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I know it’s only been half a week, but falling back to my normal way of doing things seems to be working for me. I guess I’m just not one of those people who can focus on one project at a time. Besides the other projects I’m working on, I started a short story yesterday morning. A while ago, I did this exercise where I went through my playlist and randomly chose 30 song titles. The exercise is meant to be used for chapter titles for a WiP. I decided to use it for short stories. I’m only going to work on these on the weekends, though, since I don’t usually work on my main projects then anyway. I’ve got a little more than 1k on this one so far.

Thursday was a 2 hour delay day, and school was cancelled Friday. It was -15(F) out even before the wind. I only went outside to take our garbage can to the end of the driveway, and I’m really glad we didn’t have to wait for the bus. It’s warmer this weekend, but we’re getting more snow. At this point, I’m ready for winter to be over.

It’s been a good week. Wrote almost 14k this week. I’m at twice that for the month.

  • Flames of Recompense – get at least 9000 words – 9023 words. This is coming along pretty well.
  • The Choice – finish fragment read through – got this done too. Of course, I still have to go through and fix everything I highlighted.
  • Buried Secrets – finish back stories – got these done too. Almost 1500 words in plotting.
  • Read: Maybe Someday & Finding It – finished both of these and really enjoyed them. Also read Falling into Forever(Elena Aitken) and started Queen of the Tearling(Erika Johansen) yesterday. I’m 40% through it now.
  • Read: Writing Fight Scenes – 50% – got to this point. There’s been a lot more about sword fighting than anything else, which I don’t have much of in my stories. still some useful information.
  • Knit: Faux Crochet Stole – halfway done with pattern repeats – just about there. I have 2 more pattern repeats to do, which I hope to finish today.

Like I said, it’s been a good week. For next week:

  • Flames of Recompense – add 15k words
  • The Choice – Fix fragments & polish. Send to beta readers if I can finish this & get them lined up.
  • Buried Secrets – Outline
  • Take Me Under(short story) – finish first draft
  • Read: Queen of the Tearling, The Vampire Exclusive(Julie Glover), & Marine for Hire(Tawna Fenske)
  • Read: Writing Fight Scenes
  • Knit: Faux Crochet Stole – Finish


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Staying On Course" (15)

  1. Wow, you really got a lot done, congratulations! And using song titles as chapter or story titles – that’s a brilliant idea! The possibilities are endless! I hope it gets warmer again soon, that’s pretty damn cold weather you’ve got there!

    • Thanks! Yeah, it was actually above freezing yesterday. Today it’s supposed to fall below zero again. This weather is killing me.

  2. Oh wow, 14k that’s amazing. You’ve done more than me when it comes to writing. Its not that cold here, although the snow started to come down again. Yeah, I’m ready for winter to be over too.

  3. You had an excellent week.

    I think everyone’s ready for this cold weather to be over. I moved south to get away from this. Thank heaven we had no snow.

  4. Congrats on meeting most of your goals and you are quite an inspiration for other writers to get things done.

    Sorry about all the cold, but it was nice enough here to go to the beach and let the kids play in the water. I totally understand the desire to be snow birds.

    • Thanks

      It was nice enough yesterday that the kids played outside for more than an hour. Then, their gloves got soaked through and it was “so cold we can barely play.”

  5. This is my first ROW80 comment from my phone. So happy to be in OR, and missing a bit of the winter.

    Great progress!

  6. That sounds like a neat idea, using song titles to write short stories. Might have to try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Congrats on a good week! 🙂

    • yeah, this is the first one I’m trying to write from the list, so we’ll see how it goes. Just a little something to play with on the side.


  7. The weather hasn’t been doing us any favors. You manage so much even with the bumps. Keep being awesome! 🙂

    • It’s another 2 hour delay today. I’m so ready for it to be warmer. I’d almost take snow over these below zero temps right now.

      • Mine are off (six day weekend) and I agree. With snow falling at least I can still send them out to do chores or shovel and burn energy. This weather has been crazy!

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