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Remember 10 days ago, when I said I was going to try to focus on only one project at a time? *commence laughing now*. I didn’t even last a full two weeks on that plan. I’ve already fallen back to my usual way of doing things, working on something in each stage of production(plotting, drafting, editing). Apparently this is just my way of working since it seems to be what I always come back to. I’m not quite sure why I fight so hard against it. So, yesterday I went through and reworked my calendar again, and shifted the next Flames novel to the top of my list. Part of that is because I was listening to the new Imagine Dragons album yesterday and a good half of the songs on it fit Callum’s story almost perfectly. So, it had me thinking about it and having a very strong urge to start working on it RIGHT NOW. I don’t often get that feeling about a story, although I did with Flames of Retribution, too.

Also, when I was reading through The Choice for fragments(an issue my CP is always pointing out to me), one of the conversations between two of the characters in one of the past scenes, gave me an idea spark for a YA spin-off. I don’t know if anything will come of it(sometimes those sparks die out without catching on anything), but I added it to my “to plot” list. If I do write it, it will surround these 3 girls when they’re 15-16(since one of them leaves when they’re 16, it can’t be later than that). One of those girls would be Cassie, who you know from the Scars and All snippets I’ve posted.

Speaking of which, since it’s Wednesday, it’s time for another of those snippets. This will be the last one from Scars, and after last week’s, I’d like to make this one a bit more light-hearted. I have 18 sentences that happen when Cassie & Doren are back at his place after leaving the hospital.

She felt heat rush to that skin, but he was already leaning over her again. She lifted her hand and brushed it over his ribs, where the tail of the dragon twisted toward his stomach. “Whoever did this did good work,” she said, tracing it.
“I designed it.” His voice sounded rough now. “I took the drawing in with me when I went to get it done. The same with all the others.”
Her gaze came back to his face. “You drew all of them?”
He nodded. “It’s what I was going to college for. Well, not tattoo artistry, but I was an art major.”
Her hand froze on his ribs. “You were? I didn’t know you-”
He rested his knees on the edge of the bed and put his hands on his legs. “What did you think I went to college for? Football?”

This week has been going well, despite changing my plan again. I finished Flirting with Flames this morning. And i did jump into Flames of Recompense. I’ve finished almost two scenes so far. Not sure I like the first scene, might need to start earlier, or maybe later. But, I’ll probably leave that for revisions(it’s hard for me to see the whole picture before it’s all there, so I resist editing before it’s completely drafted).

  • The Choice: Hoping to at least finish those last couple of added scenes & organize the β€˜past’ timeline. If I can, do my search & destroy mission for all my crutch words/phrases – I got the scenes finished & the timelines reorganized. I cut about 6 scenes from the past timeline. And I started a read through for fragments.
  • Flirting with Flames(that bonus short story) – finish drafting this – this is done. It’s just over 9900 words. A little long for a short story, but oh well.
  • Read: The Duchess War(Courtney Milan), Halfway to Nowhere(Steena Holmes & Elena Aitken), Easy(Tammara Webber), Maybe Someday(Colleen Hoover), & Finding It(Cora Carmack) – Really loved The Duchess War. Can’t wait to read the next book. Halfway to Nowhere was good. I liked all the different connections to characters. And I loved Easy. I’m about halfway through Maybe Someday.
  • Read: Writing Fight Scenes(Rayne Hall) – I’m about 20% through this. hoping to get halfway by the end of this week.
  • Knit: Faux Crochet Stole -making some progress on this.

I don’t usually list new goals in the middle of the week, but since I’m changing my plan, that’s what I’m doing here.

  • Flames of Recompense – get at least 9000 words
  • The Choice – finish fragment read through
  • Buried Secrets – finish back stories
  • Read: Maybe Someday & Finding It
  • Read: Writing Fight Scenes – 50%
  • Knit: Faux Crochet Stole – halfway done with pattern repeats

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Starting New" (20)

  1. I say don’t fight your system if it’s working for you. πŸ™‚

    I’d love to see that tattoo.

    • I always think I can find a better way, but since I keep coming back to this, I’m thinking it’s the right way for me.


  2. It’s good to try out new things, new systems, all of that. But it’s also good to know when the old one is a better fit and get back to it instead of trying to hang on for dear life to the new thing. (I do this all the time!) Sounds like you’re making great progress.

  3. Sometimes you have to go with what works for you!

    Cute snippet!! πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, that was a little bit on the steamy side! I’d love to see Doren’s tattoos. That dragon one sounds amazing.

  5. Great snippet! And I think it’s important that we find the writing process that works for us as individuals–and if that means plotting, drafting, and editing multiple projects at the same time, I say embrace it. I believe we work best when we’re true to our own processes.

    Happy writing, Fallon!

  6. whatever system works for you – there is no set way:) all the best for coming week

  7. If that’s what works for you, then go for it! I’m a little jealous, personally, because it sounds a great way to work: everything’s getting attention rather than just one project at a time. It sounds incredibly productive.

    I love the snippet so much, particularly that Cassie and Doren get a little down-time after the previous one and that she can finally indulge in a little tattoo-exploring… It may have gotten a little warm in here…

    Art major, eh? I want to find out even more about Doren now!

    • sometimes I feel a little too spread out doing it this way, but for the most part it’s the way I work best.

      Thank you πŸ˜€ And yeah, there are a few things about Doren that surprised people who only thought of him as another football player. πŸ™‚

  8. Try new techniques and see what works for you – that’s what I’m struggling with right now myself. The tattoos sound awesome.

  9. Okay, first, I have to agree – Imagine Dragons have some GREAT character songs. Love them. Second – YUM. I love the imagery in this snippet πŸ˜‰

  10. He is so cool. I want to touch his dragon tail… um…

    Yeah, don’t fight the process. I tried that once, too. Made me miserable. Whatever works, that’s what we have to stick with.

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