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Getting this post started early again. It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m through almost everything for Tuesday. It’s been a pretty good week. Other than the sugar cookie disaster Monday afternoon. I mixed up some dough in the morning and stuck it in the fridge to chill until the kids got home so they could cut out the cookies. Not sure if I didn’t put enough flour into the dough(although I followed the recipe), or if I screwed something else up. But, the dough was so sticky, I could barely even roll it out. And when we tried to move the cookies they did cut out onto a cookie sheet, it didn’t work. So, we scrapped the dough. I had made some Magic Peanut Butter Middles earlier in the day though. So, I guess those will be what we leave for Santa.

I got Flames of Redemption back from the proofreader Sunday evening. And got through all the edits on Monday. And got the extra things added(dedication, acknowledgements, etc). Release date has been set for January 6, 2015, and it’s available for pre-order now on Kindle. And it’s uploaded to the other sites as well.

We went and saw my husband’s grandma last night. It was funny watching the kids interact with the little Pomeranian(I think) over there. They’re used to bigger dogs. Never seem to know what to do with, and are slightly afraid of, smaller ones. Yet, they go right up to my dad’s Great Pyrenees. Even funnier, they opened their cards from her on the way home, and we hear “I got a dollar!” I look back. “No, you got $20.” Then, my husband says “I’ll trade you one for that.” Apparently, we need to work more on understanding the value of money. 🙂

This afternoon we’re going over to my MiL’s. Having pizza and opening presents. Thursday, after we open gifts at home, we’ll go to my mom’s. 6 kids, eight adults. It gets interesting…an usually more chaotic and loud than my nerves can handle. So, after we open gifts, I usually seek at least some time to myself. Usually we have ham for lunch. Apparently this year, we’re having tacos. So much for tradition. 😉 At least my mom’s still making sticky rolls in the morning. Then we’re having Christmas with my husband’s stepmom and siblings on Saturday. Since we have four different Christmases to go to, I’m glad they’re at least spread out. There were a couple years where we’d go from my mom’s to his mom’s and it felt like we were constantly running. This works out so much better.

It’s Wednesday, so I have another snippet from Scars and All for you all. 14 paragraphs(1+2+2+4+1+4) from Chapter 7. Doren’s father comes to the garage.

There was a heavy sigh from behind him, but he ignored it, not saying another word until the office door was closed. “Seriously, Dad, what are you doing here? You haven’t showed your face here since I took over. I know you’ve been taking your truck to that place in [xx]. Mom still comes here.”
His father didn’t make eye contact with him, glancing around the room then focusing his gaze out the one small window in the office. “I got my reasons. You’ve done good with this place though. You should be proud of that. Didn’t get your business sense from me.”
“I know what I got from you, Dad. I got the build that made me a good linebacker in high school and college. Now, that’s gone, so we have nothing. What do you want?”
Doren saw his father blink quickly, and the color drained from his face. His gaze didn’t leave the window though. “You got more than that from me. You got my bullheadedness, as your mother hasn’t stopped telling me since you left the picnic yesterday. She told me I needed to apologize.”
Now, it made more sense. “I see. Why? You didn’t do anything. You didn’t say one single word to me in the time I was there. Instead you sent Susan over to see if I was drinking. I don’t drink, Dad. Not if I’m going to be driving anywhere. You should know that.” These last words were said in a whisper. This was the longest conversation they’d had in six years.
His father’s gaze finally swung to him, but only for a moment. He still couldn’t stand to look at him. “If you’d ever believed in me, you’d know that.”
His father’s face had paled, but now color flooded back in. “You have no idea what I believe, Doren. I wasn’t worried about you driving. I was worried you’ve slowly been killing yourself. I thought you’d stay longer.”
“And deal with all the judgmental looks? Why would I want to do that?”
“Talk to them then,” he cried. “Talk to somebody. I can see all the pain you’re carrying. I-” He broke off, shoving his hands in his pockets and turning away. “You’re as impossible to talk to as you’ve ever been. I came here to apologize for the way I acted yesterday.”
“It’s fine, Dad,” he said, his voice thick. What had his father been about to say? “Go back to work. I’ll let Mom know you came and talked to me. You won’t be in the doghouse with her.”
He shook his head. “I know how you feel about me, Dad, and I have to get back to work. There’s no point rehashing it.”
His father hesitated a moment then turned and left the office. But, Doren thought he heard him mutter, “You don’t know anything.”
Doren dropped into his chair once he was alone. Would they ever be on the same page again? They’d only ever had football and cars in common. Doren could barely be in the room when football was on anymore. He’d loved it at one time, and now…well, even thinking about it depressed him. And his father refused to talk cars to him anymore. Hell, his father hardly talked to him at all.

I actually thought they were going to figure things out when I started writing this scene. These two just weren’t being cooperative about that one.

  • Stained by Ashes(follow-up to Stained Snow) – Read Through – Finished this. Just have to compile all my notes & maybe start first round of revisions next week. Also, still looking for beta readers for Stained Snow.
  • Patrick’s Story – Character Work – I have all 3 of the back stories written. just need to put everything into my story tracker.
  • Read: Reaper’s Rhythm(Clare Davidson), How to Bring Your Love Life Back From the Dead(Wendy Sparrow), Clockwork Angel(Cassandra Clare), & Whiskey Beach(Nora Roberts) – Finished reading Reaper’s Rhythm last night. Enjoyed it. Also started How to Bring Your Love Life Back From the Dead. Only 12% into it.
  • Knit: Finish Sock Monkey Hat – finished this Tuesday. IMG_0365
  • Crochet: Baby Bear Hat – got this started. Have the body of the hat done. It certainly wouldn’t have fit either of my kids’ heads even as newborns. Of course, their heads were consistently in the 90-95 percentile. Still, it looks really small.

And I just remembered since it’s the end of the round, I should evaluate how I’ve done overall this round.


  • Flames of Justice(Flames 2.5) – finish 1st draft
    I did add 3597 words to this.
  • Chasing the Ghost(Gilbert, CO 4) – finish 1st draft
    Added 30,172 words to this one. About halfway through now. I’ll be picking it back up in January.
  • Guarding the Heart(BC Secruity 1) – finish 1st draft
    Didn’t get to this one at all.

I also wrote the first draft of Scars and All in November.


  • Healing the Heart(Gilbert, CO 2) – send to CP
    It’s ready to go, but I’m still waiting until I get The Choice back from her.
  • Stained Snow(Stained 1) – revise again send to betas
    It’s revised but still looking for betas.
  • Stained by Ashes(Stained 2) – 1st read through
    Did that this week and just need to compile notes and stick in scenes I want to add.

Also edited Flames of Redemption when I got it back from the beta reader.


  • The Hunt(fantasy project) – outline
  • Pirates idea – outline
    nope. Have been doing a little research toward it though.
  • Nolan’s story(Flames 4) – outline
    Started this, then decided to outline Callum’s story first, which will be Flames 4. Nolan’s will now be Flames 5.

Also outlined the first book in a new series, At Her Hands and started outlining a novella for my Gilbert, Co series.


  • listen to 3 books – listened to 8 books. That’s not counting me relistening to the Chronos Files series by Rysa Walker. I’ve listened to the first book, Timebound, 3 times and still chuckle over the same things.
  • Read 26 books(would be 30, but I’ve already read 4 this month) I’ve read 43 books so far this round.
  • Read 3 craft/research books – I read 2: Rise of the Machines(Kristen Lamb) & How to Write Dazzling dialogue(James Scott Bell). Also reading The Wars of The Barbary Pirates for some research.


  • Knit 6 projects I’ve finished 5. IMG_0365 IMG_0328 IMG_0295 IMG_0268 IMG_0232
  • Crochet 6 projects
    Finished 7 projects. IMG_0355 IMG_0361 IMG_0302 IMG_0299 IMG_0269 IMG_0236 IMG_0225

I didn’t get everything I’d planned done, but I did write over 120,000 words during the round. So very good progress. I hope everyone who celebrates has a Merry Christmas!


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Merry Christmas" (13)

  1. But he tried!!! Doren– *idiot slap* He was trying to talk to you, snotball. *glares*

    Um…sorry. Nice scene. Very intense. Lots of underlying tension and obvious works up a bit of emotion.

    My holiday is tame compared to yours. We’ll go to my brother’s tonight and that’s about it. 🙂 More time to relax.

    • he feels like his father turned his back on him when things happened six years before, so there’s some hurt behind his bullheadedness.

  2. You have SO many goals! I feel overwhelmed sometimes with just one or two. Great excerpt. I can’t wait to read that one!

  3. Oh, that’s heartbreaking. They need to talk to each other instead of past each other. I guess being stubborn is another thing they have in common.

    I love all the awesome knitted things. 🙂

  4. Maybe mother needs to lock them two in a janitors closet until they talk, although they might be in there awhile. =P Great excerpt!

  5. K.S. Hernandez said:

    That had to take a lot of guts on dad’s part to even go there and say that much. I’ve personally been in that situation before and things still went unsaid. I recall a deep sense of missed opportunity later. Also, I recall not wanting to be the first one to give in and show the hurt but I missed the point that that step had already been taken when the other person decided to initiate the talk. Good piece.

  6. I love the depths and layers in Doren, and the realism in this scene. I definitely want to know more.

    I have another beta to start this week, but, if you can wait till mid-January or so, I’d love to beta for you. Just let me know!

    You’ve had an awesome round, and I love all the knitted things, too!

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