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I haven’t been posting any more bits of Rick & Leann’s story. I went through and revised and cut it down quite a bit. But, I was thinking about doing something different here. I’m just not sure what.

Character Interviews:

Either interviewing characters in my finished novels. Or in ones I’m working on. Maybe ones that would be coming out soon.


These would be really short stories, or at least posted in installments, featuring characters from my published or soon to be published novel(s). They’d most likely be from an event that happened before the actual story.

I like reading character interviews, but I’m not so sure about doing one myself. Maybe as a promotional thing right before the book comes out. I think I’m leaning more toward the story idea as a regular thing, with maybe an interview thrown in occasionally.

Any thoughts? Do you like reading character interviews? Or would you rather see flashes from a character’s life before the story? Or something else entirely?


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