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Writing Wednesday: Falling In

Woke up this morning to 40 degree(F) weather. I’d say Fall has arrived. On Saturday, we stopped at a local place and bought some potatoes and apples. All local. yesterday, I took some of the apples and made apple crisp. Very good. Yesterday was also our 8th wedding anniversary. Doesn’t always seem like it’s been that long. Didn’t really do anything special yesterday, but Saturday we did leave the kids with his mom and got to go out for dinner.

I’m almost finished with Flames of Retribution, so today may be the last snippet from it. Today I have 10 paragraphs(9+1+7-2-0-1-4) from the end of Chapter 6.

He dropped into a chair before looking back up at his friend. “Caitie was over there when I showed up. I didn’t want to tell Adrian about this with her there, but she wouldn’t leave. I told them, Nolan. About Deena and Erin. About my fuck-up. And she fucking hugged me. She should have wanted to run away, but she held on instead. Why can’t I make her run away?”
“Why the hell do you want to? You’re being an idiot. I told you she’s tough. And smart apparently. So, why didn’t you hold on to her?”
“I couldn’t handle it. They were all looking at me with all this sympathy and understanding. And I didn’t deserve it. Why couldn’t they just call me a fuckhead and get it over with?”
“Because that only makes you feel better and keeps you thinking you deserved it. And I did call you that last night, remember?”
Mark let out a little laugh. “And you were right. I’m sorry, Nolan. You know you are my family. You and the other guys. You’re the only family I’ve got.”
“And Maura. She’s never turned her back on you.”
Mark swallowed. He was right. His sister had been the one to welcome him home after boot camp and every deployment. Growing up he’d thought she was as cold as their mother. Then, he’d realized that was just her way of coping with their screwed up family. “She has her own family to worry about now though.”
“She’d still grieve if you went and got yourself killed. So, just remember that. There are people who worry about you too. So stop being an asshole.” His eyes narrowed. “And get some damn sleep. You look like you’re about to fall over.”
“Yes, sir,” he said, snapping a quick salute.
Nolan punched him in the shoulder. “Asshole,” he said with a smile. Then, he turned and left the apartment.

This week is going pretty well so far. Even with losing power for about 4 hours on Monday. Not sure what happened. Everything flickered out then the lights and clocks came back on, but dim. And a little while later, went out completely. I’d shut off the lights by then b/c last time this happened, we had a few burn out. Instead of worrying about what I couldn’t get done, I did the things I didn’t need power for.

  • Flames of Retribution: finish 1st draft – Almost there. Finished 5 scenes. 3 more to go. Yes, I realize this doesn’t add up to the 7 I mentioned on Sunday. I added another one in on Monday.
  • Healing the Heart: Finish read through & compile notes – Almost done with the read through. Just two more chapters to go through.
  • The Hunt – finish world building – I finished the worksheet I’d printed out and wrote up a creation myth for the world. Have a few other things about the world I want to flesh out. Still hoping to finish this part this week.
  • Read: Hanna, Hanna, One-and-Two, The Evolution of Mara Dyer(Michelle Hodkin), Until There Was You(Jessica Scott), & My Fate for Yours(Steph Campbell & Jolene Perry) – finished Hanna on Monday. Very interesting. Started Evolution of Mara Dyer yesterday. Only about 37% through it. Also finished listening to Code Name Verity this morning. Gah! Cried, laughed, & cried again. And that was just in the last 50 minutes of it.
  • Crochet: Autumn Slouch Hat – I’m about halfway finished with this. Hopefully will finish it today.
  • Knit: Pumpkin Hat – will start when I finish the slouch hat.


Comments on: "Writing Wednesday: Falling In" (23)

  1. Aww, congrats on the anniversary! Crazy how time flies, and it had to have been nice to go out a bit, even if it was low key. And great job knocking down those goals, too! Your response to Code Name Verity takes me back to the final book in the Chrono Crusade manga series or reading through Perks of Being a Wallflowers. Bawling and laughing then bawling again. Gotta love it!

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary! That’s a big accomplishment! I can’t wait to read Flames of Retribution from start to finish and find out what’s going to happen the whole way through. Is this going to be a series? I kinda got the feeling that we were right in the middle of the book rather than the end, but I’m sure you have a plan for wrapping it all up.

  3. Happy anniversary! You’ll finish on the draft by the end of the round, barring any major life stuff.

  4. I haven’t read many contemporary army novels. This sounds great! I like how you seem to be dealing with the soldiers but also their families back home.

  5. Happy anniversary!

    I LOVE this snippet. I adore the interactions between Nolan and Mark. They have some real chemistry (I don’t mean in the romantic sense).

  6. It too has been cold in the mornings the last couple of days. Ah fall, my favourite season, although I will miss the green. Been enjoying the pumpkin spice coffee though.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Hope your week continues to good well!! 🙂

  7. Hope you had a happy anniversary. And I wish it was 40 degrees here in the morning. It has been hovering around 32 every morning for a week. Bleah! So not ready for winter.

    Good luck with those goals.

    • It was good. It has been nice, but I’m not looking forward to winter either. If it stayed like this all year, I wouldn’t be too upset.


  8. Happy anniversary! And mmm… apple crisp. 🙂

    I love the interplay. It’s such a guy scene. Some women (in my reading experience) have trouble writing guy scenes, but you do a good job. 🙂

    • Thanks! The apple crisp was good.

      Thank you. I’m always afraid I’ll make guys too soft, so I’m glad it doesn’t come off that way.

  9. These are not soft guys, but they have depth. I like it.

    I love low-key anniversaries, and yours sounds lovely. We’re planning on apple-picking sometime in the next week or three…

    Great progress all around!

  10. Happy anniversary! My SO and I had our 15th this month — September is good. 🙂

    Nice interaction between the characters in this snippet!

  11. I really love these two and the deep brotherhood between them. It’s that strongest kind of bond. Although Mark still needs a good smack up alongside the head. 🙂

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