’t voice the words, though. David hadn’t had to hire him more than a year ago. Most wouldn’t have with his record. But, he’d given Callum a chance. He wouldn’t take that for granted. “I had some drawings I wanted to show you.”
“Did you show them to Raymond?”
Callum’s gut twisted at the mention of his manager. The man sneered more than talked to him. He didn’t trust Raymond to make sure they got to David. He didn’t think anyone here knew much about his past, but they did know his relationship with David. Most probably thought it’s why he’d gotten this job.
They wouldn’t be completely wrong.
David sighed and pinched his thumb and index finger over the bridge of his nose. “I can’t show you preferential treatment, Cal. You know that. You have to go through the chain of command. And I’m not the head of design.”
“I’m not asking for any kind of treatment. Just for you to look at them. You’re the head of everything. That means you have the final word, right?”
David blew out a breath. “Yes, the final say over what Raymond sends me. He didn’t send me these.”
“Has he sent you anything of mine?” The words came out before Callum realized he was going to ask the question. He’d had his suspicions for a couple weeks though.
David froze in massaging the space between his eyes. Then, he dropped his hand and narrowed his eyes. “He hasn’t. I figured you were still settling in, figuring out the ropes here. That you weren’t producing much yet.”
“I’ve given him at least a dozen drawings, Dave. He hates me. I don’t know why, but he hates me.”
“I’m sure there’s more to it than that,” David insisted. “Still, I’ve seen what you can do. I figured I’d get at least one of yours.” He sighed. “Leave them here, and I’ll take a look.”
“Thank you. I really appreciate you giving me this chance, and I don’t want to take advantage-”
David waved his words away. “I gave you this chance because I saw that you’re a good artist. Being my brother-in-law is secondary to that.”
“Still, with my record,-”
“Enough, Cal,” David snapped, and Callum jerked back in his chair.
“I’m sorry,” he murmured, not sure why it had upset the other man so much. He was just trying to show how grateful he was.

It’s been a pretty good week for me so far.

  • Flames of Recompense – add 15k words – I’m at 7593 right now. On track to meet this.
  • The Choice – Fix fragments & polish. Send to beta readers if I can finish this & get them lined up. – I got the fragments fixed. working through my list of words to search out now.
  • Buried Secrets – Outline – I’ve got the plot summary written & the list of signpost scenes done. Just need to fill out the beat sheet & summarize chapters & scenes. On track with this too.
  • Take Me Under(short story) – finish first draft – haven’t worked on this since Sunday. Won’t until this weekend.
  • Read: Queen of the Tearling, The Vampire Exclusive(Julie Glover), & Marine for Hire(Tawna Fenske) – finished all of these. Enjoyed them. Now starting Nights with Him(Lauren Blakely)
  • Read: Writing Fight Scenes – I’m 70% through this.
  • Knit: Faux Crochet Stole – Finish – I’m on pattern repeat 20/32. A little behind on this but not too much. Still hoping to finish it this weekend.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Warming Up" (18)

  1. I can not tell you why this resonates with me so much, but on a certain level, it does.

    Anyway, I feel for both of them. The workplace dynamic can not be easy on either. I imagine that David’s just-now discovery of his manager’s treatment toward one of his employees is not making the day any better. I can feel both his frustration and the sting it causes Callum at the end there.

  2. Nice! The tension reads well and pulls you in to want more.

    Also, I wanted to let you know I borrowed the 30 Song Titles Challenge (it’s what I am currently calling it). Do you know where it came from. And thank you!! 🙂

  3. Feeling this one. >.< Great tension. You've done a good job representing a difficult situation. Invisible lines are so hard to deal with. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

  4. Work place dynamics are extremely hard and I think you’ve captured the tension here well, especially for two characters who obviously have history.

  5. Congratulations on your word count! Those are some downright awesome numbers. 🙂

    Poor Callum. I know how he feels about his manager, and the sting he feels when David snaps at him just makes me feel even worse for him… It’s so well written though, you’ve described the scene so perfectly.

    • Thanks! I’m a pretty fast drafter.

      yeah, the manager is an ass, but David is stressed about some other things, which led to his snapping, too. Thank you.

  6. Nice tension and dialogue between the two of them! Great productivity as well!

  7. Wow, great progress, Fallon! I’m envious. 🙂

    Very good scene. I really like the dynamics between these two.

  8. kathils said:

    I have to admit, this took me a bit to get into. Don’t know why. The first couple paragraphs scrambled my brain. We’ll blame lack of coffee or perhaps the way my browser formatted it. Anywho, once past that, you’ve built some nice tension between these two. I like the way he’s trying not to take advantage of their relationship, yet let David know something really isn’t right in how he’s being treated.

  9. You are a writing machine – I’d love to get 3K per day! Really feeling the tension in this snippet.

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