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2014 RoW80 Round-Up: Round 3

I don’t usually post on Thursdays, but this is the official end of Round 3, so I decided to save my round evaluation for today. Although I did my usual mid-week check-in yesterday. I’ll probably do a post on Sunday on my weekly progress even though it won’t be an official check-in. And next Wednesday, I’ll have my September wrap-up. With next round’s goals following the following Sunday. Have I ever mentioned I don’t take much of a break between rounds(the answer, I believe, is: yes)?

My original goals for this round(with comments in blue & red):


  • Flames of Renewal – 1st draft finished this by the end of July. Ended up being a little over 61k.
  • Law of Choice(working title for The Choice prequel) – 1st draft Nope. I’m working on it right now and am just about to the midpoint. It’s sitting at almost 18.5k, so will probably end up under 40k(which was the plan).
  • Chasing the Ghost – pick back up(about 11-12k already written) ended up not picking this back up. But, it in the plan for next round.
  • Stained Snow – get ready to publish – nope, not at all. I’m actually going to do another read through of this then decide what to do.
  • Flames of Redemption – send to betas yes, well one. Only one person offered to read it. Once I get it back from her, I’ll start working through it.
  • The Choice – send to CP and hopefully edit sent but still waiting to get it back from her. Like Redemption, once I get it back, I’ll work it into my schedule to make any changes
  • Stained Blood(follow-up to Stained by Ashes) – Outline outlined & set aside. I might pick it up before the end of the year but most likely sometime in January.
  • Flames of Retribution(Flames #3 – Mark’s story for anyone who’s read #1) – outline yes, and 1st draft written. it ended up at almost 84.5k
  • Fantasy story idea – flesh out & outline – working on the outlining right now
  • Pirates story idea – flesh out & outline haven’t even started on this yet.
  • Rick & Leann(short story) – finish finished this back in the middle of August. Working on cleaning it up right now. 

This round was mostly good for these goals. I also plotted out some other stories that weren’t on this list of goals. And worked on things I didn’t plan to. Which is pretty much the reason for what I didn’t accomplish. Next round may be more about sticking to the plan.


  • Listen to 3 audiobooks I’ve listened to 9.
  • Read 27 fiction books I’ve read 55. Some short stories, some novellas, some full-length novels, and some collections. 
  • Read 3 writing craft/research books  I read 3.


  • Knit: 9 projects – Finished 8. I have 1 more I want to get to this month.
  • Crochet: 6 projects –Finished 4. One I had to set aside because I ran out of yarn. The other I plan to start today. 

That’s it for today. Like I said, I’ll have my monthly wrap-up next week(when the month is over) and next round’s goals up after that.

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  1. You did great. I understand the whole going off plan and that messing with your goals things. it happens. We can’t plan for our creative “whims.” Keep being awesome!

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