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First, I have a post from Writers Helping Writers by Harrison Demchick on Four Logic Problems that will ruin your manuscript. #2 & #3 are probably my worst offenses, and sometimes #4. Timelines help with #3, and having critique partners/beta readers helps with all of them.

A post by Ava Jae On Diversity within Diversity.  This is something I’m working on in my writing. I come from a very small rural town in NW Pa. There’s not a lot of diversity. So, I do tend to default to what I’m used to. But, more diverse characters are showing up. First as side characters, but they’re working their way to becoming more major  characters. In fact, the main female character in the second book in my Kurztown series is biracial. One character in my Flames series is bisexual(only side character so far, but will have own story soon). As much as I’m scared to screw something up, they have stories to tell as well. And even two different characters from the same background won’t have the same story to tell(Hell, my 2 sisters and I grew up in the same town, and we wouldn’t tell the same stories).

In another post, Ava Jae talks about subjectivity. I know I’ve found books I really didn’t care for, that other people have raved about. I can’t say much about traditional publishing, but I know with self-publishing my books, there will be people that don’t like them.

And a post on Guns, Gams, and Gumshoes about Resources for Learning about Private Investigators. I’ve read a couple books by the ones who run this blog. I have a character in my current WiP who is a private investigator. It has helped me to figure out what he would do(and what he really shouldn’t/wouldn’t). A big help to anyone who writes about investigators.

And a shameless plug to end this post. Today is the last day to pre-order Flames of Redemption. It releases into the world tomorrow. Very excited(and nervous) to get this one out there.

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