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It probably says something about how my week has gone that I’m starting to write this post at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, and I usually don’t start it until I’ve finished my writing goals for the day. *lets that sink in* Yes, I have today’s writing goals finished before 5 a.m. No, I haven’t started any earlier than usual. I just changed the way I set up my goals. Going by scenes I need to finish to stay on track. And once I’ve finished everything on my to-do list for the day, I’ve moved on to the next day’s goals. So, I’ve gotten ahead. I only had about 500 words left to write for today’s scenes. I had yesterday’s list finished before 10 a.m. I love when I can finish out a round on a high note. And now I remember what I like about doing things this way.

Before I get to my progress for this week(I’ll save the round’s evaluation for the official end tomorrow), it’s Wednesday, which means time share a little snippet from my WiP. I finished Flames of Retribution on Friday, so no more visits with Mark and Caitie. At least not for right now. Now, I’m heading back to Kurztown*, my little town in NW Pennsylvania. This is actually a prequel to the first book in the series(kind of. There are actually 2 timelines in that, and this happens between them). The Choice(book 1) was Mason’s story, but this is his best friend’s Brian, story. For today, I will share 6 paragraphs(2+4=6) from Chapter 1.

“Relax, Sharrock,” one of the guys said from behind him, leaning forward. “You act like you’re walking in front of a firing squad instead of getting your college diploma a year early.”
Brian rolled his eyes but leaned back in the chair. “You could have gotten yours a year early too if you’d applied yourself, Rogan.”
All it had taken was a few extra credits a semester and a couple summer sessions. And a serious lack of partying. He knew that would surprise people back home. He’d never really cared for the party scene. That wasn’t why he’d held those parties.
Brian sat through the speeches. Some bigshot gave the commencement address. He barely listenedd but shifted in his seat. He let himself look out toward the audience now. He could make out the people in the first couple rows. But beyond that, everyone was just shadows.
Maybe they’re just sitting farther back.
He doubted it, but he made himself sit up straight just in case. His father always said nobody trusted a sloucher. God, how he hated having that man’s words in his head.

When I first wrote Brian into The Choice, I thought he’d be in one scene and that I knew the kind of person he was. Then, I learned so much more about him and that was more behind the way he acted. Learning even more about him as I write his story.

*Kurztown is a fictional town but based a good bit on my hometown and some of the other small towns I’ve lived in.

Now, onto my progress for this week.

  • Law of Choice: Diving back into this one. Want to get through the midpoint. – I’ve written 4 scenes this week for 5108 words. I have at least 3 more scenes to write to meet this goal.
  • Healing the Heart: Revise 5 chapters – I’m through Chapter 3. On track to meet this.
  • The Hunt: brainstorming – making progress on this. Figured out the three main characters. Have 1 more I want to dive more into, then need to figure out the plot some more.
  • Read: Can’t Help Falling in Love(Bella Andre), Something Strange and Deadly(Susan Dennard), City of Fallen Angel(Cassandra Clare), and Throne of Glass(Sarah J. Maas) – I finished Can’t Help Falling in Love(enjoyed it. love a good firefighter story) Monday. Finished Something Strange and Deadly last night. Loved this. Can’t wait to read the next one. Going to start City of Fallen Angels today.
  • Read: Writing about Magic – Finish – Finished this on Monday actually.
  • Knit: Pumpkin Hat – finish – almost there. Just have to knit the leaves and attach them to the hat.
  • Crochet: Baby Baseball Cap – will start once I finish the pumpkin hat.

Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Ahead of Schedule" (12)

  1. Good work on the goals! You rock. 🙂

    Some tension building in this little scene, and some questions. The parties, not wanting his dad’s voice in his head, and who is he hoping to see in the audience? Very nice.

  2. I agree with Kathi. This guy is interesting!

  3. I liked it too. Such wonderful imagery, I might have been in the audience! I’d like to know more about Brian – I like him already 🙂

  4. o.O Brian is definitely interesting so far. And I totally get where he’s coming from in terms of having someone else’s voice in your head that you don’t want there. =P

  5. Ooh, fascinating! I wonder why he *did* throw those parties if they weren’t his thing. And why doesn’t he want his father’s voice in his head? Hm…there’s a lot going on there.

  6. Excellent end to Round 3!!

    I like using real places in stories, but it’s fun to re-write a place to suit a story. I have done both. Glad to hear such positive news on the creative front.

    I’ll see you in Round 4.

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