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Sunday Summary: Staying Ahead

I don’t know if I underestimated my goals for this week, or if I’ve just been really productive. I was working on Sunday’s goals by Friday morning, though. It didn’t take as long to read through Stained Snow as I thought it would. So, that allowed me to get ahead on everything else too.

We hadn’t had much snow until Thursday. Not sure exactly how much we got, but it was a good bit. School was on a 2 hour delay Friday and the boy’s preschool didn’t have morning bussing because of the icy roads, so he ended up staying home. The snow was covered with a layer of ice when I took our garbage can to the end of the driveway, so I can only imagine what the roads were like. I wonder if this snow will stick around, or if we’ll get even more.

Yesterday the boy got to sing at the town’s Festival of Trees with his preschool class.

IMG_0329 IMG_0341

He didn’t take that Santa hat off for the rest of the day. Except for when we went to the hockey game last night. My MiL was able to get us some free tickets to see the Erie Otters. They were playing a team from Ontario. Both teams are #1 in their conference. Figured this was going to be a really good game. We lost 5-1. Still, it was fun watching the kids’, especially the boy’s reactions to the game. Although, I think his favorite part was the Zambonies. “Here come the tractors again!”

Entranced once the players came out on the ice.

Entranced once the players came out on the ice.

Wednesday we had the fire department Christmas party for the kids. Today is the party down at the Moose. Next weekend we have a friend’s wedding. I’m already ahead on next week’s goals. If I get everything done early, I’ll probably start on the next week’s too, and maybe have everything finished before Christmas Eve. Then, I can take 2 days off without any guilt(although I’ll probably still want to work on something, knowing me).

  • Flames of Redemption – line up cover art – have cover reveal lined up for Monday
  • At Her Hands – finish outline – finished this on Thursday.
  • Read: In the Land of the Long White Cloud(Sarah Lark) & Catching Jordan(Miranda Kenneally) – finished with both of these. Enjoyed them. Started reading Stealing Time(Wendy Sparrow) Thursday night and finished it yesterday.
  • Knit: Polarspun Baby Hat – finished this on Friday.


It’s been a good week. Hoping the next one will be as well.

  • Stained Snow – Edit
  • Patrick’s Story(Gilbert, Co #4.5 – I think. probably won’t be a full novel.) – Brainstorm
  • Read: The Iron King(Julie Kagawa), Just Breathe(Tamara Mataya), & Lengths(Steph Campbell & Liz Reinhardt)
  • Crochet: Slouched Textured Beanie & Starfish Washcloth
  • Knit: Vertical Striped Tie

Comments on: "Sunday Summary: Staying Ahead" (6)

  1. That’s fantastic that you reached your weekly goals ahead of time! Hurrah! And getting free tickets to anything is great, especially if the kids like it. And it looks like your boy did!
    Best of luck on your goals next week. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the great progress this week! I too have lately been noticing that it’s taking me less time than I anticipate to finish things. It’s really weird…especially after months and months of what has felt like slogging through a bog of molasses. Have the planets realigned or something? Best wishes for next week!

    • Thanks! I really think it’s because I underestimated what I could get done. That will probably change next month when I switch back to drafting.

  3. Sounds like December is a busy month for you. It’s great that you’re ahead of the game on your goals. Congrats!

    Happy holidays!

    • Yes, it tends to be busy. Between my husband and I, we have four sets of parents to split the holidays with. Plus, the other holiday stuff. We usually just stay home for New Year’s Eve. By then, we’re tired of the running around.

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