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Writing Wednesday: Shifting

So, I wrote up my goals post on Sunday(well, actually Saturday, but posted it Sunday). And almost first thing Monday morning, I changed my goals. I didn’t completely change them, more of a shifting around. I did my revisions on Healing the Heart. Then, opened up Flames of Justice, and it was like Reese just didn’t want to talk to me. This could have something to do with me referring to him as a jerk and other unsavory names during the other books. But, I did have another character talking, so I decided to work on her story for a bit instead. And of course, as soon as I did that, Reese decides he might talk to me. So, now I’m planning to write a scene a day of Chasing the Ghost but still shooting for 250 words a day on Flames of Justice. So, they’re both getting written right now. We’ll see how long this lasts. And Doren still won’t leave me alone, so I think I’ll be working on his story(Scars and All) during NaNo instead of waiting until next year.

Now, since Chasing the Ghost is book 4 in the series, I imagine there will be plenty of opportunities for spoilers. So, I’m still going to be sharing from Law of Choice for WiPPet, even though it’s sitting until I’m ready to start revising. Today I have 6 paragraphs(10+8+2-14) from Chapter 3.

Brian went down to the diner and ordered two sandwiches then he had the waitress, Anna, fill a to-go box with fries. “You having lunch with Ashley?”
His hand jerked as he reached for his wallet. Did everyone assume they were together again since he was back for the summer? “No. My mom. Ashley and I-we’re not a thing anymore.”
“Really? ‘Cause she said you texted her last night. You don’t usually send late night texts to people you aren’t a thing with anymore.”
He felt a flush rise up his neck. But, he just took some money from his wallet and shoved it at her. Then, he took his boxes. “Thanks for the food, Anna.”
“Of course. Tell your mom I said hello.”
Brian nodded, then he left. He tried not to think about what Anna had said as he drove out to the house. They didn’t have a thing going anymore. That was true. So, why had he texted her? He should have known better than to think that little fact would remain a secret in this town.

This week has been going pretty good. I finished revisions on Healing the Heart this morning. I still have to do a search & destroy mission through it. Thankfully, I have my handy list of words that need to die. I’ve finished 2 new scenes on Chasing the Ghost. And added over 600 words on Flames of Justice. I felt a little stuck when I went to work on Chasing the Ghost this morning though. I think it’s because I need to add another scene in before I get to the one I had planned. I have a really hard time writing out of order, even if that’s just skipping ahead. Something could always happen in this scene that could affect the next ones. I was thinking about it on my walk this morning, so I may be able to figure it out when I actually sit down to write. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what’s going to happen next and have no motivation to write until I sit down and put my music on, and the words just seem to flow.

As for those goals for this week:

  • Healing the Heart – Finish revisions
  • Flames of Justice – 5 scenes – yeah, no. I haven’t even finished one.
  • The Hunt – Outline – making progress on this.
  • Read: Only the Good Die Young(KK Hendin) & Forever Starts Tonight(Roni Loren) – finished both of these. Loved them.
  • Read: Rise of the Machines(Kristen Lamb) – Read Through Section 1 – I think there’s two chapters left in section 1.
  • Knitting: Sock Monkey Hat – almost done with this
  • Crochet: Lamb Hat – will pick this up when I finish the other hat.

Also working on fleshing out a flash piece I wrote a couple years ago. Of course, as soon as I started that, I started thinking it could be the intro to a series I suddenly have an idea for. Watch out, series fever might be contagious. 😉 And I have to finish up my RoW80 sponsor post and get that sent in.

Sunday Summary: Final 2014 ROW80 Round Goals

It’s time for the final RoW80 round of this year. I’m going to be a sponsor for the first time. I’ve shied away from this before mostly because of feeling ill-equipped for writing an inspirational post. But, if nothing else, this past year had been about stepping at least slightly out of my comfort zone. And I already have a rough draft of a post typed up. So, maybe I didn’t have any need to be worried.

This round is going to be mostly about finishing projects and getting them out there. I have a few I’ve started but hadn’t finished yet. I’m really wanting to start drafting book 2 in my Kurztown series since I just finished the prequel novella. Now, Doren is on my mind. He’s not yelling at me like Mark did, but there’s a gentle insistence to it. 🙂 But, I have all these other projects to finish that should come first. We’ll see how long my willpower can hold up to his insistence(hint: probably not long).


  • Flames of Justice(Flames 2.5) – finish 1st draft
  • Chasing the Ghost(Gilbert, CO 4) – finish 1st draft
  • Guarding the Heart(BC Secruity 1) – finish 1st draft

Have I mentioned before that I might have a bit of a series problem? I can’t seem to focus on just 1, which is why I have about 6 different ones started.


  • Healing the Heart(Gilber, CO 2) – send to CP
  • Stained Snow(Stained 1) – revise again send to betas
  • Stained by Ashes(Stained 2) – 1st read through


  • The Hunt(fantasy project) – outline
  • Pirates idea – outline
  • Nolan’s story(Flames 4) – outline


  • listen to 3 books
  • Read 26 books(would be 30, but I’ve already read 4 this month)
  • Read 3 craft/research books


  • Knit 6 projects
  • Crochet 6 projects

I already posted this month’s goals last Thursday. I already have 2 things from that finished, and we’re only 4 days into the month. For this week, my goals are:

  • Healing the Heart – Finish revisions
  • Flames of Justice – 5 scenes
  • The Hunt – Ouline
  • Read: Only the Good Die Young(KK Hendin) & Forever Starts Tonight(Roni Loren)
  • Read: Rise of the Machines(Kristen Lamb) – Read Through Section 1
  • Knitting: Sock Monkey Hat
  • Crochet: Lamb Hat

Fiction Friday: Going Forward

I haven’t been posting any more bits of Rick & Leann’s story. I went through and revised and cut it down quite a bit. But, I was thinking about doing something different here. I’m just not sure what.

Character Interviews:

Either interviewing characters in my finished novels. Or in ones I’m working on. Maybe ones that would be coming out soon.


These would be really short stories, or at least posted in installments, featuring characters from my published or soon to be published novel(s). They’d most likely be from an event that happened before the actual story.

I like reading character interviews, but I’m not so sure about doing one myself. Maybe as a promotional thing right before the book comes out. I think I’m leaning more toward the story idea as a regular thing, with maybe an interview thrown in occasionally.

Any thoughts? Do you like reading character interviews? Or would you rather see flashes from a character’s life before the story? Or something else entirely?

September Wrap-Up Delayed

Just this morning, I remembered that I’d planned to do a wrap-up post for my September goals yesterday. Which I completely forgot about. So, I’m posting it today instead. Like my Round 3 wrap-up, I’ll list my initial goals and comment in blue & red.


  • Flames of Retribution – finish first draft – done! done! done! Loved writing this story and still kind of miss Mark & Caitie. I’ll get back to them though, since I plan on writing Nolan’s story, and Mark will certainly be showing up, and even thinking about writing one for Caitie’s brother. We’ll see 😉
  • Healing the Heart – finish round 1 revisions and start round 2(unless I get The Choice back from CP or Flames of Redemption from beta)I’m currently about halfway through the second round of revisions on this. Don’t have either of the MSs back yet.
  • Green Hills & Smoky Fields(this will probably not be the final title) – finish outliningdone!
  • Law of Choice – 25 pagesI stopped counting by pages since I switched it to my main WiP. But, it’s currently at almost 35k, so pretty sure that’s more than 25 handwritten pages.
  • Flames of Justice – 25 pages – set this one aside and only have 10 pages. I’ll be picking it up once I finish Law of Choice.


  • Listen: Under the Never Sky & Left Drowning(Jessica Park) Loved Under the Never Sky and really enjoyed Left Drowning. Also listened to Code Name Verity(loved) and The Hiding Place.
  • Read: 15 books(and then start on the Kindle Unlimited/free books)Ended up reading 18 books in September.
  • Read: 1 craft/research book(to be decided) read Writing about Magic by Rayne Hall.


  • Knitting: 3 projects(Bee-utiful Dishcloth, Pumpkin Hat, & Petal Dishcloth) finished the petal dishcloth on 9/30. So did manage to get all of these done.
  • Crochet: 2 projects(Autumn Slouch Hat & Baby Baseball Cap) ran out of yarn for the slouch hat, so haven’t finished it yet. Moved it to October’s list.

I love when I don’t see much red! Now, for October’s goals:


  • Law of Choice – finish 1st draft
  • Flames of Justice – draft(probably won’t finish in October but want to get close)
  • Healing the Heart – send to CP
  • Stained Snow – Revise
  • The Hunt – Outline


  • Listen: Through the Ever Night
  • Read: 10 books
  • Read: Rise of the Machines(Kristen Lamb)


  • Knit: 2 projects(Lake District Hat & Pink Sock Monkey Hat)
  • Crochet: 3 projects(Autumn Slouch Hat, Minion Hat, & Lamb Hat)

Also, this next round of RoW80 will be my first round as a sponsor, so I need to get on writing a post for that.

Writing Wednesday: Between Break WiPPet

No RoW80 update since we’re still on the break between rounds, but I’ll still share a little snippet of Law of Choice. I’ve written over 11k on it this week. 1 more scene I want to write today, then I only have 2 more planned after that. I should have it finished before Friday. Then, I’m planning to pick up the novella set between books 2 & 3 of my Flames series. However, I imagine there will be quite the opportunity for spoilers in that one, especially for book 1. So, I think I’ll keep sharing snippets from this one instead of running into the spoiler issue.

For today, I have 9 paragraphs(1+0+1+2+0+1+4) from Chapter 2.

Brian leaned back against the headboard and glanced up at the ceiling. He’d wanted to see his mother before anything else. But, his father was already on their couch drinking. There was no way he was going in there tonight. He could see her through the kitchen window, no visible bruises. It would have to wait until morning.
He sighed as he took in Mason’s legs hanging over in the couch a few feet away, in what passed as a living room in his converted apartment. He should have sent his friend home instead of letting him stay. With another sigh, he got up off the bed and collected the four empty beer bottles scattered around. His nose wrinkled at the smell of the alcohol. He’d never cared for it. He tossed them into the garbage can and grabbed a bucket to leave by the couch in case Mason needed it. Thankfully he usually didn’t. He tossed a blanket over him even though it didn’t quite cover his feet.
Brian went back to the bed and grabbed his phone. He settled back against the headboard again as he scrolled through his contacts. He didn’t know why he bothered. He wasn’t having a party, so none of them would want to hear from him. Ashley had never cared if he was throwing a party. But, he couldn’t call her. If she’d even answer.
Still, his finger stroked across her name. Then, he threw the phone onto the bed with a groan. He was such a loser. His best friend was passed out drunk on his couch, and he was still pining for the girl who’d let him go three years ago. He ran both hands over his face then picked up the phone again. Sending her a message wasn’t pathetic, right? They could still be friends. And if they didn’t actually speak, they couldn’t fight.
Still, he tapped his fingers on the back of the phone for a few moments before hitting the message icon under her name. Then, he froze. What was he supposed to say? Everything he thought of sounded idiotic. And he was supposed to be the smart law student.
“Idiot. Idiot. Idiot,” he muttered, banging his head on the headboard. Finally, he typed out:
Got home tonight.
He hit send before he lost his nerve. She probably wouldn’t even respond. Hell, maybe she was sleeping. Maybe she’d changed her number. Maybe she did have a boyfriend despite what Mason had said. Oh, Lord, he hoped she wasn’t with him now. What if they were-
Thankfully his phone dinged then, stopping any further thoughts along that line. He brought the message up and smiled when he saw her name.

I feel weird not having anything else on my Wednesday post. I’ve been writing, revising, plotting, reading, and knitting. You know, like the rest of the time. Next week I’ll be back to my usual Wednesday RoW80/WiPPet posts at least.

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