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Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I’m actually planning to take the day off. My morning alarm is turned off anyway. So, unless I wake up early on my own(which, granted, is usually the case anyway), I will not be writing tomorrow morning. *cue laughter* Yeah, I’ll probably still be awake at 3:30 and at the computer by 4. So, I guess I should say I’m going to try to take the day off.

We’re going to my mom’s house for dinner around 1 then heading to husband’s stepmom’s around 4. So, it’s going to be a full afternoon/evening. I’ll probably take my kindle, and maybe even a notebook so I can do some plotting if I so wish(because I’m not the sociable type and will probably need a break from people). At least there is no cooking(we’re just taking drinks to my mom’s) and no cleaning up. 🙂

Now, since it is Wednesday, I have another snippet from Scars and All. I’m almost done with the first draft, but since next month is going to be about editing, I will probably still be sharing from this. For this week(11/26), I have 26 lines from Chapter 3.

“Hey, Dor, you in here?”
He turned at the voice and saw his brother standing in the doorway. Even if his two brothers were standing side by side, there wasn’t much to tell you they were twins. Jarrett had their father’s light brown hair while Jeffrey had gotten their mother’s fire red hair, just like he had. Jeff had their mother’s green eyes though. While Doren, Jarrett, and their sister had all gotten their father’s brown ones.
“What are you doing here, Jarrett?”
“Heard about your wreck last night. Wanted to be sure you were all right.”
He could hear the concern in his brother’s voice and bit back a comment about him knowing if he’d been at the track. That wouldn’t be fair. He knew why Jarrett didn’t like to watch him race. The same reason he was here at the garage to check on him at barely eight on a Sunday morning. The twins had hardly been teenagers when he’d been hurt. Jarrett had always been the more sensitive of the two, and seeing him in the hospital had scared him. Even now at nineteen, Jarrett didn’t care for cars and driving.
He smiled at his brother now. “I’m fine, Jare. It wasn’t a big wreck, really. Maybe you can help me fix up the car.”
Jarrett shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t know, Doren. I’m not good with cars.” He glanced toward the pile of ruined tires. “I was wondering something though.”
“What is it?” Doren put his tools back in the drawer. He probably wasn’t going to get any more work done this morning.
“Those tires. You going to be using them for anything?” Jarrett scratched at the back of his neck and didn’t make eye contact.
“I just…I thought…well, maybe I could do something with them.”
Doren felt a little smile tug at one corner of his mouth. “An art something?”
Jarrett just lifted one shoulder, and Doren’s smiled widened. “You know I won’t judge you about art, Jare.” He’d kept his own sketchbook hidden under his mattress for too many years to judge anyone. “Take whatever you need.”
“Thanks, Doren. I’ll pick them up after church if that’s all right.”
“Fine. Where are you going to keep them? Dad’s never cared for you storing the materials in the house. Those wouldn’t fit in your room anyway.”
Jarrett laughed. “Mom finally convinced him to set up part of the garage for me. After all, he set up areas for Jeff to practice his sports in the yard.”
“Good,” Doren said although his own smile dimmed slightly. Talk of their father usually did that. They’d always butted heads, but for the last six years, they could barely be in the same room together.
“He misses you, Doren. I don’t know what happened-”
“Nothing,” Doren muttered. “Not a damn thing.” His father just couldn’t stand to even look at his oldest son anymore.

The first half of this week has gone pretty well. I’ve written over 12500 words so far. I’ve finished just about 8 scenes in Scars and All. It’s now sitting at over 72k. I still have about 6 scenes left to go. So, it’s going to be longer than I’d first predicted. Still hoping to have it finished by the end of the month.

  • Scars and All – finish 1st draft – almost there.
  • At Her Hands – brainstorm – almost done with this too.
  • Read: How to Write Dazzling Dialogue – finish – almost done with this too.
  • Crochet: Easy Crochet Owl – have the front and back of the body done. Planning on doing the head today.

I’ve also read: Trophy Husband(Lauren Blakely), Falling for a Stranger(Barbara Freethy), Broken Forest(Eliza Tilton), and Please Me, Cowboy(Megan Crane). Also started Courage(Carrie Butler) last night.

Hope everyone who celebrates has a good Thanksgiving tomorrow. And if you’re going shopping on Friday, are you crazy? hope you get all the deals you’re looking for. Online deals are the most I’d consider going after Friday.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving" (15)

  1. Goodness. I wonder what happened between them. I have a feeling Doren isn’t telling the truth when he says “nothing.”

  2. Have a fantastic thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  4. I can so relate to the sketchbook hidden under the bed, we’ve all done that at some point with our writing!

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the writing day off if it happens!

    • yes, I still tend to hide mine, at least from some people.

      Thanks. It actually did! Well, mostly. I did some brainstorming in the morning before we went anywhere. But, I didn’t even turn my computer on at all yesterday.

      • Oh good, it’s nice to step away from the screens for a little bit isn’t it? Sometimes I find taking a break from the digital worlds helps with ideas / brainstorming.

  5. Ah…so now I need to know what the ‘nothing’ was that happened between Doren and their dad. And I’m also seeing the image of the lion made from tires that I saw on somebody’s FB post in the past couple of weeks. Is Jarrett going to make something cool like that? Because that would be an awesome use of old tires.

    • Oh, it comes out in bits until they finally have things out.
      I never really say what he makes with them, but I’m sure it was something interesting.

  6. Jarret’s lack of eye contact grabbed my attention. Sounds like there’s much more at work here than what he says, and I enjoyed the way the relationship between Doren and his father is revealed. Nice layering of background that builds to that future confrontation. Re Black Thursday, I’m so with you re shopping, but my 94-year-old MIL wants to go to Macy’s. Today. Maybe I’ll find a story!

  7. I really enjoyed this excerpt; there are some really good glimpses of character through the dialogue.

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