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I mentioned in my ROW80 check-in on Wednesday that the girl brought home her report card Tuesday. I said a few things about it, then, but I figured I could go into more detail today.

Our school only really score three things(at least for 1st grade): Word Study, Math, & Reading. These are scored as either Advanced(95-100%), Proficient(75-94%), Basic(50-74%) or Below Basic(0-49%). For the second quarter, she scored 97, 95, and 96. So, all advanced. The other subjects(writer’s workshop & “specials” – like gym, art, etc…) are either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Satisfactory is just put in for the report card as 70%. I’m sure if writer’s workshop was scored on the other scale, she’d be close to 100%. Her teacher is always impressed with the things she writes.

Something new they sent home this quarter was the Lifetime Learner Characteristics. There are 6 different areas, all either scored: Consistently(C), Most Often(M), Sometimes(S), or Rarely(R). The girl scored a C in: Uses Time Wisely(a little surprising since she tends to work slow), Works Independently(not surprised by this), Produces Legible Work, Completes Homework, & Demonstrates Respect for People and Property. She scored M in Listens and Follows Directions. And the comment from the teacher: “is such a bright little girl. She is an excellent reader and speller.”

For the middle of the year DIBELS testing, they only did three tests: Nonsense Word Fluency(NWF), Oral Reading Fluency(ORF), & Whole Words Read(WWR). For each of these, they have 1 minute to go through as many words as they can. The goal for NWF was 43, she scored 123. The ORF goal was 23, and she scored 155. And for WWR, they wanted an 8, she scored 43. In fact, she’s already outscored the end of the year goals as well. So, obviously, school is going well for her.

Then, this made me laugh when I walked into the girl’s room the other day:

Castle Guardians

Castle Guardians

I asked her why her brother’s dinosaurs were with her castle, and she told me, very matter-of-fact, that they were guarding it. Well, okay, then. I love the things she comes up. And he usually goes along with it.

IMG_0448It’s kind of dark, but I’m not so sure the princess shoes will do much good for putting out a fire. But, they match at least πŸ˜‰

Comments on: "Family Friday: Report Cards & Castle Guardians" (2)

  1. Your girl sounds smart and hard working. And your son’s shoes are awesome. You’re doing a great job with your little people. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, she is! I guess the thing with having an older sister is that he often plays dress-up. There have been more than one time when he comes out in a princess dress.

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