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I started this week ahead. Monday morning I was already starting to work on Wednesday’s goals. I only had dishes & laundry left to do for Monday and Tuesday. Of course, that means I started this post Monday, too. And will add to it throughout the week. At the rate I’m going, I might be starting next week’s goals by Wednesday or Thursday.

Sunday we had the kids’ Christmas party at the Moose club. Of course, it was the same day as the fire department’s elections. So, my husband dropped us off at the Moose, and he went down to the station. The Moose also has a family fun day during the summer. It always seems to fall on the weekend of the girl’s birthday party. Never fails. 🙂


The girl got a scrapbook kit and the boy got a remote control loader. They were both happy with those gifts. In fact, the boy wanted to stay home and play with his toy instead of going to school Monday morning. Yeah…no.

I’d like to thank Shan, Adrian, Amy, Kate, and Kathi for helping with my cover reveal on Monday. I really appreciate it.

Last night, the girl had a concert at her school. It was for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders. Each grade sang 3 songs then came together for the finale. It was good, even if I did nearly have a panic attack when it felt like I was being boxed in on the bleachers in the gym. The boy’s preschool pictures are going to be available to view at his school today(and we can decide if we’re going to purchase any), then I think we’re clear of having to do anything/go anywhere until Saturday.

All that snow we got last Thursday is now melted. This is the second time we’ve gotten snow just to have it melt within the week. It’s supposed to snow again today and tomorrow, only to warm up again by Monday. This is one of the oddest winters we’ve had in a while.

Since it’s Wednesday, it’s time for another WiPPet snippet. I’m still sharing from Scars and All. I will be for the rest of this month, and possibly next month. I’ll be back to drafting in January, but I’m hoping to be finishing the 4th book in my Gilbert, Co series and maybe the Flames novella. Both of which will be full of spoilers for the other books. So, I may just stick with Scars and All for these posts until I start working on something that isn’t so spoiler-y. I may be able to share some snippets from the others. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, today is 12/17, so I have 17 paragraphs from Chapter 6. The first 3 lines are from one scene, then I switched to Cassie’s POV for the next scene, but they flow together.

“So, that’s why you’re back here.”
Her gaze shot back up to his. “You remember me?”
“I’ve never forgotten you, Cassie.”

Cassie just stood there in the parking lot beside the bike, staring at him. “What was there to remember, Doren? You never even looked at me.”
She saw the tip of his tongue dart out to touch his lips as his gaze skimmed down her now, quickly then it was right back on her face. “I looked. Trust me. But, I was preoccupied with my last season of football. Then, you were with Mason. Then, I was leaving for college.”
“And we had moved.”
His eyes softened then, and she saw some of the boy she remembered. “Yes, you did.”
“I didn’t remember you, the other night. You hid your face from me.”
“I remembered you. Not until you mentioned your aunt though,” he admitted. “It’s been a while.” Those eyes stayed right on hers. “I’m sorry about your uncle.”
She’d heard the same about half a dozen times already, but there was something different in his voice when he said it. Something about the way one fist kept clenching at his side. The pain she could see in his eyes now. What her friends had said at the picnic came back to her. No, he couldn’t be responsible for something like that. How could anyone look at him and see it?
Silence draped over them then until Doren cleared his throat. “Anyway, my raptor. You were touching her.”
She felt color stain her cheeks and glanced away. “Your raptor is a her, huh? I don’t think most men would describe it that way.” And there was that choking sound she’d heard on the phone the other night. She glanced back up at him and saw his cheeks had reddened too.
“My bike,” he choked out, like he was still trying not to laugh. “The raptor is my bike.”
“This is yours?” She turned back to it, running her hand along the length of it again. She’d never been into motorcycles, but the lines were sleek. And picturing him on it definitely did a number on her nerves. She brought her gaze back to him, saw his eyes had gone a deeper brown, nearly black now. “That was you the other day then. Out by my aunt’s.”
“Yes.” The one word came out sounding rough, but there was no anger in his face. He looked intense though, some red stubble running along his jaw, and the dragon shooting flames up by his ear.
“I never pictured you as the motorcycle type.”
“I’m not the same guy you knew in school. I imagine you’re here about your car, not my bike.”

  • Stained Snow – Edit – This is done. Just want to do another polishing run then I need to find some beta readers. I really need other eyes on this. It’s gone through a couple rewrites, and I’m just not sure I can be objective about it anymore. If anyone is willing to read the ~65k western romance, let me know.
  • Patrick’s Story(Gilbert, Co #4.5 – I think. probably won’t be a full novel.) – Brainstorm – I’m nearly finished with this. Have the main characters mostly figured out. Will flesh them out more as I write their back stories, though. Now, to figure out exactly what’s going to happen in the story.
  • Read: The Iron King(Julie Kagawa), Just Breathe(Tamara Mataya), & Lengths(Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt) – I finished The Iron King Monday night. Really enjoyed this and put the next book on my “to buy” list. I’m a little more than half way through Just Breathe. I found myself irritated with the narrator at the beginning, but I’m enjoying the story now.
  • Crochet: Slouched Textured Beanie & Starfish Washcloth – Also finished the beanie on Monday. And I started the washcloth on Tuesday. IMG_0356IMG_0355
  • Knit: Vertical Striped Tie – I was going to start this, but I need a size 2 circular needle(b/c of the number of stitches). I don’t have one that small. So, it will wait until I can get it.

It’s been a really good start to the week. Hope everyone else’s is going well, too.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Pre-Holiday Busyness" (10)

  1. Raptot confusion! I love it. There’s also a dragon tattoo in my current WIP,,,although it could be said to be more, well, scandalous than yours…

    We’ve still got snow, but it’s raining, so who knows how long it will last….

    I’m really getting drawn into this story, and I think I like both Cassie and Doren a lot…I feel depth and pain in them both.

    • When my husband was looking for a new bike earlier this year, one of the ones we looked at was a ‘Vulcan’. I thought of you. lol

      The rain turned to snow today, but so far there’s barely a dusting.

      I’m glad you like them.

      • I watch lots of nature documentaries, and I get a crazy little thrill every time I hear the word ‘volcanologist.’!We’ve still got inches of snow, here. I hope you get some more!

  2. So many thoughts!

    1.Yep, I can related to concert season. I think we’re finally done…one per kid this time. Phew!
    2. We’ve been getting this: Snow…rain…snow…rain. It’s old now. How about just snow?
    3. LOL’ing at the confusion over the Raptor. This is a rich scene here. I’d love to see where this goes. I like the layers and how they’re trying to figure each other out after so much time has passed.
    4. I love the hat.

    • 1. yeah, and I don’t do too well where there are…people. Especially when I’m closed in by them.
      2. It’s been crazy. This winter was predicted to be worse than last year. So far, not so much.
      3. I’m glad you liked it.
      4. Thank you!

  3. I love the awkwardness of this scene. It’s so real and hilarious and cute at the same time.

    Great job on goals!!

  4. I was confused about the Raptor, thought it was a bird he was talking about. 🙂 I like it. It’s a fun interplay between the two characters though.

    Awesome work on the goals this week. 🙂

    • Sorry about the confusion. Would have made more sense if I’d included more of the first scene, where she’s actually running her hand over the motorcycle.


  5. I’m not fond of being hemmed in by people either. I get quite buggy about it.

    I’m not sure what to make of Doren. I think I like him but he definitely has some secrets he’s not sharing. He changes the topic awfully abruptly at the end.

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