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Writing Wednesday: Shifting

So, I wrote up my goals post on Sunday(well, actually Saturday, but posted it Sunday). And almost first thing Monday morning, I changed my goals. I didn’t completely change them, more of a shifting around. I did my revisions on Healing the Heart. Then, opened up Flames of Justice, and it was like Reese just didn’t want to talk to me. This could have something to do with me referring to him as a jerk and other unsavory names during the other books. But, I did have another character talking, so I decided to work on her story for a bit instead. And of course, as soon as I did that, Reese decides he might talk to me. So, now I’m planning to write a scene a day of Chasing the Ghost but still shooting for 250 words a day on Flames of Justice. So, they’re both getting written right now. We’ll see how long this lasts. And Doren still won’t leave me alone, so I think I’ll be working on his story(Scars and All) during NaNo instead of waiting until next year.

Now, since Chasing the Ghost is book 4 in the series, I imagine there will be plenty of opportunities for spoilers. So, I’m still going to be sharing from Law of Choice for WiPPet, even though it’s sitting until I’m ready to start revising. Today I have 6 paragraphs(10+8+2-14) from Chapter 3.

Brian went down to the diner and ordered two sandwiches then he had the waitress, Anna, fill a to-go box with fries. “You having lunch with Ashley?”
His hand jerked as he reached for his wallet. Did everyone assume they were together again since he was back for the summer? “No. My mom. Ashley and I-we’re not a thing anymore.”
“Really? ‘Cause she said you texted her last night. You don’t usually send late night texts to people you aren’t a thing with anymore.”
He felt a flush rise up his neck. But, he just took some money from his wallet and shoved it at her. Then, he took his boxes. “Thanks for the food, Anna.”
“Of course. Tell your mom I said hello.”
Brian nodded, then he left. He tried not to think about what Anna had said as he drove out to the house. They didn’t have a thing going anymore. That was true. So, why had he texted her? He should have known better than to think that little fact would remain a secret in this town.

This week has been going pretty good. I finished revisions on Healing the Heart this morning. I still have to do a search & destroy mission through it. Thankfully, I have my handy list of words that need to die. I’ve finished 2 new scenes on Chasing the Ghost. And added over 600 words on Flames of Justice. I felt a little stuck when I went to work on Chasing the Ghost this morning though. I think it’s because I need to add another scene in before I get to the one I had planned. I have a really hard time writing out of order, even if that’s just skipping ahead. Something could always happen in this scene that could affect the next ones. I was thinking about it on my walk this morning, so I may be able to figure it out when I actually sit down to write. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what’s going to happen next and have no motivation to write until I sit down and put my music on, and the words just seem to flow.

As for those goals for this week:

  • Healing the Heart – Finish revisions
  • Flames of Justice – 5 scenes – yeah, no. I haven’t even finished one.
  • The Hunt – Outline – making progress on this.
  • Read: Only the Good Die Young(KK Hendin) & Forever Starts Tonight(Roni Loren) – finished both of these. Loved them.
  • Read: Rise of the Machines(Kristen Lamb) – Read Through Section 1 – I think there’s two chapters left in section 1.
  • Knitting: Sock Monkey Hat – almost done with this
  • Crochet: Lamb Hat – will pick this up when I finish the other hat.

Also working on fleshing out a flash piece I wrote a couple years ago. Of course, as soon as I started that, I started thinking it could be the intro to a series I suddenly have an idea for. Watch out, series fever might be contagious. 😉 And I have to finish up my RoW80 sponsor post and get that sent in.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Shifting" (18)

  1. “Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what’s going to happen next and have no motivation to write until I sit down and put my music on, and the words just seem to flow.” Ditto that. 🙂

    Oh, small towns. Nothing remains secret very long, does it. Poor Brian. But wait just a minute! We never got to see what Ashley’s return text said. *glares*

  2. I have to agree…I’ve been waiting for that return text since last week! I enjoyed the scene…love the awkwardness – beautifully done 🙂

  3. Oh no, sounds like the poor soul could use some more privacy. Congrats and good luck you keep on making your goals.

  4. I don’t know how you manage to write on so many projects at the same time. It amazes me. I like this one. I missed yours last week, so I’m gonna have to go back and read it now, because I NEED to know what happened, and I have a feeling I’m gonna NEED to know what Ashley said.

    • it just seems to be the way I work best. I tend to compartmentalize. So, I can shut one thing away when I open something else. Or I’m just weird(it’s a very good possibility). 🙂

      Thanks. What she said isn’t nearly as important as the fact they did talk(well, text). 🙂

  5. I am a very linear writer. I write from beginning to end, so I understand that a lot more lately. I haven’t shift my goals this Round yet, but I have revised them some. Also, sympathize here. And then the characters that don’t always want to talk, but then talk when you are sleeping or trying to type reports at work. .

    But, it also sounds like a good week. Have a great one!! 🙂

  6. *snickers* this sounds like the town I live in…small towns and gossip go hand and hand. oh boy! I still want to know what she texted back. I either missed it or you didn’t post it, or she didn’t text back at all..hmmmm. =D Yay for progress of goals, keep it going!

    • yeah, this town is based on the one I grew up in. And I was evil and didn’t post the rest of what they texted. 🙂

      Thanks. I didn’t get much done yesterday, but I’m trying to catch up today.

  7. Anna sounds a little judgy. Sheesh. 🙂 Poor Brian. I’m with the others–what did Ashley say???

  8. I enjoyed the excerpt and the peek into living in a small town. You sure are busy! Thanks for sharing. LHN

  9. Re ROW80, thanks for making your goals so specific and for just following the story that your characters push at you. In this week’s snippet, Brian’s physical reaction (hand jerking as he opens his wallet) come before his reflections, really a neat way to show the complexity of his feelings.

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