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On Monday, the boy’s preschool called me around 10:30. He had a fever of over 101, so I had to come in and get him. Since he had to be fever free without medication for at least 24 hours before he could go back, I knew he’d be staying home Tuesday as well. Well, Monday all he wanted to do was lay on the couch. He didn’t even want to eat lunch. At dinner, he only ate a couple bites of the manicotti I made. This boy never turns down food, so I knew he didn’t feel good. He seemed to be doing better Tuesday morning but said his throat still hurt. My kids have a history of not showing signs of strep(when he was 2.5 we only found out b/c at a well-visit, the doc noticed his tonsils were enlarged and did a test), so I was worried even though he no longer had a high temperature and was eating more normally for him. We scheduled an appointment for that afternoon and my husband took him in. Apparently all he has is the common cold with a sore throat. His temperature remained under 100 all day, but last night he was laying on the couch beside me, and he felt really warm. I didn’t take his temperature that time(honestly, I usually don’t unless they’re acting really off. My kids tend to run warm anyway). Of course, he’d felt well enough all day to have me wishing I had sent him to school. He still has a harsh sounding cough this morning and hoarse voice, so I’m planning on keeping him home again. Hopefully he’ll be able to go back tomorrow.

I’ll get to my progress for this week, but first WiPPet time! Still, sharing from Law of Choice for now. Today I have 23(1+0+22) lines from Chapter 6. Patrick is Brian’s boss. Ashley’s picking him up after work. Brian had a bit of trouble the night before with his father and Ashley had picked him up.

Patrick waved him off. “They’ll still be there in the morning. Go have dinner with your girl.”
“She’s not-” His face colored then, and he glanced toward her. She had to force the smile to stay on her face.
“We’re not together right now, Patrick,” she told him. “Just friends.”
His eyes narrowed for a moment, then he just shook his head. “Stubborn kids can’t even see what’s in front of them,” he muttered then turned away. “Go on, Brian. Get out of here.”
He seemed to be just as thrown as her by Patrick’s words though. He just stood where he was for a moment. Then, he moved forward and took her arm. “So, we are friends?” He asked as they stepped outside.
“You’ve always been my friend, Brian,” she told him, but her mouth felt dry as the words scraped across her throat.
One corner of his mouth jerked up. “Do your other friends try to kiss you in your car?”
So, he did remember. Thank God. “Not typically. Maybe if they’ve had too much to drink, and I’m taking them home.” She tried to keep a straight face, but her lips kept turning up into a smile.
Brian let out a groan. “Now you’re just trying to get me worked up.”
She laughed. “Never thought you’d be the fantasizing type, Brian.”
“You’ve always starred in my fantasies.”
Her breath caught in her throat, and she felt heat move through her. They used to talk to each other like this, but it had been a long time. “I’m sure there have been others starring there too.”
His hand tightened briefly on her arm then he relaxed his grip, his hand sliding down to take hers “No, Ashley. There hasn’t been.”
That brought her to a stop, and she turned to him. “You can’t tell me you haven’t been with anyone else in the last three years we haven’t been together.”
“There were…a couple. I tried. But you were the only one I ever saw. I tried to make it work once with another girl. She was nice and funny.” Her face started to heat, she didn’t want to hear this. Why had she even brought it up? Then, he was taking both her hands. “But, it never felt right, Ashley. It was never you. I was always looking for you.”
“I was always right back here.”

So, how have I done this week? Not too bad, considering the interruption to my routine.

  • Healing the Heart – send to CP – Still waiting on this.
  • The Choice – start revising as soon as I get it back from CP – don’t have this back yet.
  • Chasing the Ghost – write 5 scenes – I’ve finished 2 and am working on #3 now. So, on track here. I’ve added 2858 so far this week.
  • Flames of Justice – 1250 words – 501/1250. Haven’t written on this yet today, but as long as I do, I’ll stay on track.
  • Short Story – finish fleshing out & read over again – haven’t worked on this at all this week. Need to get to that.
  • Callum’s Story – Brainstorm – got some of this done. I’m definitely thinking this one will come before Nolan’s, so that will be set aside for now.
  • Read: Rise of the Machines: Section 4 – I’ve read through Chapter 20. Have 3 more chapters to read in this section.
  • Knit: slippers – I’ve finished the heel on the first slipper. Hoping to at least finish one slipper this week.

Also this week, I’ve read: Dirty Rotten Scoundrel(Liliana Hart), Time’s Echo(Rysa Walker), One More Night(Lauren Blakely), and Whiskey, You’re the Devil(Liliana Hart). Still working on the boy’s pants for his Halloween costume as well. Glad I’m not trying to win any prizes with them. My sewing isn’t exactly neat. But, they should work for a night of trick or treating at least.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Interrupted Routine" (24)

  1. I hope the boy is feeling much better. I’m glad it is just a cold, though.

    Nice excerpt. I love it when other characters see relationships like that. Hopefully Ashley and Brian work it out.

  2. Nice tension there!

    I hate having to decide whether to send the kids to school. It never fails that if I decide to keep one home because he insists he’s sick, I should have sent him. But then another day I’ll send him even though he says he’s not well, and he gets sent home. Hope your guy is all better soon.

  3. Aw, stinks that your kiddo is sick. I hope he feels better soon.

    I can feel the tension in Ashley. Her questions to Brian make me wonder how she’s been feeling for the last few years apart from him.

  4. Sorry to hear about your kid, hope the wee one would feel better. Keep on writing, I look at mine, and it stinks, oh well. 😉
    I like the snippet by the way

  5. Glad your kiddo doesn’t have strep. 🙂

    I think I’d be upset if my boss made allusions to whom I should be dating. 😛 I take it you’ve set him up as a buddy-boss, though? Or a nosey one. 😛 Nice snippet.

  6. I hope the boy feels better soon. Being sick sucks.

    Nice snippet. I want to know what happens next though!

  7. Happy he’s better. Sick is no fun, even without that do-I-send-them-or-not thing…

    I feel that there’s about to be a big shift for Ashley and Brian!

    • Me too.

      Oh, yes. Or rather a return. They’ve been at odds the last few years because of something else that happened as well as being apart because of college. But, things are certainly shifting now. *rubs hands together*

  8. I’m glad your son is feeling better. And that scene looks like it has the potential to get pretty hot pretty fast. Shame on you for keeping us hanging. lol

  9. Glad to see your boy is feeling better!

    Great scene, love the tension between these two. 🙂

  10. awww hope your son is all better soon! Lovely tension in this scene. It’s nice to see something from Ashley’s POV, I don’t remember reading anything from it before.

    • He’s feeling much better. teacher said he had a low-grade fever yesterday, but nothing to send or keep him home over.

      I think this might be the first I’ve posted from her POV

  11. Congrats on your progress this week! It sounds like you have an ambitious writing schedule. How fun! Best of luck in the coming week and I hope your son feels better soon.

  12. This is a lovely, lovely touching scene Fallon. I thought you handled the interaction between Ashley and Brian really well. Their characters came across clearly; I got a glimpse of what they’re like as people and how close they were together in the past. Great excerpt! 🙂

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