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So, December has started off quite well. I set up my daily goals so I could finish edits on Flames of Redemption by the end of this week, but I thought this would be a struggle. Not so much. It’s 5 a.m. on Wednesday and I’m almost through Chapter 25, right on track. I have 1 more scene to go, and I’ll be done with today’s planned chapters(Edited: and by just after 6, I had Chapter 25 finished). So, far this week I’ve been able to get started on the next day’s goals early. I like the fact this is going so smoothly. Focusing on only 1 main project really seems to be working for me.

Before I get to my RoW80 progress, a WiPPet snippet. I’m finished drafting Scars and All, but I’m going to keep sharing from it here since I’m only working on edits this month. I have 12 paragraphs(for the month) from Chapter 4(3-2-1+0+4).

“It’s good to have you back in town,” Lila said, looping her arm through Cassie’s and leading her down the sidewalk. “I never realized how much I missed everybody until I came back here.”
Cassie’s steps faltered at that. “I’m not here to stay, Lila. You know that, right? I’m only here for the summer.” How long before she got fed up with repeating that?
“Then, I guess we’ll enjoy having you around for the summer. Where were you headed?”
“Nowhere in particular. I was just curious as to what’s changed around here since I’ve been gone.”
Lila’s laugh sounded like music. “Not a whole lot, Cassie. I’m sure you’ll recognize pretty much everything and everyone.”
“There is someone I didn’t recognize. The mechanic who came out for my car yesterday when it broke down out by the Dairy Inn.” She paused. “Actually he said he owned it now.”
Lila’s smile spread. “You do know him. I remember you had a crush on him back when we were sophomores. Did you ever stop checking Doren out?”
Now, she froze. “That was Doren? He-”
“He’s changed a bit, hasn’t he? On the outside anyway.”
“He has a dragon on his throat.”
Lila laughed again. “That’s not it. I guess you never heard though.”
Cassie was starting to think there were a lot of stories that were going to start that way, until she learned everything that had happened in the years she’d been gone. “No, I didn’t.”

So, what is Doren’s story? You’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, take a peak at the other snippets.


  • Flames of Redemption: Finish edits – On track. I’ve added a little over 700 words to it so far this week.
  • At Her Hands – Character Work – wrote out character goals/motivations/conflicts for each of the main characters. Also, wrote the protagonist’s back story. Didn’t know until I started writing it, how tragic it was. This line: “I loved Tommy so much, but apparently my love was cursed.” kind of sums it up.
  • Read: Falling for Autumn(Heather Topham Wood), Vanilla on Top(C.J. Ellisson), & Violet Midnight(Allie Burke) Enjoyed both of the books I’ve finished, although Vanilla had me rolling my eyes a couple times. Haven’t really got into Violet Midnight yet, but I just started it. Also, finished listening to The Retribution of Mara Dyer yesterday and wow, did that take my emotions on a rollercoaster ride. I may need a fun, light listen after that one.
  • Crochet: Finish Owl – finished this Sunday, actually. IMG_0299
  • Crochet: Flower Hot Pad – I have this started, just one row worked around each of the petals so far.

How is your December going so far?

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Off and Running" (19)

  1. I’ve been in Cassie’s situation before. It’ll definitely be an interesting unfolding of everything. Great job on all your progress!

  2. Ah, she’s found out who he is now. I take it that’s going to spark her curiosity and lead her to digging further. That should be an interesting ride. Great snippet!

  3. Ooh curious to see what happens between Cassie and Doren!

    That owl by the way is SO cute!

  4. I want to know more… *pouts*

  5. Good luck with your revisions, Fallon. Sounds like you’re making good progress.

    Talk about a cliffhanger. Now I really want to know what his story is! Way to leave us hanging. 🙂

  6. I love this snippet…and I’m with Kate. I definitely want to know more – about Doren, and his tattoo.

    Coincidentally, I have a character in my current WIP who has a large and very detailed dragon tattoo on his chest and belly. The thing is, he doesn’t have a clue how it got there…

    I’m not sure, at this point, if he ever finds out. Memory isn’t on his side, at the moment.

    Great week for you, so far! Way to go!

    • he definitely knows how it got there, since he designed it(and his other tattoos) himself. He probably wishes memory wasn’t on his side though.


  7. Nice excerpt and the owl is adorable 🙂

  8. 5am????? *falls over*

    Great progress though so far, well done!!

    The snippet was great as well! 😀

  9. I like that, “He has a dragon on his throat.” LOL And the little hint about him changing on the outside. Leads me to believe the inside may not have changed??? A good set-up brewing.

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