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First, my critique partner, Kat Morissey is holding this giveaway over on her blog. It runs through today, so go get your entries in for a chance to win 1 of 7 different books(14 copies in all).

And two posts by Ava Jae on how things have changed for her as a writer. First, on going from probably no one reading to the potential that other people will read a manuscript. And another on even after writing several manuscripts, some things don’t get easier.

And finally, a post from Elizabeth Spann Craig, on managing multiple projects at once. This is something I have a tendency to run into. Mostly because I try to do too much, and I want to get them all done now. But, that tends to shatter my focus. That’s why, right now, I’m alternating drafting and editing months, and plotting on the side. I’ve done this before and it works as long as I stick to it. Sometimes I just want to write though. Which is probably why I have so many first drafts that are still waiting to be revised.

Have you read any good posts lately? How do you handle your list of stories to write and revise?


Comments on: "Monday Mentions: Giveaway, Changing, and Multiple Projects" (3)

  1. Nice collection! I’m just getting back to reading after my NaNothon…

    I’ll be popping over to read that multiple projects post, because that is so absolutely me! I didn’t realize I was writing a duology series until I had several first drafts, out of chronological order. So I have, I think, eight books to revise, and I’ve just started the first…

    And then there’s poetry, and short and flash fiction, and essays, and other fiction (Trip and T’Pol, and a pending novella series…)

    Sometimes all the tangles and projects are very overwhelming, but I usually feel that doing something on a few of these each day will eventually tip a balance so that I have more of a handle on things…

    I use the ROW80 Rounds to focus on larger themes, and then use each month for a more refined approach. It (mostly) seems to keep me productive, with great joy and minimal stress (which makes me, I’m sure, a lot more fun to live with!).

    • I have 10 that are in some stage of revising, 8 that are plotted/in process of drafting, and several(like 30+) ideas to be plotted out. Several of those ideas include more than one book that’s part of a series, so I can’t get to them before I get to the ones before. I definitely have enough to keep me busy, but it’s just a matter of balancing.

      • I tend to see it more as blending…this flow of creativity, that one of reality…it’s like a braid, that keeps changing pattern.

        Or something.

        I used to worry that I would run out of projects.

        I don’t, anymore! =)

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