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Fitness Friday

It’s been two weeks since I started my new goals for getting in shape/losing weight. This is my first time updating since then. I wasn’t really expecting a lot of progress.

What I’ve Done:

  • Water: I’ve been drinking at least one bottle a day. Trying for 2 or more. I haven’t had any pop during the week, although I do let myself have it over the weekend.
  • Workout: Haven’t done too good with this, other than a few times shoveling. Still need to work on it.
  • Snacks: Pretty good here. I haven’t been snacking much during the day. Most nights I’ve had a bag of popcorn, but that’s the most of it.

My starting numbers:

Beginning weight: 174

Last check-in weight: 173.6

Today’s weight: 171.8

Weekly loss/gain: -1.8(for 2 weeks)

Total loss/gain -2.2

Better than what I figured it would be. Hopefully I’ll keep going the right way.

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  1. Your starting weight is the weight I just got to yesterday. (I’ve come a long way and have a long way to go myself.) I hope things keep going well for you. It is an investment into our lives the time we take to exercise. 🙂

    • my ideal/maintainable weight is 150-155. I’ve been able to get below that, but I can never stay there. I’m looking forward to when it warms up, so I can get back to walking outside. I find the treadmill too boring after getting used to actual walks last summer. I need to find something else in the meantime though.

      • Oh, hey, we have the same goal! 🙂 154.9 is my healthy weight, but I’d like a bit of a cushion, so I’m going for 150.

        I’m actually on my way down to my treadmill. I abuse/use YouTube one my phone for vigorous workouts. For lighter ones I play Japanese language CDs (and talk back to them). Though, I too am looking forward to there being warmer weather and going out with the dogs.

  2. You’re doing great. I’m also on that journey, I exercise daily, junks still tempt me every now and then. I lose about that much in a week. I’ll be supporting and following your progress 😊

    • Thanks. Motivating myself to exercise seems to be the hardest thing. The cold doesn’t help, but it’s something I need to work on.

      • It is really hard! I still struggle with it. There are days that I convince myself that I’m too tried when I’m actually not. I started off what you’ve done and worked my way from there. 🙂

  3. Great job! One day at a time and soon it will become second nature.

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