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So, I finally decided to get our Christmas tree out on Monday so we could decorate. We’ve had the same tree for the last 8 years. Our first Christmas together we went and bought a fiber optic tree, so we wouldn’t have to mess with lights. The biggest pain is getting it in and out of the closet. Currently, the box is in the boy’s closet. As well as all the bags and boxes of clothes the kids have outgrown. Yeah, I really need to do something about all of those. Especially since the tote with all the ornaments(since my MIL gets the kids and my husband at least 2 new ones every year) was under all those boxes and bags. After I got the tree set up, I let the kids mostly decorate it themselves.



The boy even put some of the hooks on himself.


I put the John Deere balls on the tree and the angels around the top of the tree(the one in the front is for my FiL)


And, of course, our tree topper:


Then, Wednesday night, we had the kids’ Christmas party at the fire station. The boy was very unsure when Santa came in but ended up giving him knuckles and ringing his bell.

IMG_0317 IMG_0319 IMG_0320 IMG_0321

But, he only wanted to sit on Mrs. Clause’s lap.


Still, he was pretty happy with his new monster trucks, and the girl her tea set.

IMG_0324 IMG_0326

I wasn’t really in the Christmas decorating spirit, but the kids wanted the tree up. So, I put on some Trans-Siberian Orchestra and got it done. What about you? Do you do much decorating? What are your decorating traditions? What’s on top of your tree?


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