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So, my streak of being ahead continues. The kids didn’t have school on Monday. We probably got a foot of snow(maybe more. I’m a terrible judge of that) Sunday night/Monday morning. The school actually put out the 2 hr delay Sunday night, and about an hour before the bus would come, we got the call that school was closed. The girl has been introduced to the raz-kids site at school, where they can read books & take quizzes on them and build robots(I think there are some games they can play as they read more)so she spent some of the day(and the past weekend) on my computer reading some of the books. At least I had my back stories to write(which I do by hand), so it didn’t interrupt my productivity too much. My CP had said she’d planned to get The Choice back to me by Sunday. Still not here, so I’m started my revisions on Stained by Ashes instead. Once I get that from her, I’ll set this aside to work on The Choice.

Before I get to my progress, I have another snippet from Scars and All. Easy math for this one. I have 4 paragraphs. Doren and Cassie had gone back to his place but got interrupted by his brother showing up and saying their other brother was on the way to the hospital. He still doesn’t know exactly what happened though.

His father spun on him. “Like you don’t know. If it wasn’t for you, he never would have gotten into racing.”
The words shocked him. His brother didn’t race. He helped him with the car, but he never got behind the wheel. His mother stepped up to them. “Joel, that’s enough,” her voice was soft, but it nearly broke. “Doren didn’t make him do this.”
“Do what?” Doren asked, but his voice sounded weak.
“Like you don’t know,” his father said again. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know he’s been racing on the streets. God, you’ve probably been encouraging it. Anything for a thrill, right, Doren?”

Doren and his father really need to have that talk soon(and they will). You can head over here to read others’ contributions. Or feel free to share your own snippet.

Anyway, I’m way ahead for this week. I’m typing this on Tuesday just past noon if that tells you anything.

  • The Choice: compile CP’s notes & work through Chapter 11 – haven’t started this, but I have gotten through the first 3 chapters of Stained by Ashes
  • Brann’s Story: Back stories – I have these finished.
  • Read: Anything but Sweet(Candis Terry), All Good Deeds(Stacy Green), Come Monday(Mari Carr), Four Wishes(Christine Nolfi), & Unethical(Jennifer Blackwood) – I read Anything But Sweet on Sunday & loved it. I’m 66% through All Good Deeds now. Enjoying it.
  • Read: A Lawyer’s Primer for Writers – Chapter 11 – I’m through Chapter 8.
  • Knit: Baby Doll Dress – finished this on Sunday. IMG_0453
  • Crochet: Love is Cold Ear Warmer – making progress on this. About 1/3 finished.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Ahead of Myself" (29)

  1. OUCH. Yeah. Man, nothing like a heaping pile of blame tinted with guilt and misunderstanding. Nicely portrayed. Hope that chat happens. Eventually. After wringing all the emotions ever out, of course.

  2. Nice snippet, and AWW, THAT DRESS!!!

  3. Oh, man. Yeah, they do need to talk. I’ll bet that little gem shocked Doren. Great tension here.

  4. I agree with Amy, the tension in that scene was fantastic. 🙂

  5. Lots of conflict in that snippet. And the dress looks really cute!

  6. Not at all a fan of Doren’s father. That level of mistrust and assumption…not cool. If I was Doren, I’d find it hard to open up to him.

    Lovely, lovely progress. I feel that I’ve been wandering a bit in the early part of this month. I always seem to need a week or two to settle…

    Enjoy the being ahead-ness! =D

    • His father’s scared right now and remembering when Doren was hurt…the last time he’d been that scared. But, yeah, the words are uncalled for, and there will be a few more from both of them before they work it out.

      Thanks. I actually reworked my schedule yesterday, since I can’t seem to settle on one way of working on things. We’ll see how long I stick with this one. 🙂

      • Maybe you just need frequent shifts to keep you fresh?

        I understand scared – but there’s something in the way Doren’s faher acts that speaks of dysfunction. I’ll have to admit, though, that he reminds me uncomfortably of my own father, so I may be projecting a bit….

        It’s always interesting when someone lets their emotions about a past event cheat them out of time with someone now. it seems like that’s happened here, and its a sad state of affairs.

        I hope Doren tells his father that!

  7. So I have this strong urge to put my fist in Doren’s father’s face. Or my foot in his groin. Possibly both. Poor Doren. I want to hold his hand and tell his father to go pound sand.

  8. Conflict and accusations – bet Doren’s wishing he was back in that ice cream parlor right about now.

  9. Aw. All they wanted was a little tattoo exploration and they got family drama instead… Poor Doren, getting blamed when it seems pretty obvious he’s completely clueless about the whole thing.

  10. Oooo, the tension!! Nice!! 🙂

    Have quite the pile o’ snow here in Corning as well as most school cancelled Monday. It was warmer yesterday, and now back to bitter cold today.

  11. That was indeed quite a storm on Monday. They canceled school here on Sunday night. Trash wasn’t able to run and has been off a day all week. I just wish it would get warm enough to melt some before any more falls!

    The dress looks beautiful Can’t wait to see your ear warmer! Keep up the great work on your goals.

  12. Ooohhh, rough scene! I feel bad for Doren for getting verbally attacked like that!

  13. My daughter just started with raz-kids too 🙂 I loved the tension in this piece that is often so typical of how a hurting parent looks to blame their children. I can just imagine how this will go… Nice work. 🙂

  14. Why is the mother always the mediator? That’s real conflict between Daren and his father, with lots of emotion and a confrontation needed for both of them to learn from their fear. Sad but necessary. Kudos on your progress, though. Ahead? I wish! All the best in getting those comments back. Amazing progress in spite of weather, kids, and shifts in schedule.

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