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Sunday Summary: Snowy Days

This week was a study in me being flexible with my routine. As I said Wednesday, the girl had a 2 hour delay from school and busing for boy’s preschool was cancelled. My husband was up in the city plowing and I didn’t have another way to get him there. So, he got to stay home. The same thing happened Thursday. Friday morning, the school called about 5:30 for the 2 hour delay. Again, no transportation for the boy. The girl and I head outside about 9:05 to wait for her bus. Just starting down the driveway, and my phone rings. It’s the school. Cancelled. Due to “cold temperatures and forecasted inclement weather” It was the warmest of the last 3 days. But, we headed back into the house.

Despite all that, I did add over 21,500 words for the week. I decided not to work strictly on a time goal. Instead I have a certain scene I want to get through each day. So, I’m either going to get to that scene or work for 4 hours. I am sticking with the 1 hour for plotting though.

Chasing the Ghost – Write 4 hours/day – Didn’t get 4 hours every day. I did write over 20,500 words though.

  • Flames of Restoration – Brainstorming & start on back stories I have 2 of the back stories finished, only one of them typed up, which is the other ~1000 words for this week. That will change when I get the other one typed up. I actually have 3 more I want to write.
  • Read: Against the Wind(Kat Martin), Shadow Spell(Nora Roberts), One, Two, Three(Elodie Nowodazkij), His Obsession Next Door(Cathryn Fox), All Lined Up(Cora Carmack), & Bound(Kate Sparkes) – Finished Shadow Spell and really liked it. Didn’t really connect with the characters in One, Two, Three but the story wasn’t bad. I did find myself skimming some of it though. His Obsession Next Door was good, and a pretty quick read. Bound was excellent. I’m about 50% through All Lined Up and am enjoying it. I should have it finished this weekend.
  • Read: Forensics for Writers – through Chapter 6 – I got through Chapter 6
  • Crochet: Sleigh Bell Scarf – I have 8of the snowflake motifs finished for this. Only have 1 more and I’ve run out of the yarn I was using. I have the same yarn in 2 other colors, so I might use one of them. It’s a variegated yarn, so hoping it won’t be too noticeable.
  • Added: Submit RoW80 sponsor post – did this on Friday.

It’s been a pretty good week. Also sold more copies of Flames of Redemption in (less than) 1 week than I did of Duty to Protect all last year. So, that’s made me pretty happy. And I sold 2 more copies of Duty to Protect since then.

Goals for next week:

  • Chasing the Ghost – finish 1st draft
  • Flames of Restoration – Finish back stories
  • Read: Nothing Between Us(Roni Loren), Cinder(Marissa Meyer), Not Until You(Roni Loren – read this when it was released as serial, but going to read it straight through now and the bonus short story included), The Billionaire’s Counterfeit Girlfriend(Nadia Lee), & Blood Magick(Nora Roberts)
  • Read: Forensics for Writers: Read through Chapter 11
  • Crochet: Finish Sleigh Bell Scarf
  • Knit: Vertical Stripe Tie – get through row 4

Hope everyone else’s first week has gone well.


Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Snowy Days" (6)

  1. Over 21K words. I’m in awe. That’s great!

  2. Excellent on the 21k words! The most I’ve ever written in a week is 17k.

  3. Sounds like your goals are working for you to write a scene instead of spending a set amount of time! And that with the kiddies home, too… keep up the great work!

    • It does work for me, the only problem has been that I tend to underestimate what I can get done in a day. So the time goal was to help me figure that out. Of course, that changes day to day.

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