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Sunday Summary

We got our first real snow of the year on Thursday. When I sent the kids off to school that morning, there was barely a dusting. By the time they got home, we probably had a few inches(I’m terrible at estimating how much). Well, we hadn’t bought snow pants & boots yet. My sister had given us some boots for the girl. Her younger daughter is two months older than mine, but several shoe sizes ahead. So, we often get hand-me-downs from her. Her snow pants from last year still fit, even though the straps don’t like to stay through the buckles. She was good for Friday. However, the only boots we had for the boy were size 8s, and he’s in a 10 now. Yeah, he couldn’t even get his foot in the boot. Or, there was the girl’s pair of 10s from last year. Figured those would work at least for one day. Of course, his snow pants from last year are about an inch or two too short. But, again, I figured they would work for at least one day.

Yesterday, we went shopping and looked for snow pants and boots. Do you know how hard it is to find snow boots for boys in a toddler size 10? Yeah, not fun. If we’d been looking for ones for the girl, not a problem. Frustrating. And the one store was so crowded and disorganized, I nearly had a meltdown in the store. Had to stop and just breathe when I got outside. I may just be doing most of our Christmas shopping from the computer this year.

We did finally end up finding him some snow pants at Target(bright lime green to go with his orange coat, I guess). And some boots at walmart. It was a hassle though, but at least now they’re both ready for the snow.

I made mostly good progress this week.

  • Scars and All – Add 17000 words – 17070/17000 words added. And things just took a turn I wasn’t expecting. I’m mostly a plotter, but I’m following this trail and seeing if it leads me back to the main path. I’m still a little short of the midpoint, but I’m getting there. This might end up being longer than 70k like I’d planned(which really doesn’t surprise me, since it seems I usually write longer than I plan).
  • Flames of Redemption – Edit through Chapter 16 – I got through Chapter 14. Ended up not working on this at all on Friday.
  • Chasing the Ghost – Add 1500 words – 1834/1500 words. I was sticking right around my 300 word/day goal until Thursday. I was in the middle of writing a fight(verbal, not physical) and the words just kept tumbling out, so I kept writing and managed almost 900 words that day.
  • Read: First World Problems(Leigh Ann Kopans), Full Measures(Rebecca Yarros), & Anything For You(Jessica Scott) – Read all three of these. Loved First World Problems & Full Measures. Anything For You was okay. I’ve really enjoyed the other two books I’ve read in this series, this short story just fell short for me. I started to read another book, but was skimming in the first chapter so set it aside. Then, started Legend(Marie Lu) and finished it in less than a day.
  • Read: How To Write Dazzling Dialogue – working through the last section, on dialogue issues. will probably finish it this week.
  • Knit: Lake District Hat – have 2/3 of it knitted(so 8 inches long) – I’ve got about 6.5 inches knitted, so just over 1/2 way there.

Not quite as much as I wanted to get done, but I made progress on the big goals.

  • Scars and All – add 18000 words(this will get me over the 50k for NaNo).
  • Flames of Redemption – edit 5 chapters
  • Chasing the Ghost – add 1500 words
  • Read: Where You’ll Find me(Erin Fletcher) & What Once Was Perfect(Zoe York)
  • Read: How to Write Dazzling Dialogue
  • Knit: Lake District Hat – finish

Comments on: "Sunday Summary" (6)

  1. I’m glad you’re sorted for the snow boots and pants! It’s not cold enough here yet (still hovering around 5°C) and we usually don’t get much snow (or when we do, it turns to mush within hours).

    That’s really good progress on your goals! I love it when the story just writes itself!

    • It’s been around the 30s(F) here since last Wednesday(it was almost 70 Tuesday though). We tend to get hit with a good bit of snow since we’re just south of Lake Erie.


  2. I try to do as much on-line shopping as I can — especially this time of year. But there are always things you can’t wait for, and then it becomes necessary to venture out into the actual stores. *shudder* If my hubby were up for it, I’d even have our groceries delivered.

    • I would love to have groceries delivered. There are some times when I’d not mind not venturing out of the house at all. I am perfectly content to avoid people a vast majority of the time. Of course, nearly having a panic attack Saturday night because we were in a small elevator(only going down 1 floor) with 4 other people doesn’t help matters.

  3. Ah snow, that “dreaded” 4 letter word. We got a dusting a couple of days ago, since then…NOTHING. No worries, we we get it when it’s good and ready to dump on us. I miss the snow I used to get back in Fredonia, good ol’ lake effect snow. Don’t get so much in Corning as the rest of the state gets.

    Sounds like a uber productive week!! Hope the streak continues. Been ramping up myself, after a little break. Have a good one Fallon!! 🙂

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