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No RoW80 update since we’re still on the break between rounds, but I’ll still share a little snippet of Law of Choice. I’ve written over 11k on it this week. 1 more scene I want to write today, then I only have 2 more planned after that. I should have it finished before Friday. Then, I’m planning to pick up the novella set between books 2 & 3 of my Flames series. However, I imagine there will be quite the opportunity for spoilers in that one, especially for book 1. So, I think I’ll keep sharing snippets from this one instead of running into the spoiler issue.

For today, I have 9 paragraphs(1+0+1+2+0+1+4) from Chapter 2.

Brian leaned back against the headboard and glanced up at the ceiling. He’d wanted to see his mother before anything else. But, his father was already on their couch drinking. There was no way he was going in there tonight. He could see her through the kitchen window, no visible bruises. It would have to wait until morning.
He sighed as he took in Mason’s legs hanging over in the couch a few feet away, in what passed as a living room in his converted apartment. He should have sent his friend home instead of letting him stay. With another sigh, he got up off the bed and collected the four empty beer bottles scattered around. His nose wrinkled at the smell of the alcohol. He’d never cared for it. He tossed them into the garbage can and grabbed a bucket to leave by the couch in case Mason needed it. Thankfully he usually didn’t. He tossed a blanket over him even though it didn’t quite cover his feet.
Brian went back to the bed and grabbed his phone. He settled back against the headboard again as he scrolled through his contacts. He didn’t know why he bothered. He wasn’t having a party, so none of them would want to hear from him. Ashley had never cared if he was throwing a party. But, he couldn’t call her. If she’d even answer.
Still, his finger stroked across her name. Then, he threw the phone onto the bed with a groan. He was such a loser. His best friend was passed out drunk on his couch, and he was still pining for the girl who’d let him go three years ago. He ran both hands over his face then picked up the phone again. Sending her a message wasn’t pathetic, right? They could still be friends. And if they didn’t actually speak, they couldn’t fight.
Still, he tapped his fingers on the back of the phone for a few moments before hitting the message icon under her name. Then, he froze. What was he supposed to say? Everything he thought of sounded idiotic. And he was supposed to be the smart law student.
“Idiot. Idiot. Idiot,” he muttered, banging his head on the headboard. Finally, he typed out:
Got home tonight.
He hit send before he lost his nerve. She probably wouldn’t even respond. Hell, maybe she was sleeping. Maybe she’d changed her number. Maybe she did have a boyfriend despite what Mason had said. Oh, Lord, he hoped she wasn’t with him now. What if they were-
Thankfully his phone dinged then, stopping any further thoughts along that line. He brought the message up and smiled when he saw her name.

I feel weird not having anything else on my Wednesday post. I’ve been writing, revising, plotting, reading, and knitting. You know, like the rest of the time. Next week I’ll be back to my usual Wednesday RoW80/WiPPet posts at least.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Between Break WiPPet" (17)

  1. I feel for Brian here. His nervousness is fairly palpable and it’s nicely drawn. I liked this a lot. Good job!

  2. What a way to end the snippet! I’m practically bouncing up and down on my chair wondering what her message said! I loved his text, after the torture he put himself through, it was just perfect. I also enjoyed the way you set the scene, clueing us in on his emotional state of mind. I really felt for him 🙂

  3. Great snippet and a good way to end it. I knew that was going to happen too =P You write really well.

    I’m waiting for ROW80 to start up again too…maybe I’ll finish it out this time unlike last time where I dropped off the face of the planet most of the way through.

  4. There’s definitely something compelling about Brian. I want to know more about him and why he feels the way he does about things. And of course, I’m insanely curious about what Ashley’s text to him says!

    • I’m so glad people like Brian. When I first wrote him, I thought he was the slacker/party boy every one else thought him to be. I’m so glad I realized there was more to him.

  5. Oooh – what a great snippet! You’ve really captured his anxious mindset here. Also, 11K this week? I’m SO JEALOUS. Go you!!

    • Thanks!

      Yeah, I had a certain scene I wanted to get through each day, but I kept adding more in before I got there. So, I just kept going until I got there. Also, write or die helps. 🙂

  6. Poor Brian 😦 I want to know what that message says though!!

    11k is such a good word count! Congrats! 😀

  7. I always feel a little at odds during the breaks. Right about the time I get relaxed, it’s time to gear up for the next round! =D

    I was a little lost about who was where, but I imagine reading more would help there. I like the matter-of-fact but kind way that Brian tends to Mason, and his resignation about his parents, and his anxiety and yearning for Ashley…

    I’m definitely looking forward to more!

    • yes, and I like having something to keep me on track. Of course, I still have my to-do lists, so that helps(I’m probably weird that I like to-do lists).

      I’ll have to make sure everything’s clear when I do revisions later. Brian is a bit of a caretaker, which I never would have thought before.

      • Yeah, he definitely seems to be the caretaker type.

        I love to-do lists, but I tend to see them as guides more than rules. Probably as well, since unschooling isn’t exactly the most predictable way to live! =)

        I’ve got my calendar app, although I took yesterday as a free, play with what pleased me day, and I haven’t set up a list for today yet – but it will involve apple-picking, and maybe a surprise visit to see my brother and his family, because the kids haven’t seen each other for a while…

        I also may have bitten off quite a mouthful. I’m doing OctPoWriMo, two FutureLearn classes, planning for NaNo, and still doing my regular blogging features, revising one novel, 31 poems, and 3 short stories, and drafting another novel…and there’s the house, and the family, and fall…

        Wow. I hadn’t written it all out in a paragraph like that! Now I can see why I’ve been a little bewildered!

        I’ll find my rhythm, I know – but I’ll be thrilled whne Monday comes, just the same!

  8. Great progress. 11k. That’s awesome.

    I was a little confused at the beginning of this excerpt, as far as where Brian actually was, then I totally tripped over the first sentence of the second paragraph. I think it’s something in the phrasing, or an extra word…after that, however, sucked right in and really feeling Brian’s emotional turmoil. Love the message he finally sends, now I want to see the reply.

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