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A while ago, I had started doing Fitness Friday posts as a way to keep myself accountable with getting in shape(and yes, losing weight). I stopped, mostly because I got frustrated with little progress. And the weight kept creeping back up. I’m not happy with that. I don’t want to be “thin”. I don’t think I could ever be thin. But, I would like to be more in the healthy range. As it is, I’m at the high end of normal(maybe just over into overweight). So, I’m trying to make some changes. They may be small ones, but I’m hoping for it to be a step in the right direction. I probably won’t post updates weekly, but I’m hoping for at least once a month.

My changes:

  • Cut back on pop(soda, whatever you call it. Here in NW PA it’s pop). I’m not going to cut it out completely, but at home, during the week, I’m trying to stick to water(and coffee in the morning when I’m writing).
  • Attempt to work out 5 days a week. This might be shoveling snow, or yoga, or some other workout. And once it gets nice out again, I’ll include going for a walk in this. As long as I’m getting up and doing something.
  • Limit snacks. Not going to cut out snacking completely. But I don’t need to be snacking all day. And I need to try to get some healthier snacks.

Not a lot of changes, but I’m hoping they’ll help. And, like I said above, I’m planning on checking in here at least once a month. I weighed myself at the beginning of this week and again today. Going forward, I don’t plan to step on the scale more than once a week(I tend to obsess if I don’t restrict myself to that).

My goal is to drop about 25 pounds by the end of the summer.

My starting numbers:

Beginning weight: 174(on Monday)

Today’s weight: 173.6

Weekly loss/gain: -.4

Total loss/gain -.4


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