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I skipped posting last Monday, although the first two links were what I was going to share then. I think from now on, I’ll save the links until I have at least three things to share. Also, I’m planning on branching out from writing links. I’ll still have those, but I’d like to share other things too. Maybe something I’ve found while researching. Or just a cool thing I stumbled on.

Making Progress When You Don’t Have Time to Write Lauren Garafalo posted on Novel Adventures about how she gets the little things done when she doesn’t have the time for any major writing. Time isn’t always an issue for me since I’m home all day, but I do find I get more done when I use the little moments, like waiting for kids’ buses, to get stuff like plotting done. It’s also when my characters sometimes like to start talking to me, whether I have a notebook with me or not.

Fixing the Top 10 Gesture Crutches : This looks like an older post by Jordan McCollum, but it’s something I tend to struggle with. My characters shrug and shake their heads an awful lot.

Writing Our Region : Elizabeth Spann Craig wrote about writing your region and not overdoing it. For her, that’s the south. Although I laughed a little bit as I read, because some of the things she mentioned fit for my area of Pennsylvania. I always thought of it as more a small town thing though.

Snowflakes Rachel posted about her plotting method. I’ve used the snowflake method before. In fact, I still use my own adapted version, as well as pieces of other plotting methods. I’ve found this works well for fleshing out a plot. At least, it lets me see it a bit better.

How about you? Have you read any good blog posts lately? What are your worst gesture crutches?

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